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  1. simple

    Unsustainable Turtle Dove and Common Quail shooting holidays in Spain

    Hi Birforum-ers This really has me rather angry ! https://www.bookyourhunt.com/en/dove-hunting-in-europe I am particularly concerned about the promotion of both Common Quail and Turtle Dove shoot holidays which run completely contrary to these aspects they state on their website: "We believe...
  2. simple

    Whats the current...

    Hi all, What is the current situation in Ethiopia ? I'm going there for a month Birding and was wondering what the safety situation is like? Anything to be aware with taking optics through airports? etc ! Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. simple

    Help ...what happened to Bubo listing?

    What the ***** happened to Bubo listing website? anyone got any info? when (if!) is it coming back and whats happened to my data? EEEEEEEEK!
  4. simple

    Turtle Doves

    UK Turtle Dove killers! Turtle Doves are in decline due to multivariate impacts - lack of summer seed source due to agricultural change reducing from 3 - 4 broods in the 60s to one if your lucky now. Problems exist on their wintering grounds but continued unsustainable both legal and illegal...
  5. simple

    Zeiss Customer Service

    I think this is worthy of mention here, so here you are: Having had my Zeiss FL's for a couple of years and Birding for long periods throughout Central America and southern Europe the rubber armouring became 'moderately' lose around where my thumb is usually placed on the barrel on the right...
  6. simple

    Crazy insect!

    I'm hoping someone can help narrow down what sort of insect this fascinating little specimen might be! Photo taken in Costa Rica, Nicoya Peninsula (Mal Pais) recently. It's about 8mm long (total), jumps (possibly using it's tail). Found on garden furniture - garden is next to a river/secondary...
  7. simple

    Natures Judgement Day - June 29th

    Leaked reports from the EU threaten wildlife friendly farming funds will be axed. You can read more about it here: http://markavery.info/2011/06/21/eu-cap-cuts-money/ and here...
  8. simple

    Car Hire and where to stay near SJO

    Hi there hope you can help me. I have been struggling to find a cheap / affordable car hire and one which I have found has proved difficult to get hold of etc Can anyone give an insight into these guys or previous experience? http://www.renta4x4incostarica.com/ Second question Are there...
  9. simple

    Most painful or uncomfortable experiences when Birding!

    How many times have you been up on ooh thets say a Moor and whilst watching a Merlin take a couple steps forward and woomf! u fall waist deep in a cold smelly blanket Bog!! Or your walking around your local patch and realise you have dog parcels smeered on your tripod theres no way of knowing...