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    Well, here is some interesting news!!!

    Whatever Bob. I'm sure I'm not up the standard required for a post where you can't grumble. Please spare me in future. Thanks.
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    Well, here is some interesting news!!!

    So if I understand this correctly Maven have produced an unpopular size bin and used poorer optics because folks won't pay a lot. I don't think that is going to do much for improving it's future popularity or current appeal. Anyhow I read a very glowing review on the Carson 7x20 Falconer so...
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    Well, here is some interesting news!!!

    The Elite. Nope. Crap fov. My Carson 8x22 is 7.5 deg or there is a nice compact Carson 7x20 @ 8 deg. Why doesn't some-one review one of those 7x Carson? I had a Bressor 8x28 and never again basically. If the optics especially the glare were improved but the fov stayed the same it would be okish...
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    Well, here is some interesting news!!!

    Yes I wouldn't touch that Kowa either or the Vortex. I just don't like small fov and I prefer a folding compact even if it is slightly less quality optically. If you prefer a larger bin with less fov then that's ok. Who will be first to invest their cash and see if it is any good? Not me, even...
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    Well, here is some interesting news!!!

    Such a narrow fov is only bad news. Why? I don't predict good things for this model in fact it would seem to be a complete waste of time. Let it be a warning to others when it flops. I wouldn't even want the 10x at 50 deg AFOV although I do put up with it on my Papilio 6.5x21 but that's...
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    Loose hinges on folding compact FIX

    Ok I think I've got potential a fix for this. No gurantees of course but... If you do have a loose hinge dual hinge folder compact you might like to try this simple fix. I do it when the hinges on my Pentax 8x20 loosen some but I've noticed this effect with folding monoculars and some other...
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    Endurance 8/10x25 Focus Fix

    Yes, thank you. I hope it will be helpful to people who have these bins as I'm sure there are a lot of them out there that would benefit from this fairly simple procedure and then they can experience how otherwise very good the bins are. Currently I am trying again to adjust the prisms of My...
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    Endurance 8/10x25 Focus Fix

    I've had 4 of the 10x25 model and in each instance the focus left something to be desired to put it mildly. Anyhow last night I decided to have a look at and think about it. Well my brain must have been feeling obliging as I soon discovered something I could try to see if it would help as...
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    Birdfair 2017 August 18th to August 20th

    Hmmm decisions, decisions? This, Glastonbury or a quiet day out (with one of my many bins)? I'm thinking of charging millions if anyone wants to come on a quiet day out 8-P
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    Zeiss Victory competition winner.

    A better question might have been. Why the hell are they so expensive? Ok I'm a bit poverty warped. I suppose mega yachts in Monte Carlo don't pay for themselves. Obviously, because they are so fantastic. Trusting the review will reveal all. I didn't even know there was a comp but I am...
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    Are really today's binoculars that much better?

    Well you took the bait Bill or is that what I'm doing? Do they do anti stress courses Bill for folks who go barmy over a term? or folks who answer? I say tomato you say tom-ate-o lol. I'm not conducting science on some of my bins. I just fix them were needed as best I can so that they work...
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    Are really today's binoculars that much better?

    I repaired, or tampered with, depending on how you look at it (eh Bill) my Hawke Endurance 10x25 (approx£100) and now it's performing very well such that I'm starting to use it regularly and finding it a nice useful asset whereas before my tampering it wasn't much use and was left to the side...
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    Ultra-compact, cheap, and works with glasses? Is it possible to have all three?

    Maybe this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Carson-Optical-FR-720-7-x-20-mm-Binocular-/172490457044?hash=item28293b7fd4:g:wR0AAOSwQupXWXDb but there is also a Pracktica version...
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    A NEW Product?

    Yes we are destroying the planet but hey it's progress. Now everyone get into their car and drive somewhere as where you are is no good and when you get there then drive somewhere else as the same applies and keep going around and around endlessly. Never ever use your legs or if you absolutely...
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    Odd eyecup setting.

    Phew, I thought it was that my skull eyesockets were a bit wonky though I'm sure they are slightly different in everyone but I guess if it also happens with folk who wear glasses then it probably is your explanation, .... unless their ears are a bit wonky 8-P Whatever it is, it is effective and...
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    Odd eyecup setting.

    Welcome to the club. :t: It's the latest fashion thing in birding, almost like wearing hats backwards or your trousers down or back to front. I suspect there are more out there with not quite symmetric skulls but maybe they've got a sort of eyecups must be set evenly compulsive thing 8-P;)...
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    Odd eyecup setting.

    Maybe I'm deformed? (with some bins). Thought I'd get that in before..... I have used this technique outdoors with two of the bins already and in fact they were difficult to use with the eyecups set evenly. I noticed that I was pressing the left eyecup to my eye while holding the right cup...
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    Odd eyecup setting.

    So I recently discovered that several of my bins work much better for me with the right eyecup set one click more out that the left eyecup. Mostly with my small bins like my 8x20, 10x25 and even 8x32. I think for some reason I normally hold the left bin side higher than the right and so just...
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    Diopter adjustment and eye focus fatigue?

    I've had a few bins lately that gave me eyestrain and it seems that they were both slightly out of colimation meaning my eyes were constantly straining to line up both images and I would end up with a headache but the problem was not obvious and the bins seemed pretty much fine initially...
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    Monarch HG 10x42 - Bravo!

    lol I guess wives just don't get it. Try thrusting shoes and handbags or something. At least she sorts the sarnies ( I was going to say packed lunch but ...), right? The bin sounds good. Wonder how it compares to the M7 or if there will come a 25/30/32mm MHG? Guess wait and see.