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    Marc Van Roosmalen Sentenced to prison

    http://www.bizeurope.com/marc_van_roosmalen.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_van_Roosmalen To no ones suprise the logging companies is responsible for this.
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    ID help with Cameroon chameleon ¨

    Seen in Cameroon (West Africa), both found in dense rainforests.
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    help needed with Cameroon shrew id?

    Seen in dense forest at Mt Cameroon some year ago, almost walked right over this little creature, I suppouse it was injuried or got some disase as it didnt move at all, just sat there on the patch. You should also be lucky to see such a small mammal in these dense forests, espcielly a shrew...
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    Amphibian lists

    Has been keeping a frog list for some time now, Started by the time I left Kenya but it’s not until now, when I live here in Cameroon as I have started to take it seriously, Cameroon is probably the frog richest country in Africa. Cameroon and the DR Congo are currently "competing" over the...
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    The Gambia

    Hello Iam having a one week long holiday in The Gambia, dont attend to do to much serious birding altough, staying on a small beach hotell about 30 minutes away from Banjul (the capital). But I have seen a few birds in the hotel area and while driving around Birds seen so far Pink-backed...
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    Local patch in Cameroon

    This is my local patch in Cameroon (North-west), its not a protected area and therefore most natural forest has been cleared (I noticed a new logging site this morning :storm:), I have made an estimate, about 45% of the natural forest remains in this locality. Luckliy the hunting preasure seems...
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    Hello from Cameroon

    Hi, My name is Hannes, I was born in Nairobi (Kenya) but I have lived the last years in Uganda, Bioko and Cameroon (currently). Today I live in Nkongsamba in the north-west part of Cameroon, not far from the famous, Mt Kupe. I visited this place in 1990 and felt in love with the place, have...