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  1. Lichfield Birder

    Loose Central Hinge Nikon Bins

    Hi The central hinge on my Nikon 8x 42 bins is very loose. How can I tighten it up?
  2. Lichfield Birder

    Gambia - 1 Day Birding Opportunity

    All, I am going to Gambia in about a week and have been before it is mainly a beach holiday but I will be allowed out 1 day to go birding with a guide. I have already done Abuko, Bijilo monkey park, rice fields, Tanji, and Lamin lodge. Are there any other places anyone can recommend that is do...
  3. Lichfield Birder

    Itunes Music Transfer

    OK, after about 4 hours of updating to ios5 on my iPhone 4 the only thing left to do is transfer my music from Itunes to iPhone as it is "lost". When I try to drag and drop from itunes to iphone I either get the "no entry" sign or it will not even drag anywhere. I am using the same Windows 7 PC...
  4. Lichfield Birder

    iOS5 Update on iPhone 4

    I have tried to update my iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 from 4.3 but got the error message: An error occurred whilst backing up this iPhone (-5000). Would you like to continue to update this iPhone? Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this phone. Please help. Thanks Alan
  5. Lichfield Birder

    Problems With Itunes

    Please can you help with my itunes. I am running Window 7 64 bit. Whenever I start itunes it is always now running very slow and freezing up. I cannot even connect to the itunes store, the bar goes halfway across the top and then stops, and it just says "itunes store" on a white back ground. I...
  6. Lichfield Birder

    Birdguides iDentify

    Hi All, I have the Birdguides iDentify CD (iDentify European Birds) loaded onto my PC and it appears in iTunes. However, when I connect my iPhone to the PC and try and drag from iTunes into the music folder on my iPhone I get the "No entry" sign and it will not accept it. Apparently IDentify is...
  7. Lichfield Birder

    Browsers Freezing

    Hi, I am running Windows 7 and ever since I did a full system recovery about 4 weeks ago, my browsers (IE8 and Chrome) freeze after about 20-30 mins. Control Alt Delete does not solve it and ultimately I have to do a hard reboot then everything is OK for the rest of the day Any ideas to...
  8. Lichfield Birder

    Nightjar in Wheelie Bin

    On Birdguides today: 23/09/10 Nightjar Cambs St. Ives 01:00 21/09/10 one found on a wheelie bin in a private garden, Tuesday, was initially identified as a pile of leaves I've heard of cats going in wheelie bins but not Nightjars. Is this a wind up??
  9. Lichfield Birder

    Syncing iPhone photos with a PC

    How do I sync the photos on my iphone onto my PC. Also how do I do the same with my contacts on my phone - how do I sync them onto my PC. I am using Windows 7. In itunes I only seem to be able to sync from PC to phone, not the other way around.
  10. Lichfield Birder

    Seagate 1TB Expansion External Drive Questions

    1. Is there anyway I can set this drive just to do an incremental back up after the first initial back up is done, ie just back up and alter any changes. Currently the back up size is 300GB but I only have 100GB on the PC. I have a TB Back up drive and hard drive and I just want them to mirror...
  11. Lichfield Birder

    Crash Landing Starlings?

    Interesting Starling story.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/somerset/8560398.stm
  12. Lichfield Birder

    External Hard Drive

    Hi, Anyone got an recommendations for an External Hard Drive for back ups. Ideally 1 TB as that is what my computer hard drive. Not looking for cheapest, but more reliability. Thanks in advance. Alan
  13. Lichfield Birder

    Annoying Message

    I have a new HP Touchsmart computer I bought in November 09 with Windows 7. Ever since I had it when I start up I get this message: Required System Software Not installed Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to continue. This software is available for free download at...
  14. Lichfield Birder

    Windows Action Center

    I have just got a new PC, with Windows 7 on. Is it recommended that I am safe to stick with all the built in Windows Action Centre programmes protecting against viruses, firewall etc, or should I get some 3rd party software eg Norton or something (should I pay or can I get free software that is...
  15. Lichfield Birder

    IE8 Problem

    I'm using IE8 on Windows 7 and have hit a key on my keyboard which has made the internet pages go full screen, and I can only get the address bar by taking the cursor to the top of the screen. How do I get it back to normal view? Thanks in advance
  16. Lichfield Birder

    New Desktop

    Now Windows 7 is out looking at getting a new desktop PC, probably one of the touchscreen "all in one" machines maybe from HP or Acer. Has anyone got any experience with these machines and what are your comments. Also does the touchscreen work with all software or just certain types? Thanks in...
  17. Lichfield Birder

    Strange Rock Pipit?

    This was photographed today near Caernarfon, N Wales by a friend. Presumably just a pale Rock pipit?
  18. Lichfield Birder

    Problems with Nokia 5800 and Sending Text Messages

    Just bought an unlocked boxed 5800 off eBay and using it on the Orange network. I can get on the internet fine and making and receiving calls is OK. I can receive texts OK but I cannot send them. They just sit in the outbox. I think the phone was originally on the O2 network as there are...
  19. Lichfield Birder

    Lapwing Slaughter

    See the bastards here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJZ40T5Xdm0
  20. Lichfield Birder

    Operating Windows on an iMac

    Ok so here goes...I'm a novice but would like the best of both worlds, so: 1. How easy is it for a novice to install Windows on an iMac AND operate Leopard OS X as the other option. What options do I have to buy/obtain a "best value" version of Windows (XP/Vista) 2. How much would it cost...