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    BTO Wintering and Breeding Atlas 07-11

    Apologies if this has already been shown but I thought it was probably worth bringing attention to: http://www.bto.org/birdatlas/index.htm New atlas for Britain, and it needs YOU! Volunteer now - it's yet another excuse to go out birding
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    Rycycle's 2007 List

    Not a great start, but not really trying apart from a brief 90 minutes at CQ reserve today. Must remember to get a scope next xmas! 1.Woodpigeon - in mates garden 2.Long Tailed Tit - " 3.Kestrel - on way home 4.House Sparrow - all garden 5.Chaffinch 6.Pied Wagtail 7.Greenfinch 8.Carrion Crow...
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    Rycycle's 2006 List

    Doesn't seem like yesterday I started the last one... Well shouldn't be too hard to beat last year with 6 months extra and the whole summer too! Today's starting tally 1. Blue Tit 2. Robin 3. Great Tit 4. Carrion Crow 5. Blackbird 6. Dunnock 7. Pied Wagtail 8. Magpie 9. Chaffinch 10...
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    Mystery Water Bird

    Hi all and a happy new year (anyone sick of hearing that yet?) I was out walking this evening around the fields and ditches intertwinging Deeside Power Station, North Wales/ Cheshire, when I spotted a little bird that I just couldn't identify. Kicking myself now for not taking a camera as I got...
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    Rycycle's 2005 List

    Not too bad as I've only actually been planned bird watching a couple of times, many of these are casual records or seen as I'm running in the fells. This is my first year of listing (in fact started during my visit to Sweden in the summer!) so haven't counted anything seen in the past such as...
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    Could anybody provide the info on Waxwings in Sheffield on BirdGuides please? I realise this is cheapskate but I'm a poor house-bound student :) so can only get out to this bird (a lifer incidentally) Thank you Rhys :)
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    Hi all, I'm no expert (especially with Terns!) so thought I'ld give you all a tern to identify (or just embarass me! - I'm thinking Arctic Tern). http://photobucket.com/albums/c2/groset/?action=view&current=P1010150.jpg Taken in beautiful Abisko in 24-hour daylight Sweden, 100km north of...
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    Borneo/Malaysia Info Please!

    Can anyone know of any links/boks on Malaysian wildlife/birds I could look at please. Going on a university field course there next year and will take some time afterwards to travel around the island a bit!! Should beat Artic Sweden from this year where I saw Rough-Legged Buzzard nests (and...
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    North Wales Birding

    Hey all pretty new to this hobby. I've just returned from university in Sheffield and want to get out birding in my local area. I live in Connah's Quay in sunny North Wales, circa 8 miles west of Chester. Anyone know any particularly interesting spots around my area? Will be heading up to Halkyn...
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    RSPC Peregrine Cam

    Fantastic shots of the Peregrines on the RSPB webcam - two chicks completely covered in white fluff!
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    Urban Hedgehog!

    Was staggering home last night with a few friends from an amazing night out when I spotted a small dark shape shuffling across the road up ahead. Clearly wasn't a cat/fox or anything but was easily too small to be the badger i have seen in the area. I walked up ahead, and when I was a little...
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    Duck! Help me identify it for sure!

    Hi all, Was coming home from shopping through my local park and walked past the pond witht he usual Coots, Moorhens, Mallards and Mistle Thrushes when I noticed two ducks, very similar to the Mallards but had blue bills and quite different colouring to any Mallards. One definetly had a black...