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  1. ingle1970

    New Zeiss HT's in 8 & 10x54

    Check these out B (: http://sportsoptics.zeiss.com/nature/en_de/binoculars/victory-binoculars/victory-ht-binoculars.html?utm_source=nat&utm_medium=nl-en-0314&utm_campaign=ht54#models
  2. ingle1970

    8x30W GA reintroduced ???

    Anyone know if the rubber armoured 8x30w has been officially brought back?, the reason i ask is that on that very well known auction site, you know the one!, a seemingly new rubber armoured 8x30w was listed, its box and strap etc all looked up to date. I haven't seen any advertised though?...
  3. ingle1970

    Are you looking for a new Leica scope or bin?

    If your in the market for a new Leica APO 65 how does £999. sound?, oh and that includes the EP. Or maybe its bigger brother £1799 with the EP again, also good discount of the bin range like £1200 for a 8x42HD Ultravid. Too good to be true?, check it out for yourself ;)...
  4. ingle1970

    New EL Range

    Looks like the Swarovski wizards have been busy again, EL 50's, CL 30's and now an 8x42 and 10x42 EL rangefinder!. What are Leica and Zeiss going to unveil?, not much by the look of things.....
  5. ingle1970

    EDG bino offer.

    Buy a Nikon EDG and get a free Coolpix P300! Wouldn't it be better if they just give you a £300 discount of the price of the bin?. Wonder if anyone will buy one now?..
  6. ingle1970

    New toys from Swarovski !!

    Looks like Swarovski have been busy again... http://www.swarovskioptik.com/en/press-releases/pr-en_practical-new-accessories
  7. ingle1970

    Swarovski Rainguard

    Dear Swarovski Love your binoculars, well most of them anyway!, but please please bring out a new rainguard. The hard plastic jointed ones are pretty bad and not very friendly or a very good fit etc, etc. The other, yes you know the one, the 'silent' model is ok, but the eyelet breaks very very...
  8. ingle1970

    Optics warehouse ?

    Has anyone had any dealings or know anything about Optics-warehouse in devon ?.
  9. ingle1970

    New Leica Silverline Range

    Anybody checked these out yet, cant say i'm crazy about them... http://uk.leica-camera.com/sport_optics/silverline/full_size/
  10. ingle1970

    Leica Duovid - Still competitive ?

    Is it not time Leica updated the Duovid with HD glass, how can it compete with todays alpha's ?. The price is also against it, edging towards the £2000 mark !. Come on Leica update this beast !.
  11. ingle1970

    Leica Ultravid BL

    How long has the leather covered Ultravid been supplied with a cordura case ?, so no more of the exquisite leather clam shell cases then. I wonder if you still get the leather neck strap, or has that been replaced with a cheaper more cost effective replacement ?...:cat:
  12. ingle1970

    SLC 7x42 Beginning of the end.

    This legendary binocular will soon be gone so anyone who wants one should get one why they can, Warehouse-Express are selling them as stock clearance on the well known bidding site. They dont seem to appear on the Warehouse-Express SLC page anymore. Most probably other dealers will be selling...
  13. ingle1970

    New EDG for UK

    Looks like the EDG is going to be available for the UK market now, is it better than the SLC-HD though ? http://www.swoptics.co.uk/view.asp?key=3425
  14. ingle1970

    Fujinon 8x30 FMTR-SX

    Does anyone know if the Fujinon 8x30 fmtr-sx are still available to buy anywhere ?..thanks
  15. ingle1970

    objective lens replacement.

    Hello forum. Heres a question for you. If an alpha binocular has an objective lens replaced due to damage etc, assuming the replacement would be of a lens using the latest coatings, would the left and right views be different to be noticeable or not ...?
  16. ingle1970

    New Swarovski Slc

    We now have some idea of the price, roughly £1500+ :eek!:
  17. ingle1970

    NIKON 20x120 !!!

    never seen one of these before, would i like one, you bet i would ...:eek!: http://cgi.ebay.com/NIKON-20x120-BINOCULAR-TELESCOPE-RARE-LATE-MODEL-MINT_W0QQitemZ150419506639QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBinocular?hash=item2305b385cf
  18. ingle1970

    NIKON 7X50 IF SP prostar

    does anyone own or has owned this binocular , or know anything about it ...
  19. ingle1970

    Nikon Edg .

    Does anyone know if the EDG will ever be available in the UK ? ...
  20. ingle1970

    swarovski 7x42 slc NEU .

    Anybody know what the best price for a new pair of these in the UK is ?