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  1. arran

    10x42 SLC wb

    Hi all , Is there any reason way someone would buy a SLC 10X42 above the SV version if price and short focus is not an issue? Thanks
  2. arran

    Zeiss SF Eyecups

    Anyone any news on the new eyecups? I heart the first batch was distributed at the birdfair in the UK? Thanks
  3. arran

    Stability of the Zeiss harpia

    The first harpias are being supplied to the shops in the Benelux. A local dealer dealer told me he had a first scope in the shop in the beginning this year;his experience was that the optics were really great and comparable with the swat atx scopes However , what surprised him , compared to the...
  4. arran

    Wearing glasses and binoculars

    I started wearing glasses with a moderate astigmatism correction in both eyes of - 75 I have always been using my bins without glasses with no issues at all After using my noctivid for a while I started comparing the image-quality with and without glasses I was completely astonished how much...
  5. arran

    Noctivid testing in shiny weather

    Hi all Weather is bright and clear and lots of sun. Time to use my new NV and compare with other alphas ,from my girlfriend and friend NV 10x42 SV 10x42 SF 10 x42 NV : a very colourtrue and comfortable view.Perfect glare resistance makes me appreciate more and more this parameter A very nice...
  6. arran

    Swarovision Fieldpro

    Today I had the occasion to compare my wife's swarovision 10x42 bought in 2010 with a new Fieldpro of same magnification in the Field of a friend Some people say the coatings have not changed since then , but I could clearly see a more pronounced contrast with the Fieldpro! Also glare resistance...
  7. arran

    Follow up testing Noctivid

    Today , I had the occasion to review the Noctivid at a local retailer , cloudy weather I could test it against swaro El Fieldpro and zeiss sf What most impressed me with the N was the ease of view !!! No CA visible.colour cast was warm and very comfortabele short distance focusing. Impression of...
  8. arran

    Nikon 10x42 monarch HG

    As an owner of the zeiss SF 10x42 for the last 15 months ,I am extremely happy with the bin , especially sharpness , field of view and general handling.Grey version , no issues whatsoever. As I was attracted to the specs of the monarch , I had an appointment with a local optics shop to test the...
  9. arran

    Zeiss SF focus drive

    Yesterdag I had the occasion to make a follow up of the zeiss SF focus drive at an optics dealer in the Netherlands. In the past , The focus mechanism put me off : too much play , uneven resistance while focusing. The zeiss rep told me that the new zeiss production lots do not have this problem...
  10. arran

    Habicht 10x40 for birding

    Hi all , I recently acquired a habicht 10x40 leather edition with the latest coatings. For me it was like a new world opening.Fantastic optical performance on all the parameters I like : sharpness , high light transmission,... Also the ergonomics pleases me a lot , and is not seen as negative...
  11. arran

    Influence UV long term?

    Hi all , I have been using my 10 x42 swarovision since 2011 quite intensively without any problems. However , when comparing my bin with a new swarovison in the filed , I have the impression that mine is more dull , and less crispy.Well understood that all parameters are the same while...
  12. arran

    Some side to side testing and reviews

    Hi all , Yesterday , I had some bins to compare in a local shop Bins to be compared were Zeiss SF 10x42 Sw SLC 10x 56 Habicht 10x 40 Leica 8x 42 HD and HD plus zeiss HT 10x 54 and 10 x 42 The overall weather condition was bright and clear with some clouding. I personnally looked at sharpness...
  13. arran

    Nikon edg available

    After cheque of actual stock at local suppliers in the Benelux , the 10x42 edg seems to be not in stock and no answer has been given when in shop again. No answer from Japan either as I was told Does this mean than Nikon will soon come up with a new high end bin ? Considering when the edg came...
  14. arran

    Zeiss production info SF

    Lately , we obtained some confidential info concerning delay times and back orders. Firstly , it was mentioned lately and confirmed by some respected retailers that the SF will be currently and readily available as of June this year. Secondly , the total amount of outstanding backorders are 6000...
  15. arran

    Swarovision Zeiss SF side by side

    This very late pm i had the occasion to compare the 10x42 versions, as I was very eager to see for the first time the SF bin.Here my thoughts. My personal daily heavy use bin is the swaro 10 x 42. The SF gave me following impression Look : fantastic , I like the grey colour, the feeling of the...
  16. arran

    Actual repair time at swarovski

    My EL was sent in 2 weeks ago and brought to the retailer. It is now back from repair.Focus drive got our of normal functioning Bravo Swarovski for quick service!!!
  17. arran

    Set up,for swar 65 hd scope

    Hi there , For a new set up for my scope , i hesitate between: Manfrotto 190 cxpro3 160 cm 1.6 kg Manfrotto fluid head : wpro fluid head 0.76 kg Gitzo 1542t 149 cm 1 kg Birding head 2720 qr 0.7 kg Please any comments and advice Thanks
  18. arran

    Warranty issues at Zeiss

    Hi all , As quite some people in this forum , we are all eagerly following new products and developments. During al those years birdatxhing , I realized that after sales service is very important too. Let us consider the warranty of zeiss optics products which wer explained to me by a respected...
  19. arran

    Longtime review of swarovision and leica

    Me and my wife have been birdwatching on regular basis since quite some time, beginning of the eighties. At start be bought a leica trinovid which did the job in the most harsh conditions. After a leica ultravid , we bought a swarovision 8,5 and 10 x 42 a few years ago. We were highly satisfied...
  20. arran

    nikon EDG 10x42 review

    I have been using the new Swarovski EL 10x42 now for already 1.5 year and it's a great bin. This week I had the opportunity to have an appointment with the local distributor of the Nikon EDG line in Brussels and was curious to compare the SV with the EDG ( 8x42 ,10x42 and 10x32) Weather...