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    MKBirder's 2014 list

    With no plans to travel abroad this year I intend focusing on my local patch with a few trips a little further afield. Wednesday 1st January At home, Bletchley 1. Carrion Crow 2. Blackbird 3. Magpie 4. Black-headed Gull 5. Robin 6. Dunnock 7. House Sparrow 8. Blue Tit 9. Wood Pigeon 10. Feral...
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    One week in April

    We have one week available for a birding trip in April 2014. Which destinations would you suggest? We had Hungary on the list, but it may be a bit too early in Spring for there. We had a fantastic time last year in The Gambia and it would be hard to top the birding and the people that we met there.
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    Portland, Dorset

    I have a couple of days in Weymouth this week and know that there is a small colony of breeding seabirds on the West Cliffs at Portland. Does anyone have information regarding the best viewing points for these? Thanks.
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    MK Birder's 2013 Year List

    New Year's Day at home. 1. House Sparrow 2. Chaffinch 3. Great Tit 4. Feral Pigeon 5. Blue Tit 6. Starling 7. Blackbird 8. Magpie 9. Black-headed Gull 10. Collared Dove 11. Wood Pigeon 12. Dunnock 13. Carrion Crow
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    Late Oct. birding

    I have a few days free w/c 27th October and am looking for some advice on how best to use them. I could stay in the UK or take a short flight into Europe. I won't have transport so would need decent public transport or be able to bird from one location. As I'm in landlocked Bucks perhaps a...
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    Sri Lanka in July/August

    We are planning a first visit to Sri Lanka and are restricted to the school summer holiday. I'd be really grateful for any ideas which would allow good birding opportunities but still keep the non-birders on board. We would be looking for a 3 centre stay over a fortnight. It would have to...
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    M.K. Birder's 2012 List

    Here we go again and my resolution is definitely to make more time for birding locally through the year. At home a.m. 1. Blackbird 2. House Sparrow 3. Wood Pigeon 4. Starling 5. Robin 6. Collared Dove 7. Carrion Crow 8. Magpie 9. Feral Pigeon 10. Blue Tit 11. Blackcap Caldecotte Lake, Milton...
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    Eastern Cattle Egret

    Having seen Cattle Egret in Singapore recently, is it correct to treat it as a separate species to those I've previously seen in Europe? If they are treated as two species is there any geographical overlap? I'd appreciate any clarification on this.
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    Madeira, October

    I'm hoping someone can give me a little info on Madeira. We are staying in the 3rd week of Oct. Although this is a family holiday, I'm hoping to negotiate a couple of birding trips during the week. We're staying in the Funchal area and I'd welcome advice on making the best of my limited birding...
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    MKBirder's Year List

    As my sons accuse me of always dropping my year list by mid -January, I'm determined to stick with this to the end. A trip to Singapore/Borneo will give me some extra motivation to keep plugging away. Jan 1st At home, suburban garden in Milton Keynes 1. House Sparrow 2. Blackbird 3. Carrion...
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    UK birding break without a car

    Has anyone any ideas for a location within the UK which can be easily accessed without a car? Travel by train preferably, with the chance of a couple of days late autumn birding at the end of it. Coastal sites would be preferable as we are so far inland here.
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    Dunnock still feeding young

    Just returned from holiday to find a dunnock feeding 2 young around the garden shrubbery. This seems very late, it now being the 1st of Sept.
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    Two weeks in Massachusetts

    We're visiting Massachusetts for 2 weeks from mid August. This will be our first visit to the USA so we're keen to expand our list of American species while on a family holiday. After 3 nights in Boston we have 3 nights in Concord and will visit Great Meadows. We then have 1 week on Cape Ann...
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    Destination suggestions please

    I'd like to hear from others who have been in the situation of having to combine the main family holiday with birding. My son and I are keen birders, and whilst my wife and 5yr old daughter enjoy the walking and countryside, they also need alternatives at times. We all prefer quieter...
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    Hello from Milton Keynes

    Just registered after discovering about you all in Birdwatch magazine. I suppose it's never too late to join. A birder for over 25 years, looking forward to getting up to date with all the news and views.