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  1. Saxatilis

    Nikon EDG 7x42 floating diopter question

    I own both the Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL* and the Nikon EDG 7x42 which I bought in November 2020, tempted by a very good offer during the last Black Friday (refurbished). I also am worried about the gradual disappearance from the market of the 7x models (I use the 7x since 1993, previously I had had...
  2. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    After testing the Sirui E-20 ball head given with the T1204XL carbon tripod, I agree with the general better holding of an ED50. A little fluid head like that cheap Andoer Q08 is not bad at all with the ED50, I think it may depend much on personal preference in the end
  3. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    Hi etudiant I also bought this inexpensive (16€) Andoer fluid head you mention. If lubricated, the pan (and the other) movements that I have found a bit stiff get smoother. Not a top quality item, of course, but for such an amount it's worth having it - after some maintenance -for light loads...
  4. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    Eventually I changed my mind and as the days went by I turned to a higher quality model: the lightweight Sirui T1204XL carbon tripod + E10 ball head (Arca Swiss compatible). It's very fine and ideal for the small Fieldscope ED 50 straight. Its weight is only 1280 g and with the column reversed...
  5. Saxatilis

    ED50 fixed power eyepieces in the US?

    I have just received a new 13-30x MCI zoom that is outstanding with my ED50. To date, I have only had fixed eyepieces (I own and mainly use also a Fieldscope ED 82A and mount them via a DIY 1"25 adapter on a Celestron C5) but this is a little gem in a 550g body. I have both the 20x MC and the...
  6. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    Thanks. I did a test with a ball head and the Nikon Fieldscope ED50 is so compact that it (including focussing knob) can be held with one hand, while the other adjusts and tightens the locking knob. In this regard, I would not have great difficulties, as I think I use it for occasional birding...
  7. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    Hi all I would like to upgrade the tripod choice for my Nikon Fieldscope ED50 (straight model) without reaching the cost levels of the carbon tripods. I currently own a Slik Pro EZ but the SH-707 pan head which is a bit stiff in tilting and I don't like it too much: furthermore this head is...
  8. Saxatilis

    Sirui VH-10x or VH-10? Utility of variable pan settings in general?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Sirui VH-10 to replace a lighter Gitzo GHF2W because I needed to support heavier binoculars (a 20x70 45° astro type, 4.2 kgs). The Gitzo GHF2W is-was great when I was using lighter binoculars (the Vortex Kaibab 15x56, 1.2 kgs) but is definitely too flimsy now that...
  9. Saxatilis

    Advice for a Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL* strap

    I didn't particularly like them, the air cells deteriorated quite quickly. Perhaps the regular neoprene strap is better.
  10. Saxatilis

    Advice for a Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL* strap

    Hi all My Zeiss air cell comfort carrying strap, after seven years of use, now is worn out. I use a Victory 7x42 FL*. Do you have any advice for a suitable (and comfortable) replacement as an alternative? Thank you!
  11. Saxatilis

    Nikon Fieldscope ED 82 - UK assistance

    Thanks. They told me, as I imagined, to contact the Italian importer who (I have called him) does not provide the specific service and in any case would not do it because the scope was purchased outside Italy. A rebound of competence as I feared: I have to contact again the English seller of...
  12. Saxatilis

    Nikon Fieldscope ED 82 - UK assistance

    Can anyone give me any indication about it?
  13. Saxatilis

    Nikon Fieldscope ED 82 - UK assistance

    Hi all, I need to send my beloved Nikon Fieldscope ED 82A (purchased used in the UK) for assistance. Can someone tell me the address and the current contacts of the Nikon UK assistance for the repairs of Fieldscopes? Many thanks in advance
  14. Saxatilis

    Compact travel tripod for compact travel scope

    Hi for my Nikon Fieldscope ED 50 I use a Slik Sprint Pro EZ and am happy with it
  15. Saxatilis

    Longer plate for Sirui VH-10: BP-125 vs VH-125

    Hi all, I have recently shifted from a Gitzo GHF2W to a Sirui VH-10 video head because I needed more stability for my heavy Oberwerk BT 70-45 binoscope (4,2 kgs). I am fond of this new head which seems to me to be more robust and more suitable to carry such a heavy load (in the specs, its max...
  16. Saxatilis

    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    Mbb I have no particular regrets on the single knob of the GH1720QR head, compared to the various improvements in the newer GHF2W: both separate knobs of it work fine, and, as said, I can mount on it a 4.2 kg, 16x70 binoscope. In this (extreme) case I have to tighten well the tilt knob. But...
  17. Saxatilis

    Compatible long plate for Gitzo GHF2W

    Hi Jerry here are my first impressions of the Oberwerk BT 70-45 binoscope appeared on the italian forum Binomania.it https://www.binomania.it/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=10909&sid=633a7a600f3b2a13af0c8f3e0abac036 (sorry, it is in Italian but the Google translater may be helpful to you, hope) best
  18. Saxatilis

    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    Hi Mbb I have dismissed the Gitzo 1720QR in favour of the newer GHF2W one year ago exactly. The GHF2W is a better head in my opinion and since then I use it to support both a lighter Vortex Kaibab HD 15X56 and a very heavy Oberwerk BT 70-45 (4,2 kg: of course it's close to the limit of its...
  19. Saxatilis

    Tripod for giant binoculars.

    Hello Pluton, I have a wooden Berlebach Report 3022 which is very fine and perfect for the heavy loads: I use it to support a Celestron C5. It could fit your height, also, with a 25x100. I also own a Triton FCX 5 a carbon tripod, now discontinued, for loads up to 12 kg: I currently use with my...