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    Hawk ID in Southern Illinois

    I took this photo back in February in the southern tip of Illinois. I was wondering if it was the Krider's variant of the Red-tailed Hawk.
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    ID in Charlotte, North Carolina

    I went out to get back in the swing of things and hopefully see some migrants, and I ran across this guy and for some reason I am drawing a blank. Can someone help clear my mental block?
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    Goose in Brussels

    I saw this goose in Brussels a couple of weeks ago - is it a domestic type or something else?
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    Two birds in the Netherlands

    Seen at a very interesting place called Zaanse Schans outside of Amsterdam.
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    LBJ in central Ireland

    Seen 3rd week in August.
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    Sea birds continued - a tern

    Seen between France and Ireland 3rd week of August.
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    Sea birds between France and Ireland

    3rd week in August, some of these may be the same but I have very little pelagic knowledge so hopefully you guys can help.
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    Black Forest, Germany

    Was visiting and don't know the birds.. any help appreciated! This was the 2nd week of August.
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    Texas LBJ

    I took this at Salineno Wildlife Preserve back in February and I can't remember what it is, can anyone help?
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    Hawk with kill, south Texas

    As a bonus, can you tell what the kill is? My guess is Anhinga.
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    Hummingbird, South Texas

    Is there anything in these photos that can determine whether this is a Rufous or Allen's Hummingbird? I think these are two separate birds in the same place.
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    Hawk, South Texas

    I've only been to Texas once and from looking at guides I would think White-tailed Hawk but on my list I only had Harris's Hawk written down for this location. There does seem to be some red on the wing, but the tail and chest I thought were wrong for Harris's. Maybe it's a juvenile?
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    South Texas sparrow

    Looking at Sibley, I thought maybe a Brewer's? Somewhat wrong location though. Seen last week. Thanks for any help.
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    Outer Banks ducks

    I have here some scaup, and I assumed lesser, can someone verify lesser or greater for me? Also, my lifer Long-tailed duck - I thought female until I looked at the white on the back. Is it a male or female? Thanks for the help!
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    Gull, central North Carolina

    Can anyone tell what this gull is, seen over a lake today?
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    Ducks, North Carolina

    When I saw these I wrote them off as Mallards, but now that I look at this very blurry and distant photo, I wonder if they are actually Northern Shovelers. The bills look like Mallard but some of the body coloration looks more like shoveler. Any opinions?
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    Gulls, central North Carolina

    I find gulls so difficult. Why can't they just keep one plumage? My guesses are Herring Gull and Bonaparte.
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    Fox Sparrow? North Carolina

    I saw this in the Uwharrie Mountains yesterday. It was raining so I wasn't using my good camera. At the time I thought it was thrush sized and I only got a glimpse. It's clearly not a Hermit Thrush though, my only other thought is Fox Sparrow? It doesn't seem to fit Song, and I think it was...
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    distant flock, North Carolina

    Can anyone tell what these are? They kind of look like Double-crested Cormorants to me, but I was also wondering if we are finally getting some ducks to migrate in.
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    northern North Carolina thrush ID

    I took these 3 days ago. Is one of them a Swainson's or are both Hermit? Swainson's is marked rare in ebird at this time of year, although it would just be a little bit late I think. I am looking at the spots which end pretty high up on one of them, but then I don't know their faces well...