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    Looking for a compact budget monocular

    I long thought a monocular would be a handy thing to carry, but I was disappointed. A lot less agreeable and less comfortable than binoculars and, in spite of a similar AFOV, the one-eyed view seemed more constricted. Clear skies, Alan
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    Testing longitudinal (axial) chromatic aberration

    I am skeptical that even 10x is enough magnification to reveal secondary color (longitudinal chromatic aberration). In achromatic refractors it generally reveals itself at higher magnifications. Plus, under the bright conditions that might tend to reveal secondary color, most binoculars are...
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    IS binoculars or scope for higher magnification?

    Keep in mind that IS binoculars are advantageous both because of increased stability and higher magnification. The advantage of even a 12x IS view over an 8x standard binocular view for making identifications may surprise you. I have the Canon 15x50 and it's not something I like to carry in...
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    Is IS for the birds?

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    Is IS for the birds?

    Had several friends, mostly amateur astronomers and casual bird watchers and nature lovers, buy IS binoculars after trying my 12x36 IS IIs. I don't bird much with groups, but, given I tend to be a gear head, was surprised not to have any birders on the trips ask about my Canons. I've certainly...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    Now I'm confused. First you wrote "Then there is the IS. On Normal IS the Canons IS is very poor with a lot of shaking still going on and even on Powered IS the Canon still has micro jitters that drive you crazy. The Fujinon 14x40 TSX is rock steady with no micro jitters and is a LOT more...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    I certainly agree about the eyecups, but the IS on my 12x32s is solid and free of jitters. I thought it better than the Is on the 12x36 IIs, which I had been quite happy with. Perhaps it's the additional power, but it seems unlikely - if it's a general problem it should still be detectable at...
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    Real calcium fluorite in NL binoculars?

    Agreed. Clear skies, Alan
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    Is IS for the birds?

    They sound very nice, and I was encouraged to look at the specs, but the 60mm minimum IPD is a deal breaker for me, even more so for my wife. I also suspect the 13mm eye relief may not be enough, but the numbers have fooled me before. Based on my experience with the Canon 12x36 IS II, the 5m...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    You're quite welcome. I hope you find one of them to your liking. Clear skies, Alan
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    Is IS for the birds?

    I suspect, with their short eye relief, many people wearing glasses can not see the entire field with the eyecups down. Fortunately, I can, but I'm sure I could not have with my older, larger glasses, which sat farther above my face. I don't think the factory eye cups are easily replaced...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    Here's a photo with them half down. I only did it to see if it worked - pushing the face into the eyecups when they are fully up is torture. I don't know if they will stay in this position during extended use, or whether it will work well for everyone. Clear skies, Alan
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    Is IS for the birds?

    With the half price offering when I bought them, and no local availability, I violated my "Try before you buy" policy. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Folded down, the eye eyecups are perfect for my glasses. (Although I rarely use them without glasses, folding the inner halves down makes...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    After a year of research and checking binoculars in person, I treated myself to a pair of Swarovski 7x42 SLCs in 2001. Then my wife, based on our experiences with a Canon 10x30 IS we bought for her dad, gave me a pair of Canon 12x36 IIs for Christmas in 2004. They quickly became my main birding...
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    14x32 is great

    From the eyecups on my 12x32s I can see why they are a problem for many folks. Since I wear glasses and they work perfectly when folded down, I haven't found them an issue. However, I saw an interesting suggestion for folks who do not wear glasses over on Cloudy Nights. Fold the inner half of...
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    12x42 NL instead of 10x42 NL for birding ?

    Been using 12x IS binoculars since 2004 and love the additional magnification. If you can hand hold the 12x42 NLs, perhaps with the help of the rest, I'd say it's worth it. As to the "Get a scope" suggestion, I also have a scope, but tend to prefer just carrying binoculars when I plan on doing...
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    Canon 10x30 IS stabilised binocular sticky covers

    My wife's 2001 10x30s are fine. My late 2004 12x36 IIs developed the "sticky" issue late in 2018, mostly on the top. The latter got a lot more use but neither pair was exposed to insect repellent. I talked to a chemist friend about the problem. He suggested it was either insufficient testing of...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Eastern Phoebe'

    Thank you for the nice comments! Clear skies, Alan
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Blue Jay'

    Thank you all for the nice comments! Mostly a matter of being in the right place and having my camera handy. This juvenile simply didn't know enough to depart. Clear skies, Alan
  20. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    I was sitting on the back deck and this young Blue Jay was not quite sure he was supposed to leave. Fortunately, I had my camera with me.