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  1. ryckfour

    Gull - Svalbard

    Must admit I thought twice but head is too ‘strong’ for Iceland for me. Also, Glauc is a common breeder in Svalbard whereas Iceland is pretty uncommon in the summer months. Happy for one of the gull experts on here to tell my if I’m wrong though (I generally only see one or two ‘white wing’...
  2. ryckfour

    Gull - Svalbard

    Glaucous gull - fairly common breeding species on Svalbard. Bulky, large gull with white wing tips.
  3. ryckfour

    Honey Buzzard or Harrier

    Marsh Harrier
  4. ryckfour

    Is this a toulouse goose? Haverhill Mass.

    I suspect this is a Greylag/Chinese Goose hybrid
  5. ryckfour

    Bird ID (Spain)

    Marsh harrier was my first impression but the image is really impossible to identify with any confidence
  6. ryckfour

    UK raptor

    That’s partly why I said ‘probably Carrion Crow’ the head is hard to make out and does look quite heavy but the difference in size between the two birds seems too great for it to be a Raven.
  7. ryckfour

    UK raptor

    Didn’t mean my post to sound like a criticism - I was simply highlighting the difficulties of looking at single shots compared to a moving bird.
  8. ryckfour

    UK raptor

    Corvid - most probably Carrion Crow. The apparent shape of the right wing is an artefact of the angle the photo is taken at. I can’t help feeling that this image exemplifies the problem with trying to identify birds ‘after the event’ from a photograph when simply watching it ‘live’ for a few...
  9. ryckfour

    Bird on a rock ID (close to Sofia, Bulgaria)

    Black redstart for me too
  10. ryckfour

    Merlins? Wicken Fen

    That makes three of us. 1 Kestrel; 2&3 Sparrowhawk
  11. ryckfour

    Another plea for help in id

    Birds has evidently been a number of guillemots blown inland recently. I found one dead on the road near Balmoral this afternoon.
  12. ryckfour

    Warbler ID

    Collins Guide is available as an app. Includes bird songs and calls and is periodically updated - can’t remember when I last used the paper version
  13. ryckfour

    Unkown sea bird in Britain

    Description could be a young gannet
  14. ryckfour

    Highlands ID help please...

    Habitat is a big clue here as well. Yellowhammer is a bird of open farmland - though they do come into gardens in hard weather. Siskin is a woodland bird.
  15. ryckfour

    Sparrow, Cyprus. House or Tree?

    I’d have thought that this was Spanish Sparrow - P. h. transcaspicus listed as the subspecies breeding in Cyprus https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Spanish_Sparrow
  16. ryckfour

    Jiangsu birding

    Thank you for your reply. Taimyrensis Heuglin's Gull certainly matches my notes on size and colour. Hard to tell whether their winter range would be that far south (and whether they would be that far inland). Slaty-backed may be too dark (I had considered this species at the time).
  17. ryckfour

    Jiangsu birding

    Thanks Jeff. I'd pretty much ignored the MacKinnon maps and was working from Brazil Birds of East Asia which has Chestnut Bulbul in Fujian only. Silver-throated Tit was a great little bird but caused me some brain ache since it is mentioned in the text in Brazil but not illustrated. It was quite...