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  1. JamieoftheNorth

    Sharp-shinned hawk!

    Was on the phone about an hour ago when out of the corner of my eye I saw a larger bird land at my feeder. It was a sharp-shinned hawk! I have a sheppard's-style pole that I hang my bird feeder on and it was perched on top of the pole. I'm guessing it was going after some of the birds at my...
  2. JamieoftheNorth

    Eastern Phoebe?

    First off, I'm very new to birding. But I could swear there's an Eastern Phoebe hanging out in my backyard! I'm in southern Maine, and they're supposed to summer here, but it's still early. However, on the rare bird alert, somebody reported hearing one last week just one town over. I'm...
  3. JamieoftheNorth

    Nuthatches Understand Chickadees

    Check this article out. Pretty cool!
  4. JamieoftheNorth

    Mink Encounter

    I went to the bog about a quarter of a mile into the woods behind my house this morning. Found a nice spot to sit down and wait for whatever birds might come by. I was sitting for not even ten minutes when a mink walked up to about a dozen feet away! He saw me then scattered. Really cool...
  5. JamieoftheNorth

    Birds and Storms

    I'm new to birding, which will probably explain my fascination of what is probably obvious to most of you. We had a snowstorm overnight, and I had wondered what bird activity would be like at the feeder before, during, and after. The snow started to fall and the winds picked up shortly after...
  6. JamieoftheNorth

    New England Birding

    Thought I would start a thread for us New England folks. Anyone seeing signs of spring migration yet? I was at the Rachel Carlson Wildlife Preserve in Kennebunk this afternoon and saw Canadian geese. Have yet to see the red-winged blackbirds or turkey vultures being reported on the bird...
  7. JamieoftheNorth

    Yet Another Request for Confirmation Help

    Hi all. There's a common bird call around here I'm having trouble identifying. I've heard it a lot before, mostly in the spring and summer (I think), and it's presently outside chirping now. Two quick decrescendo-ing whistles, both within about a second of each other. Can't think of much...
  8. JamieoftheNorth

    Hello from Maine, USA

    Hello all. Just joined the board. I'm new to birding, but not to the outdoors. Finally decided to pursue identifying our find feathered friends more seriously and so far I'm loving every minute of it. It's a hoot (bad pun intended) watching the birds coming to the feeder I just put up in my...