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    Ringtail Harrier, Netherlands (February 27 2021, Noord-Holland, Waterland, Near Amsterdam)

    This afternoon I saw this Harrier (Waterland, Ransdorp, near the North of Amsterdam and IJsselmeer). A juvenile I think. Unfortunately it was extremely far off and I only managed these blurry images. Hen Harrier would be by far the most likely. Although not possible to really count, I seem to...
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    Redwing or Icelandic Redwing? January 30th, 2021, Dunes Dutch Coast

    Today I took these images of a group of foraging Redwings. I noticed that one was particularly dark (many dark stripes on breast and belly). Could this be the Icelandic subspecies (Turdus iliacus coburni)? Perhaps it's still not dark enough? In the attached image the candidate bird is shown 3...
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    Meadow or Richard's Pipit (Spaarndam, near Amsterdam Netherlands Nov 28, 2020)

    Today I went to a meadows area near Amsterdam, where Richard's Pipit had been sighted multiple times over the last weeks. I think I heard Richard's Pipit call alright. But I didn't see any clearly unfortunately. The only images I was able to take from a possible Richard's far off where these...
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    Dark-bellied or pale-bellied Brent Goose (Nov 7, 2020, Netherlands, Coast)

    Dark-bellied or Pale-bellied Brent Goose (Nov 7, 2020, Netherlands, Coast) A week and a half ago I saw this Brent Goose at the Brouwersdam (Zeeland/Zuid-Holland (Sealand, South-Holland), Dutch Coast). Is it a Dark-bellied or Pale-bellied Brent Goose? For me too hard to see from this angle...
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    Tufted duck hybrid (Nov 15, 2020, Netherlands)

    Last sunday (Nov 15, 2020) I saw this Tufted duck female in the Twiske (lake near Amsterdam). It caught my eye because of its heavy build. It was much more stocky than the many other Tufted Ducks in the vicinity. Also it was swimming solo across the lake, whereas other Tufted Ducks were...
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    Unknown Gull Dutch coast (Zeeland), Nov 7th 2020)

    Yesterday I saw this very light Gull, extremely far off in the distance. Flying in a straight line fairly low over the water towards the coast. I noticed the very white front of the wing, upperwing light grey, dark upperwing tips, and the dark leading edge at the tip of the underwings. But...
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    Little Gulls? (English Channel, 5th of May 2019)

    Last year when crossing the Channel on a Ferry I accidentally photographed these two small birds, while taking pictures of Gannets. As they unexpectedly flew into my view, the images are not sharp unfortunately. My apologies. Could these be Little Gulls? In the last picture it's possible to...
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    Kestrel male without terminal tail band (Dutch coast, Oct 30, 2020)

    Today I saw this Kestrel. Zandmotor dunes near The Hague. It was persistently chasing after a flock of Starlings, low over the ground. Weather was stormy. It's clearly (to my eyes) a male Kestrel. But I do not associate its hunting behaviour (Starlings instead of mice) with Kestrel, and also the...
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    Hybrid White-Fronted x Barnacle Goose? (Netherlands, Oct 17 2020)

    Hello, Yesterday I saw these three Geese (meadows, Edam, North-Holland, near IJsselmeer / vicinity of Amsterdam). Obviously hybrids. They were in the midst of a great many Greater White-Fronted and Greylags. Two birds were quite identical (white heads) and one had a more brownish head (with...
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    Unknown Bunting? (Portugal, Alentego, Sept 30, 2018)

    Hello, When birding two years back in Portugal I saw this bird. I thought it was a Corn Bunting, but it was very far off, so I was not quite sure. Looking back at the images I think it is perhaps too rusty brown, and also its head markings do not seem to match Corn Bunting too well. I saw it...
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    Unknown Tern (Netherlands Waddenzee August 20th 2018)

    Could anybody help me to identify a Tern I have trouble to recognise? Photos taken from very far off, on a windy overcast day. (Sorry for the lack of clarity.) Netherlands, August 20 2018, Island of Terschelling, Waddenzee side. The Tern has short red legs (visible in some of the images) and...
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    Unknown sea or shorebird Netherlands (August 30, 2020)

    Yesterday (August 30, 2020) I saw this bird during a stormy afternoon at IJmuiden beach (Dutch coast). What could it be? Its shape appears Gull like, could it be a juvenile Skua/Jeager? None seems to match. Am I looking in the wrong direction all together? Frank
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    small bird Netherlands (vicinity Amsterdam 15th of July)

    On the evening (21:09) of July the 15th I saw this bird (vicinity of Amsterdam, very small nature reserve (de Bretten) with a mixture of scrubs, open land and forest/trees. At first I thought a Nightingale, but its bill shape doesn't quite seem to match (I think). And I think its bill...
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    Raptor - Queyras (Hautes-Alps, France)

    Some days ago (5th of August 2020) while at an elevation of 1900 m (6200 ft) myself I noticed three raptors seemingly flying in formation. They headed between / over the mountains in more or less a straight line, looking as if they were headed towards a common destination. Although I could...
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    Unknown Tit - Queyras (Hautes-Alps, France)

    A couple of days ago (5th of August 2020) I saw this tit in the French Alps (Queyras, Hautes-Alps) in a coniferous forest at an altitude of approximately 2100m (7000ft). Willow Tit seems by far the most likely candidate (as I heard and saw many). Its elongated shape, small head, quite large bib...
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    Wood or Marsh Sandpiper, Netherlands June 2020

    Yesterday I saw a Wood or Marsh Sandpiper (I think), 5 miles from the Dutch coast (Noord-Holland, Schagen) on mud flats near a tiny lake. The bird was foraging near a Lapwing, always staying very close to the cover of a small green border (low bushes, grass and weeds). Could someone help me ID...
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    Unknown bird Netherlands 15th of May 2020

    Could anyone help me to ID this bird? Environment: Very small mixed dry grassy and wet reed land area with some wild horses and wild cattle in the direct vicinity of Amsterdam. Size, I was under the impression that is was approximately Starling sized. But I'm not sure, it was very far away...
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    Warbler in reed fields near Amsterdam (8th of May 2020)

    Could anyone help me ID this warbler? I took it's picture today (end of afternoon) in reed fields near Amsterdam. Reed Warbler seems likely, its posture and head shape matches. But I feel it has a too extensive white eye ring? And perhaps a too dark bill? Any help much appreciated! Frank
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    Unknown female duck (Netherlands, 27th of April 2020)

    Could anybody help me ID this duck? Image taken in Netherlands, North-Holland: inland reed and marsh lands.
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    Kite 24th of April Dutch coast (Dunes Castricum North-Holland)

    Can someone help met ID this Kite? My first impression through my binoculars was Black Kite juvenile (6 fingers, broad wingtips, lack of rufous color in bright sunlight giving strong "black & white" impression). Later upon inspection of the images I lean towards Red juvenile, clearly defined...