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  1. Saxatilis

    Velbon Sherpa 50?

    Hi all I would like to upgrade the tripod choice for my Nikon Fieldscope ED50 (straight model) without reaching the cost levels of the carbon tripods. I currently own a Slik Pro EZ but the SH-707 pan head which is a bit stiff in tilting and I don't like it too much: furthermore this head is...
  2. Saxatilis

    Advice for a Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL* strap

    Hi all My Zeiss air cell comfort carrying strap, after seven years of use, now is worn out. I use a Victory 7x42 FL*. Do you have any advice for a suitable (and comfortable) replacement as an alternative? Thank you!
  3. Saxatilis

    Nikon Fieldscope ED 82 - UK assistance

    Hi all, I need to send my beloved Nikon Fieldscope ED 82A (purchased used in the UK) for assistance. Can someone tell me the address and the current contacts of the Nikon UK assistance for the repairs of Fieldscopes? Many thanks in advance
  4. Saxatilis

    Longer plate for Sirui VH-10: BP-125 vs VH-125

    Hi all, I have recently shifted from a Gitzo GHF2W to a Sirui VH-10 video head because I needed more stability for my heavy Oberwerk BT 70-45 binoscope (4,2 kgs). I am fond of this new head which seems to me to be more robust and more suitable to carry such a heavy load (in the specs, its max...
  5. Saxatilis

    Compatible long plate for Gitzo GHF2W

    Hello all, I have just purchased a big 16x70 binoscope (the Oberwerk Bt 70-45, 4 kg) and I see that the Gitzo GHF2W I had recently chosen for some lighter instruments is now a bit in trouble to support the weight of it. In particular I see that the included standard (Arca Swiss compatible)...
  6. Saxatilis

    Garmin GPSMAP 66s: opinions?

    Hello all, has someone already experienced the new Garmin GPSMAP 66s? I own an honorable GPSMAP 60Csx (since late 2009) and after waiting for the release of the two previous series 62 and 64, now I would be inclined to take this model up. I happen to use the GPS devices often in woodland...
  7. Saxatilis

    Insurance for audio device

    Hello all, I was planning to buy an expensive digital recorder to leave outdoors - it is weatherproof however-, in woodland or fields not owned by me (public or private), working for several days. I see the risk that this device can be stolen or damaged albeit camouflaged. So I was thinking...
  8. Saxatilis

    White bellied Marsh harrier

    Hello five years after this thread was opened (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=235172) I am pleased to unexpectedly contribute to the discussion. Some days ago I observed a bizarre Marsh Harrier with white belly at my raptor migration site 25 km west of Genoa. What a strange bird...
  9. Saxatilis

    Fieldscope ED 82 having lost waterproof sealing

    Hello all my excellent Nikon Fieldscope ED82, bought as used in excellent optical conditions, has however proved devoid its pristine waterproof sealing. Not a really big problem itself to me (I use it in raptor watching and rainy days are not good for migrating raptors...) but should I decide...
  10. Saxatilis

    Fully compatibility Manfrotto 501PL/Sirui VH-10 plates?

    Full compatibility Manfrotto 501PL/Sirui VH-10 plates? Hello all, Since mid-2009 I use a Manfrotto 701HDV fluid head on a Velbon carbon tripod to support a Nikon Fieldscope ED 82A - before 2014 a Leica APO Televid 77-. I am happy with my current set up, but after reading some posts and BF...
  11. Saxatilis

    Issue with Velbon GEO N630 carbon tripod

    Hello, since 2014 I use a Velbon GEO N630 carbon tripod to support my Nikon Fieldscope ED82 A and am really fond of it. Some weeks ago the plastic inner cylinder of the locking (by constriction: see pics) mechanism to adjust the column height is broken...so the column can not be raised and...
  12. Saxatilis

    Nikon Fieldscope eyepieces: optical schemes?

    Hello all, For my ED50 and ED82a Nikon Fieldscopes, in the last two years I got to pick up different fixed eyepieces - of both MC and DS line - covering all the mags (from 30x to 75x, referred to the ED82 model). Some are externally shaped so that one can easily imagine that they feature...
  13. Saxatilis

    LCR low cost recorders

    Hello all, is someone experienced with the low cost recorders (LCRs) from the Shenzhen Hnsat chinese company for bird sound recording? I would give a try to the UR-09, a mini usb flash drive model, but it is not distributed by national - continental importers, as far as i know, so one has to...
  14. Saxatilis

    Advice for buying a bridge camera

    Dear forumers I'm considering buying a bridge camera that would use 95% just to photograph raptors in flight (to document rarities, age classes, anomalous plumages, moult conditions etc ...) during the monitoring sessions of migrating raptors through my region - along with binoculars and...
  15. Saxatilis

    DIY speaker

    I have recently found a small, simple homebuilt speaker obtained from the loudspeaker of an old car audio system, a DIY work started by my father before he died I would like to occasionally use this speaker also for bird playback (owls), making it amplified however just to be connected to my...
  16. Saxatilis

    Carbon tripods and electrical hazard?

    Hello all I recently purchased a carbon tripod. I already had heard something about this, but never properly thought of it until now. Is there the real possibility that carbon tripods can attract electrocution from lightnings and in close proximity to electromagnetic fields (power lines)? The...
  17. Saxatilis

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD: pre and post 2013 differences?

    Hello all, does someone know the differences (optically and externally, if any) between the older and newer (post 2013-14) version of the Kaibab 15x56 HD? Thank you
  18. Saxatilis

    Happy with the Vortex VIP Warranty

    Hello I like to share my happy experience with the Vortex warranty and assistance from abroad. Last spring during a raptor migration survey in my region (NW Italy, west of Genoa) a guy dropped :C my Vortex Kaibabs 15x56 on a tripod to the stony ground: a slight misalignement did arise.... So...
  19. Saxatilis

    Garmins GPSMap 64s vs 60Csx

    Hello since 2009 I am owner of a trusty Garmin GPSmap 60Csx. A couple of years ago after intensively using it for perimetering the boundaries of a protected bird area I noticed a bit of difficult in finding and keeping the signal under the broadleaved woods. I wonder if the newer GPSMap 64...
  20. Saxatilis

    Can the Fieldscope ED eyepieces be adapted on later Nikon models?

    Dear forumers I would like to dissolve a doubt of mine concerning an information that I do not remember exactly (if correct): can the Fieldscope ED series eyepieces (MCs or DSs) be mounted via an adapter on the EDGs? Or was this a facility expected in the new (and never launched) Monarch line...