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    Elan Valley

    Hi,my mate took this today in the Elan Valley and would appreciate an id,looks pied flyish on my phone but not quite right,juv maybe? Cheers Mick
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    Golden Orioles

    Hi All,i was at Lakenheath over the weekend and was told by the staff they're not sure if there is a pair of Golden Orioles there,one confirmed male and possibly a sub adult,i believe they didn't breed last year,if there's is only one male there what are the chances of them breeding there...
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    10x42 v 12x42 mk3

    Hi all,has anybody got any experience,or thoughts on monarch mark 3's 12x42 versus the 10x42's for general birding,many thanks for any input Mick
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    Spring Trip

    Hi All,i'm planning a trip somewhere,sometime in England this Spring,i'm aiming to have a nice few days birding with the possability of rarer stuff aswell,i can go anytime in March and April,i'm looking at Portland Bill or Minsmere down south but thinking Flamborough down to Spurn or North...
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    Snail Question

    Hi All,i wonder if anyone could help me,my 2 and a half year old daughter has become very interested in snails,she was previously very interested in fish so i bought her a tank and some goldfish which she soon forgot all about,they died(fin rot i think),she hasn't even noticed the tank hasn't...
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    BOP Pursecution petition

    Hi,i'm sure i've read recently about a petition to make land owners responsible for bird of prey pursecution on their land in England as they are in Scotland,anyone know if i can sign online or have a link. Cheers Mick
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    H T C Wildfire

    Hi,has anyone got any free sites for up to date rare bird reports that can be accessed and easily used on a HTC phone,on my pc i use the free birdguides map and the birdforum map but these are hard or impossible to use on the mobile. It is a works phone so i can't downdoad anything that would...
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    Peregrine question

    Hi,i was watching what i was sure was a pair of Peregrines the other day when i noticed one was catching what must have been insects(it was quite far and only had them through bins),do Peregrines catch and eat insects on the wing or were they Hobbies?
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    Buzzards hovering

    I know Common Buzzards hover a bit sometimes but i saw two today along the M5 about ten miles apart,the first when i saw it from a distance, i was 100% sure was a Kestral until i got closer and realised how big it was,the second i was more expecting but they really were hovering,Kestral style,i...
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    Black Guillemots

    Hi could anyone tell me if there are black guillemots around the south stack area please and if so what times of year are they there,pm welcome.Many thanks Michael.
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    Monarch 10-42 ATB WP DCF

    Hi All,i wonder if anyone has any experience of these binoculars and could tell me anything about them,are they any good for birding,i think they also do a 8-36 as well,any thoughts would be appreciated,thankyou. Michael
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    Dungeness info please

    Hi All,i'm planning my first trip to Dungeness tomorrow(Sunday 15th)could anyone give me any information on the site,are the Purple Herons still there ? any info or tips would be greatly appreciated,thankyou.
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    Tree info

    Hi all,i wonder if anyone could give me some advice.I have recently moved into a new house it has a small garden which at the moment is just grass,i would like to put a small tree and some feeders in,i have cats and children so need to take this into account,any advice on tree/shrub species...
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    Great Ryburgh

    Hiya all,could anyone help me with directions to the Honey Buzzard watchpoint,a postcode or road name would be great as i will be using a satnav,any general info would also be greatly appreciated,thankyou Michael
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    Ashleworth Ham NR

    Could anyone give directions or better still a postcode for this reserve,any tips would be great too,going for the Great White Egret tomorrow,thankyou in advance.
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    Waxwings and Kites

    Had a very early start,not birding but work,had to be in London by 7 am and decided to take my bins and camera just in case,i was on my way back to Brum by 8 and decided to come up the M40 for the Red Kites,i came off at a place called Stokenchurch ? i think,parked up and instantly had brilliant...
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    Nikon RA111 65wp

    Hi All,I'm looking for my first scope i wonder if anyone could give me their opinions on this scope with a 30xwide Nikon ep,would it compare favourably to a Kowa TSN1 or 2 with 30x ep,also any thoughts on prices i should expect to pay for these,many thanks in advance.
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    Spotting scope

    'Er indoors has agreed to me forgoing my weekly beer allowance and saving for a scope(we're saving hard for a summer wedding).I'm thinking about £350 i know i'm not going to get a great scope for that type of money but i think i can get an RSPB 80mm scope with the 20-60 ep for about that or...
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    Zuiko 70-300

    Hi all,maybe some one could answer a few questions for me,firstly i have a olympus e410 with which i use a zuiko digital 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 lens,would i be able to get a tele converter for this lens and if i can,what exactly would it do,would it enable me to take pictures at greater distances...
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    Two outta three...

    Promised myself a Bittern today but after a bit of searching last night and with the Bittern at Ladywalk showing in the afternoon on Sunday i decided to go for the Worcester Glossy Ibis first thing then the Bittern,it was v.foggy on the river first thing and as it turned out i was looking in the...