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  1. shropshirelad63


    When I try to set my aperture on aperture priority, camera is saying no lens attached?
  2. shropshirelad63

    Golden Plovers

    Was out yesterday and there were hundreds of Goldens about, all looking the same, i scanned hoping for American without luck, however, one bird was still in summer plumage, away from the rest with no interest in the others or flying around with them, just wondering why this is so ? is it a...
  3. shropshirelad63

    Wildflower id pls

    Any id on this flower growing wild? butterflies and bees were all over it
  4. shropshirelad63

    Juv Tern

    Think this is a juv Arctic?
  5. shropshirelad63

    Duck id

    Putting this up for a friend, sorry about the quality, tried to sharpen it up a bit.
  6. shropshirelad63

    ID please

    Dont recall seeing this one
  7. shropshirelad63

    Bush id please?

    Wonderful smell of it! want one in my garden
  8. shropshirelad63

    RT Diver?

    Excuses first! scope on 80x distant, hand held phone
  9. shropshirelad63


    Having thought i would never see one, i finally managed a small flock of 4 yesterday! very happy birder:t:
  10. shropshirelad63

    BOP Thailand

    This was taken by a friend on hols in Thailand, think its a juv Crested Goshawk?
  11. shropshirelad63

    Birding and Cows

    I dont like cows, they are big, dumb and always watching you.So i arrived at a birding spot yesterday to find about 15 of the darn things sat blocking the gate,not a good start. Decided to find a way around them so i could proceed to the lakes shoreline.As i usually the case in most areas of...
  12. shropshirelad63


    Saw this Plover amongst the Golden today, black breast markings-Golden or something else?
  13. shropshirelad63

    Wader id

    Not sure about this one, never seen a White Rumped but is this one?
  14. shropshirelad63

    Your top 3 "bogey" birds?

    Got a big monkey off my back yesterday with Black Throated Diver! so my 3 remaining bogeys are, Marsh Harrier, Grey Phalarope and Short Eared Owl-fingers crossed for one of them soon! What is anyones 3?
  15. shropshirelad63

    Wader id

    This was taken from another site, Dunlin left, Curlew Sand and?
  16. shropshirelad63

    Bee id

    Anyone id this bee taken today thanks
  17. shropshirelad63

    Little Egret ringed

    Saw a Little Egret with rings where do i report it? BTO?
  18. shropshirelad63

    ID please

    Damselflies/Dragonflies please
  19. shropshirelad63


    Putting this up for a friend, he suggested Wood Warbler but i,m not sure? Chiffy?
  20. shropshirelad63

    Yellow plant?

    No idea on this one