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    Hawk near Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi all, I took these (horrible) pics today (5th May) in the vicinity of Paarl, North of Cape Town. I cannot make up my mind between African Goshawk, Red-breasted Sparrowhawk and Little Sparrowhawk. I have little experience with them and field guides did not help me much There is a character in...
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    Reference for Cat-C in Portugal: Pin-tailed Whydah, Scaly-breasted Munia

    Hi all, I read in several sites that the Pin-tailed Whydah and the Scaly-breasted Munia have been added to Cat-C in Portugal. E.g.: https://www.bubo.org/en/Forum/10-general-discussion/1366-additions-to-the-ioc-western-palearctic-list.html...
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    Flycatcher (South Africa)

    Pictures from the 5th of Jan. 2019 in North-East South Africa (Mkhuze). It was pointed to me by another birder as a Blue-mantled crested flycatcher. But looking at the pictures (and now that I got some experience with the south african birds of that area) it is for sure one between Ashy and...
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    Sunbird (South Africa)

    Pics taken in Mkhuze N-E South africa the 3rd of January. I cannot make up my mind between neergard's and Mariqua sunbird. I upload the same picture twice with different exposure to show the bill length and the breast band color, supposedly the 2 diagnostic characteristics. Thanks a lot for...
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    white-eye (South Africa)

    Pictures (bad) taken at St. Lucia in N-E South Africa where both african yellow and cape white-eye occur. The latter occurs with the ssp. virens. Looking at pics on-line and reading guides I cannot find a definite feature to distinguish the 2. Any help? Pictures from jan the 7th 2019, birds...
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    Long-billed or Mountain pipit (South Africa)

    End of October, Golden gate highlands national park (SA) c.ca 2400 meters high, highland plain but not far from a rocky slope. Very Pink bill base (exclude African pipit) but the back is not as marked as I would expect for mountain...I am puzzled. Unfortunately breast markings are not fully...
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    Long-billed or Mountain pipit

    I post it here hoping for south african expert opinions End of October, Golden gate highlands national park (SA) c.ca 2400 meters high Very Pink bill base (exclude African pipit) but the back is not as marked as I would expect for mountain...I am puzzled. Unfortunately breast markings are not...
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    Vireo Vancouver

    Hi there, Vancouver, Stanley park 20.08.18 Just took a picture of this little guy and I am not sure whether is a Cassin or a Huttons, although I lean towards the second option I would like to know how I can be sure about the ID (if this picture is enough). Thanks
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    mckay's vs. snow bunting, north Alaska

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me with this little fellow seen today on Barrow's shore (ALASKA)? It was together with lapland and looked different from the very common snow buntings I have seen in the past week. Thanks a lot
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    Blackbird California

    In San Francisco. Tricolored? Sorry for the brevity I'm writing from my phone
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    Califorinia (San Francisco Area) in January, what do birders want?

    California (San Francisco Area) in January, what do birders want? Hi, I'll be spending some days in San Francisco at the beginning of January next year (opportunistic birding connected to business trip). There are a couple of great trip reports/posts on this website that gave me an idea for the...
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    Turku area August

    Hi there, In mid- august Turku will host the European ornitological conference. It's not the best time to visit the country birdwise...but I have a couple of questions: Where can I get update observation for the are (something equivalent to ornitho or ebird)? Is there any chance for Greenish...
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    Cormorant, Khenifiss National park south Marocco

    Hi everyone, Pics taken a little bit north the border with western sahara mid April this year. Is is a white breasted cormorant or a great cormorant of the ssp. moroccanus/ lucidus? Thanks for any opinion. Best,
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    African/Eurasian reed warbler

    Hi everyone, Can somebody explain me why the IOC included the subspecies ambiguus into the African reed warbler? It clearly interbreed extensively with the nominal subspecies in Spain and the distribution is contiguous to the nominate subspecies and NOT the closest race of african. Nowhere I...
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    Status of White-Breasted Cormorant and Kelp gull in Marocco

    Hi everyone, I am planning a trip to Marocco and reading tons of trips/blogs/articles ecc. I have a couple of points that I cannot solve myself. The White-Breasted Cormorant (Phalacrocorax lucidus) it is now treated as a separate species from the IOC. I noticed that is present almost ONLY in...
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    Blast from the past: looking for check list of WP from 20 years ago.

    Hi everyone, For personal interest (mostly curiosity) I am looking for a check list of the Western Paleartic of 20 years ago (roughly 1996/1997). Can someone help me? I found this reference "The Birds of the Western Palearctic, Concise Edition" Edited By: David Snow and Christopher M Perrins...
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    What do you think of the app warblr?

    Hi folks, i would like to know what's the general opinion of birders about this app. http://warblr.net/ It's Only for UK and only for IPhone. I attended a conference in which the first results were presented and it seems like already thousands and thousands of recording were uploaded. Quite a...
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    North Queensland, August: hawk, flycatcher, nightjar and unknown

    Ciao, I need some help with few birds met during my recent trip in north Queensland, (what a great place!!!!!!) Pics1-3: Flat creek near Georgetown (dam in savannah habitat) 17/08, in the field I thought sparrowhawk (much less common than brown goshawk there)...but maybe not the same criteria...
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    Eagle Israel, dead sea area 06.04.15

    Ciao a tutti, In the field I id it as Imperial eagle, I would like a confirmation since I do not see this species very often. Is it the molt of the inner tertiaries that gives the round shape? It was very very high, sorry for the bad picture. It wasn't in active migration and it had a...
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    "Scrabbler" and "Farallones"

    Hi all, I know it is not strictly etymology, but i could not find a section that fits better (if there is please move:)) A friend of a friend, a writer, is currently translating some texts /poetry /literature from English to Norwegian. The texts have many references to nature and birds, and my...