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  1. CaliSteve


    The full paper is available on researchgate.
  2. CaliSteve

    Latest Lynx releases

    Some plate samples of their Colombian guide is now up. Interesting to note that they have choosen an entirely new layout in this guide.
  3. CaliSteve

    Larks of the World - Helm

    Sadly this seems like yet another Helm title where the publication date keeps slipping. Not due until March 2022 now.
  4. CaliSteve


    A survey of the eastern uplands of Yapen Island, New Guinea, reveals three new species records. A very interesting paper detailing the discovery of a jewel-babbler resembling Ptilorrhoa geislerorum in the uplands of Yapen...
  5. CaliSteve

    Birds of East Africa -Field Guides

    My hardback copy was dispatched today.
  6. CaliSteve

    Birds of East Africa -Field Guides

    Pretty obvious that the plate samples on NHBS is from the first edition of the book. There is plenty of new plates in the second edition https://www.galleryofbirds.co.uk/illustrations/east-african-flycatchers
  7. CaliSteve

    Birds of Argentina

    That is excellent news. But if it goes to press now I wonder if November is still the expected publication date?
  8. CaliSteve

    Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds: Shearwaters: Jouanin's &

    Out now and they will start dispatching copies next week (at least if ordered directly through Scilly Pelagics)
  9. CaliSteve

    Best bird guides by region...Africa

    Fifth edition of Sasol Birds of Southern Africa is out now. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.co.za/book/sasol-birds-southern-africa-5th-edition/9781775846680
  10. CaliSteve

    Birds of Italy

    The second volume to the Birds of Italy by Pierandrea Brichetti and Giancarlo Fracasso is out now. I found the first volume to be really excellent. Considering that this is the most comprehensive book series published on the Italian avifauna in english for a very long time aim surprised that...
  11. CaliSteve

    Birds of the West Indies 2nd ed

    This book is out now. Just got my copy but much prefer the Lynx guide over this.
  12. CaliSteve

    Best bird guides by region...Asia

    Lynx is working on yet another guide. This time a field guide to the birds of the Philippines. The Kennedy guide is desperately outdated so this is very good news! https://www.lynxeds.com/product/birds-of-the-philippines/
  13. CaliSteve

    Best bird guides by region...Asia

    Lynx have just announced that a new Field guide to Peninsular Malaysia, Malaysian Borneo and Singapore is due for publication in mid-July. https://www.lynxeds.com/product/birds-of-malaysia/ Another Field Guide to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore is due for publication in August...
  14. CaliSteve

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Lynx is about to introduce a new series of books focusing on mammals. A book to the mammals of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay is due in February with others to China and South Asia to be published later this year. https://www.lynxeds.com/product-category/by-categories/coming-soon/
  15. CaliSteve


    Dare to hope that Ampay and Millpo Tapaculos are finally due to be described? I have no idea if those are in the Scytalopus [magellanicus] complex though.
  16. CaliSteve

    Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds - An Identification Guide

    My copy was dispatched from the UK today. Probably one of the books aim looking forward to most this year so aim eagerly awaiting its arrival.
  17. CaliSteve

    Best bird guides by region...Central and South America

    Another new field guide to Colombia. Once the Lynx guide is out next year this means three Colombian guides published in less than 3 years. Only wished some other countries was covered nearly as thorough. https://www.buteobooks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=BBBAO&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=15019
  18. CaliSteve


    A new Myzomela honeyeater (Meliphagidae) from the highlands of Alor Island, Indonesia. Myzomela prawiradilagae sp. nov. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10336-019-01722-2?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=commission_junction&utm_campaign=3_nsn6445_brand_PID8162402&utm_content=de_textlink
  19. CaliSteve

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Sad to hear that. I was under the impression that this was a title that Shirihai and Bretagnolle had been working on for a very long time as part of their tubenose project and I was really looking forward to seeing the final product.
  20. CaliSteve

    Japan and Cambodia, Lynx

    Aim hoping for either China, Mexico or the Philippines. Existing guides are all seriously outdated.