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    Gimbal or Ball head?

    I am currently using a Tamron 200-500mm lens with a Nikon body and Manfrotto CF tripod. I am debating as to whether or not it would be better to invest in a gimbal head or stick with the b&s I am using at the moment. Any advice?
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    Tamron 200-500mm

    Has anyone had any experience with the Tamron 200-500mm zoom? I have been given one but not had the chance to try it yet-snaps in the garden look promising but any comments or advice much appreciated.
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    Soft pics

    I am having problems with my Sigma 150-500mm lens, specifically soft pictures. The first pic was taken using a hide clamp and at 640th @f 6.30 at 3,200 ISO while the second was taken from a using a Velbon 200 tripod at 320th @ f11 at ISO 200. I am not sure if it is the tripod or lens that is...
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    Sigma 600mm Mirror

    Has anybody any exeperience of the Sigma 600mm f8 mirror lens? I have read mixed reviews so any help would be appreciated.
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    Close up filters

    Has anyone had any experience of using close up filters on a standard zoom lens for close up photography? I would like to give it a go and this seems a pretty simple and cheap way to try it without laying out for a macro lens etc. I would probably be using them with a ringflash. Any info re...
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    Scope/Camera query

    I am looking for a budget scope to try digiscoping with my Nikon D50 DSLR attached via a T2 adapter. I am looking at the Hawke Nature Trek 20-60 x 80 as it looks like about the best in my budget. My questions are: When looking through the viewfinder of the Nikon (there is no live view facility...
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    Birding Backpack

    Has anyone come across the ideal rucksack/backpack for birding? Equipment is usual: bins, scope, tripod etc plus rations/flask etc. I had thought about a specialist photo backpack like the Tamrac Expedition 9 which would take my scope in the center, other gear around it and I would be able to...
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    Has anybody any experience of the Hawke range of scopes? I have seen one for about £200 which looks promising. I appreciate I am not getting Leica APO for this price, but would the quality be good enough for a beginner? Cheers.
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    What can I say-only been birding a couple of months and today I saw the White Throated Robin at Hartlepool, how many have had that on their lists for years? Talk about luck! Can I say "Thanks" to the kind birders who, recognising a beginner allowed me to look through their 'scopes and give me...
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    Must be the time of year when people take up new hobbies! So far my partner and I have joined the local RSPB group and been on a few really good days out with them so this seemed the next logical step. The next will be buying a 'scope....minefield ahead..... Look forward to learning lots. G...