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  1. J

    Birdguides new system

    It's now possible to sort the BirdGuides news page by rarity, county and species (alphabetical order). The default sort is chronologically (time added). If anyone has any queries, suggestions and/or constructive criticism regarding the site going forward, you are welcome to email us at...
  2. J

    Mallorca 2017

    I was in Mallorca over the weekend (primary targets Balearic Warbler and Tyrrhenian Spotted Flycatcher). A couple of records of interest ... Pallid Harrier: female over Porto Colom headland at 09:37 on Saturday 6th Melodious Warbler: one in the final valley just before the lighthouse at Cap...
  3. J

    Illegal egging takes place at Poole Harbour gull colony

    The eggs of breeding Mediterranean and Black-headed Gulls have been illegally stolen from the nest in Poole Harbour to be sold to top restaurants for consumption, despite the practice being highly illegal and with no knowledge as to whether the eggs are safe to eat. More details here.
  4. J

    Bee-eater catches and kills bat

    Amazing photos of an amazing occurrence, witnessed on Israel's Judean plains on Friday - http://bit.ly/1Hrmse1 Cheers, Josh
  5. J

    LWHG for Lou or other larophile

    Struggling to get past Lesser Black-backed Gull here. Cheers, Josh
  6. J

    Kurdish Wheatear in France???

    Bird still there and identity apparently confirmed.
  7. J

    Caspian Gull,

    I would agree it looks like a Caspian Gull, but does appear very small and very blue. That said I remember seeing a photo of a bright blue Common Gull from Grafham Water several years ago; that bird was presumed to have managed to cover itself in some sort of dye so perhaps something like that...
  8. J

    Gull, North Wales

    A couple of pics attached. First bird taken on 3 November in Peterborough, UK. It's a month younger than the Gresford bird. Second individual taken on 18 November, also in Peterborough. Nothing impossible about bill colouration for me, it can be so variable with some birds paling very...
  9. J

    Gull, North Wales

    This is a seriously rare bird for Wales (I believe there are no previous accepted records for the country). Whereabouts was it please? Cheers, Josh
  10. J

    2014 UK Orchids

    Violet Helleborines at Princes Risborough are looking very nice right now; others I saw in bud there in June have been munched. The Broad-leaved Helleborines along the road there are over. The main part of my morning was spent butterflying at Aston Rowant, where a good number of overcooked...
  11. J

    2014 UK Orchids

    As mentioned above, Narrow-lipped Helleborines looking great in Surrey right now though lots of casualties to hungry critters. I've put a few more shots on my Flickr page. Thanks to AdrianW for info + tips. Cheers, Josh
  12. J

    2014 UK Orchids

    About 40 Creeping Lady's Tresses in Norfolk at the weekend, mostly just opening up but a few already looking nice. Cheers, Josh
  13. J

    2014 UK Orchids

    I had a mooch round Princes Risborough on Sunday morning. By the Whiteleaf car park there were a couple of Violet as well as the Broad-leaved/Narrow-lipped Helleborines (5+) all in bud. Nearby, Musk Orchids were still looking good but close to going over; a few Chalk Fragrant still out there...
  14. J

    Norfolk birding

    Does any have any photos of Two-barred Crossbills taken this week at Lynford? Is there actually an adult male present? It would be cool to determine just how many are knocking about. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers Josh
  15. J

    Central & Northern Italy, May 2013

    Hi all, I had a fantastic long weekend in Italy with Dan Pointon back in early May - Brown Bear and Rock Partridge the highlights in Abruzzi with plenty of quality back-up such as Collared Flycatchers etc. Up in the north, highlights were all of the Category C species round Milan - I've gone...
  16. J

    2013 UK orchids

    I had a brief hour free this morning so nipped over to Barnack. Couldn't find any Man Orchids (has anyone seen them here yet this year?); perhaps I wasn't looking in the right places. The vast majority of Early Purples are now past their best, but still some decent looking examples. Pasqueflower...
  17. J

    Marsh Warbler Gosport Hampshire?

    Hiya, Not sure where you got the information that BirdGuides had confirmed this as a Marsh Warbler so just to set the record straight, we originally ran with this as a Marsh as reported on local websites and to us by observers on site. As soon as doubts started to occur and images were posted...
  18. J

    Israel, March 2013

    Fantastic! Very envious indeed.
  19. J

    Israel, March 2013

    Hi all, I've just completed an exhaustive trip report for our (also exhaustive!) ten-day trip to Israel in March of this year. It contains details and locations for many of the country's more difficult bird species as well as one or two interesting mammals, such as Striped Hyena. As with my...
  20. J

    County Galway Birding (local patch)

    Doorus is just east of Newtownlynch Pier - just scroll right on Dermot's map above. I've seen it off the car park at the north end of the road with 'Tracht' written over it. This should be easily judged from the map Dermot provided above - I've not seen the coot but, when I've visited the...