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  1. RichieTwitchy

    (very short audio) birdsong/call West Derby Liverpool UK (6/3/21)

    Hi all Heard this 'quivering' trill-like call but only managed to get a couple of seconds of a recording due to the bird moving on. There were many Nuthatches active in the woods at the time and I recognised their other various calls so was thinking to myself was this another Nuthatch call...
  2. RichieTwitchy

    Greenfinch? (audio) Aintree Liverpool UK (today 1st March)

    Hi all Heard these guys - quite a few all together - all chattering away. I'm partially colour-blind so to me they looked yellowy. The birds also looked 'chunky' and big-headed - like Greenfinch. I've had a listen on xeno and it seems like Greenfinch, but I though I'd ask you guys. Thank you.
  3. RichieTwitchy

    Sprawk or other? West Derby Liverpool UK (today)

    Hi all Firstly, sorry for the awful photos - I grabbed my camera and before I could focus properly the bird was gone. I've sharpened the photos, but the colours are washed out as they were taken against a bright grey sky. It was flying very high up and the bird was using short flappy wing...
  4. RichieTwitchy

    Wader? Piper? Lunt Sefton UK today

    Hi all This fella made such a racket that by the time I got my camera out he was miles away - hence the distant shots from behind. High up and seemed small - pigeon-sized? hard to tell really - flying hap-haphazardly and making quite a racket as I've said. With that straight bill it seems...
  5. RichieTwitchy

    Which Godwit- Crosby Beach Liverpool UK (yesterday)

    Hi all Saw this fella as I was out walking with a friend so snapped a few long shots. I'm thinking Bar-Tailed as the bill looks slightly upturned and the legs look shorter - but this could all be artefacts as the lens was at its longest. Help always appreciated - cheers
  6. RichieTwitchy

    Peregrine or Hobby Parkgate Wirral UK (August29th)

    Hi all Photographed this bird last week but I was only looking through my photos today and couldn't decide if it's a Peregrine or a Hobby. It was quite far away so I was at the limit of my 300mm lens - and the soft end too - so sorry for the pictures. At first I thought I was photographing a...
  7. RichieTwitchy

    Harrier? Lunt UK (today)

    Hi all Sorry for the poor photos but when you realise that I took them whilst riding my bike pointing a long lens to the skies then you'll appreciate what I did get ;) The photos have been cropped but not enhanced or sharpened. I think it's possibly a Harrier - Marsh? anyhoo - thanks for any...
  8. RichieTwitchy

    Sanderling? Seaforth UK March 26th

    Hi all Whilst on my health walk - taking my camera with me - I noticed a bunch of waders near the water's edge. So I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to take a couple of photos before they flew off. Now at first I thought they were Dunlin but thought the head shape didn't match and the...
  9. RichieTwitchy

    Shoveler Hybrid? Lunt Liverpool UK (March 2019)

    Hi all Was deleting some folders and came across this photo taken in March of this year. Is it a Shoveler hybrid? And if so, then any ideas as to which other bird was 'involved'? cheers
  10. RichieTwitchy

    Scaup? and Whimbrel? Seaforth Liverpool UK (yesterday)

    Hi all I've been wrong with these 2 before ;) The Scaup(?) was near to but not with the rest of the Tufties on the lake. It didn't look like it had a 'tuft' but I know the tufts can vary from bird to bird. The Whimbrel(?) was with Curlews. It looks significantly smaller and I think I can make...
  11. RichieTwitchy

    'Hovering' Marsh Harrier - Wirral UK (yesterday)

    Hi all I am certain this is a Marsh Harrier but is montage 2 that the same Harrier 'hovering'? I know birds don't 'really' hover as such and just use the wind to keep position, but do Marsh Harriers regularly hover or is this another bird? The thing is, I put down my camera when the Harrier...
  12. RichieTwitchy

    Crows or Ravens? Maghull Liverpool UK (today) PART #2

    With mp3 file and the sorry looking individual they seemed to be picking on.
  13. RichieTwitchy

    Crows or Ravens? Maghull Liverpool UK (today) PART #1

    Hi all I have seen Ravens before - a pair of them - and they were HUGE! But these guys didn't come near enough to gauge their sizes so 0-0. There were about 6 of them together with the group seemingly picking on one individual - and I understand that Ravens don't tend to be in groups so 1-0...
  14. RichieTwitchy

    Struggling to identify this Warbler - Melling Liverpool UK (today)

    Hi all It looks like it's either moulting or has an issue with its feathers. I can see paler legs and it is in the reeds by a canal but the head variation and seemingly long beak makes me hesitate in jumping to any conclusions. Any help appreciated thanks.
  15. RichieTwitchy

    Briefly hovering like a Kestrel but at a high altitude. Aintree NW UK (yesterday)

    Hi all Noticed this guy VERY high up and at first thought it was the size of a Buzzard, but my photos seem to tell a different story (?). Anyway, it was the behaviour of the bird which caught my eye. It rose up circling high up on the thermals, as a Buzzard would, but then it would turn into...
  16. RichieTwitchy

    Dunnock bird song? This morning Liverpool UK

    Hi all Is this a Dunnock? And is the Dunnock's song similar to the Wrens or is it just me? thanks
  17. RichieTwitchy

    Finch - Juvenile? Linnet? Chaffinch? today Maghull Liverpool UK

    Hi all Is this a juvenile Linnet or Chaffinch? The photographs are the same bird photographed away from the sun and into the sun and the colour difference from those 2 angles is jarring. My gut instinct says Linnet. This isn't a major thing as both birds are quite common but I'd just like to...
  18. RichieTwitchy

    Muscovy Duck? Aintree Liverpool UK (today)

    Hi all Seen along the Leeds/Liverpool canal at Aintree today. Never seen one before and thought at first it was a 'manky'. Any info always appreciated. cheers
  19. RichieTwitchy

    Garganey? Poor Quality Photos - Lunt Liverpool UK

    Hi all There was a report of a Garganey and this is all I could get. Sorry about the poor quality photos but the bird was a fair distance away and the heat haze generated by the sunny day didn't exactly help. I had 10x42 bins but still couldn't make the bird out clear enough to make a...
  20. RichieTwitchy

    Wagtail - and behaviour question Liverpool UK (yesterday)

    Hi all I saw this chap on a neighbour's roof so grabbed my compact zoom - I couldn't make it out originally but it looked 'different'. When I first looked at the images I thought it had a very noticeable bib/beard but, as is best with these things, common sense says that it must just be a...