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  1. CalvinFold

    Using Cane or Walking Stick + Camera or Binoculars

    [Hope this is the correct forum…] Anyone have tips or gear recommendations for someone who uses a cane (or walking/hiking stick) to walk but also enjoys using a camera and binos while walking? How do you juggle/hold/holster/handle the cane while using the camera/binos?
  2. CalvinFold

    Wind Farms Act Like Apex Predators on Ecosystems, Study Finds

    Interesting way to frame the study: https://weather.com/news/news/2018-11-05-predator-birds-wind-turbines-lizards Sad really...internal combustion means the eventual death of humans, but all the replacement sources of power seem to doom humans and/or large swathes of the animal kingdom anyway...
  3. CalvinFold

    Lincoln, CA, USA bird of prey

    I don't have a photo, unfortunately. This was spotted in Lincoln, CA, USA ("Sun City" retirement development), which is basically above Sacramento. The development was build on reclaimed wetlands, but some of the original wetands surrounds the area and some of it was recreated inside the...
  4. CalvinFold

    Processing RAW Photos in Photoshop

    I have a fair bit of experience in Photoshop and using the ACR plugin for basic needs, and alot of experience in print production. But I've started shooting in RAW with my RX100 Mk. III and have run into an issue that has me befuddled. I am working on them in Photoshop, saving in PSD, using...
  5. CalvinFold

    Grasshopper ID? Hillsboro, OR. USA

    This was taken on August 23, 2018 in Hillsboro, OR, USA at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. What grasshopper is this?
  6. CalvinFold

    ID me? Hillsboro, OR, USA

    This was taken on August 23, 2018 in Hillsboro, OR, USA at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. What moth/butterfly is this?
  7. CalvinFold

    Birds in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

    Just double-checking ones I think I know and getting info on ones I don't know. These were taken on August 23, 2018 in Hillsboro, OR, USA at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. Western Osprey Unsure, never been good at ID'ing nondescript little brown/grey birds. Great Egret Great Blue Heron
  8. CalvinFold

    Hillsboro, OR in late August

    We're going to be in the Hillsboro, OR area for a festival and will have one free day we'd like to spend in nature doing a gentle walk and bird photography. Looking for something with a density of animals (birds or mammals) without going forever between photography opportunities. For example...
  9. CalvinFold

    Squee! Falconry Experience

    Bless my partner, she found a special on Travelzoo to go do this: https://westcoast-falconry.com/falconry-experiences/triple-summer-experience/ We're scheduled for late September and I just can't wait! I've spent alot of time photographing White-Tailed Kites, can't get enough of the local...
  10. CalvinFold

    Small Birds (Hayward, CA, USA)

    One small wetland/shorebird and one tree/shurb bird I could use some help on. Taken at the Don Castro Regional Recreation Area (Hayward, CA, USA). THANKS!
  11. CalvinFold

    Validate California Rail IDs (Oakland, CA, USA)

    After having a short discussion with another birder at our local birding spot (Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline), it turns out there are three possible rails (Rallidae) that could be spotted there: Ridgway's Rail, Virginia Rail, and he mentioned one other I can't recall. So this calls...
  12. CalvinFold

    Marsh Birds

    Marsh Birds (Oakland, CA, USA) Been out of the photography for longer than I would have liked, could use some help and/or confirmation on these recent photos from Arrowhead Marsh (Oakland, CA, USA): Common Goldeneye (female) on the right but...not sure of the little fellow on the left...
  13. CalvinFold

    Leftovers: shorebirds and small birds (Oakland, CA, USA)

    The last random birds from my last trip. I appreciate your patience helping me out: Northern Mockingbird? Really no idea...the grey and yellow/tan coloring is not familiar. Mixed flock of Willets and Marbled Godwits? Anything else hiding in there?
  14. CalvinFold

    Small Birds (Oakland, CA, USA)

    You'd think by now I'd have figured out in my head how all these LBJs work (which I lump "little grey jobs" into this time of year), but...unfortunately not. I'll take a weak stab at it, but...a little help from the group? White-Crowned Sparrow? Also a white-crowned? Not sure...Song Sparrow...
  15. CalvinFold

    Duck duck...duck (Oakland, CA, USA)

    Looks like I may have had some new ones for my list on this outing; a little help confirming and naming? I know the front two are Northern Shovelers, but are the birds behind them American Avocets? Not sure what this bird is... The rust-headed fellow in the background had us excited, very...
  16. CalvinFold

    For the Gull fanatics (Carmel/Monterey, CA, USA)

    I know there are some folks here good with gulls, which in California can be a complicated thing (or so I've been told), so...a little help? If I had to guess, #1, #2, and #4 are the same species, at minimum? THANKS!
  17. CalvinFold

    Shorebirds (Carmel/Monterey, CA, USA)

    A little help, confirmation, correction as needed. THANKS in advance! Great Blue Heron No idea, this little beach comber is new to me.
  18. CalvinFold

    Ducks, Blackbirds, and Sparrow (Redding, CA, USA)

    Last ones! This was a great trip for bird photography. Well, I didn't always get the best photos, I did see alot of new species at minimum. Golden-Crowned Sparrow? Red-Winged Blackbird? I really don't know.
  19. CalvinFold

    Woodpeckers, Jays, Ducks, oh my! (Redding, CA, USA)

    Thanks for your patience on some more IDs, possibly some new birds for me. Acorn Woodpecker? California Scrub Jay? (formerly known as the Western Scrub Jay) Common Merganser, female?
  20. CalvinFold

    Little Birds + ??? (Redding, CA, USA)

    I admit I'm horrible at ID'ing the plethora of little birds we have. We were some 200 miles away from our usual spots, so don't want to take for granted what I "know" (and I use that term loosely where bird IDs are concerned!). If I had to guess, some sort of grebe but...I'm often quite wrong...