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  1. dogfish

    P900 or P950?

    Thinking of buying one of the above for birding. A used P900 would be the cheapest option, but would it be worth spending more on the P950? Thanks in advance, Sean
  2. dogfish

    Best base for The Algarve in spring

    Not visited before, suggestions welcome. Sean
  3. dogfish

    Celestrron NEXYZ users?

    Anyone have any experience of this relatively new adapter? For use with Moto G5S and Swarovski scopes. Thanks in advance Sean
  4. dogfish

    Zeiss Conquest HD 10x32: opinions

    Anyone have experience of using this bin? I'd be interested in how close their performance is to alpha models and how eye-friendly they are. Most reviews I've seen cover the 8x32s (I'm not interested in this format, have a couple already) Thanks in advance Sean
  5. dogfish

    Waders of Europe by Lars Gejl

    Has anyone bought or had a leaf through this title? I own lots of wader books so to interest me it would need to be very detailed on sub-specific ID etc. [URL="http://www.nhbs.com/title/214715/waders-of-europe?bkfno=235436&ca_id=1495&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3Y6Mg- Sean
  6. dogfish

    Swaro 1.7 extender in stock anywhere?

    Anyone know of any UK stockists who have it? I couldn't find any on a quick online search. Sean
  7. dogfish

    Adaptor for Ipod touch 5th gen

    Anyone know if there's an adaptor for this that works well? Phoneskope? For Swarovski ATX 95. Many thanks
  8. dogfish

    Menorca Sept 27 to Oct 11 2014

    Researching my first visit to this attractive and mostly unspoilt Balearic island was a challenge; not many birders choose Menorca over the more species-rich Mallorca, even in spring, and detailed information for autumn was scarce. This meant some of the birds I found came as a pleasant...
  9. dogfish

    Strange bird Ealing, London, UK

    This was seen by a non-birder said to know the local, common birds. On the grass outside Sainsbury's on two occasions last month, apparently. ''slightly larger than a sparrow hops on the ground is uniformly grey with a black head and white on its face grey back but with strongly defined...
  10. dogfish

    Menorca shearwater species

    Hello all, I'm off to Menorca for two weeks next week and wondered which shearwaters I'm likely to see. Cory's? Scopoli's? Yelkouan? Balearic? Any advice on good seawatching spots (or any other hot tips on Menorca birding) welcomed Many thanks Sean
  11. dogfish

    wagtail sp, SE England

    Is this just a (very worn) yellow wagtail or something more interesting? Sean
  12. dogfish

    Larva ID please

    can anyone put a name to this? Isles of Scilly, October 2013 Many thanks Sean
  13. dogfish

    Best compact camera that fits Swarovski DCA

    I'm after a compact camera for digiscoping with a thread that will fit the Swarovski DCA. Any recommendations? Sean
  14. dogfish

    Feather ID please, suburban UK

    I've been asked to ID this feather by a non-birder. I think I know what it is but would welcome opinions. Many thanks, Sean
  15. dogfish

    Kindle 3G: check birding websites in the field

    I'm getting one of these for Christmas (not primarily for birding, of course). But I wondered had anyone used the (free) 3G connection on this device to read birding websites, eg RBA, Birdguides. As I understand it the browser is rather basic but capable of handling websites that are mostly...
  16. dogfish

    Excellent service from Leica. No, really

    I know it's unfashionable to say so but I thought Leica did rather well when I sent my 8x42BRs back to have the focus smoothened. Picked up from my house by UPS on Aug 30th, back from Germany on Sept 10th. The estimate had been six weeks. They also replaced the body armour and gave them a...
  17. dogfish

    Camcorder recommendations

    Could anyone recommend a current model for videoscoping/normal use, fairly small and compact, maybe up to £500? I've looked through various threads here but as ever with photographic equipment, recommended models are soon replaced by newer versions that may not be so good. Many thanks, Sean
  18. dogfish

    Shoulder-bag recommendations?

    I'm after a small to medium-sized shoulder bag for birding, fairly slim, enough space for smallish flask/water bottle, food and other bits and pieces. One or two small zipped compartments would be good. Anyone got a good one? Any of the Crumpler series suitable? Thanks in advance, Sean
  19. dogfish

    Gull, England, last week

    Opinions on this one please. Thanks, Sean
  20. dogfish

    Gull, London, UK

    Grateful for opinions on this one please