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  1. nikovich

    Birding in Antibes ?

    Hi guys, I plan on visiting Antibes, and the nearby town of Biot in maybe May or June this year. Can anyone please tell me if there is a list of birds I might find there at that time of year? And are Dartford Warbler found here? Many thanks!
  2. nikovich

    Prairie Falcon? - Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hi guys. Got a glimpse of this handsome falcon from a long distance away this morning. Colours here look good for Prairie Falcon, just not seeing any diagnostic face markings, so need to be 100 %. Could be a juvenile , or a bird in moult..? Thanks for looking Nick
  3. nikovich

    Empid fun.... Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hi guys, just having returned from the Cypress Hills , in south western Saskatchewan, I was hoping to get a lifer , in a Dusky Flycatcher. Sibley's seem to indicate the bill is thinner, and the throat grayer than a Least Flycatcher and the tail appears somewhat longer. Well, BOTH of these...
  4. nikovich

    Chunky billed Sparrow, Ontario, Canada

    Hi guys. This Sparrow, looks for all the world like a weird moult, plumage variation on a White-throated Sparrow. At first glance though I thought I was looking at a Grasshopper Sparrow, but the plumage appears wrong for this species. Any takers? Cheers, N
  5. nikovich

    Dark-backed Gull in Saskatchewan - Gull experts help !

    Hi guys, this is proving to be a tough one. This huge dark-backed Gull was spotted by me yesterday evening, among some California and Herring Gulls. The general consensus at first was for a Great Back-blacked Gull, but now the opinion has shifted ( slightly ) to the even rarer ( for Saskatchewan...
  6. nikovich

    Juvenile Golden Eagle? - Sask, Canada

    Hi guys, this one has perplexed me a little. There are features here that say Golden Eagle here, the buffy area around the rump , the way it was flying etc. It doesn't help matters when it has a light head like a Bald Eagle though !.. Your ideas ?
  7. nikovich

    Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk?

    Taken yesterday in Saskatchewan. I initially thought it was a Rough-legged because of the over-all coloration. It wasn't until I was going through my photos that something didn't quite fit, and somebody alerted me to it aswell. Your thoughts...?
  8. nikovich

    1.4 extender on a 40D with 100-400?

    Hi guys, I know the topic of will it won't it autofocus has been done to death, but this mainly refers to the Kenko 1.4 DG . My question is, on a 40D with a 100-400 lens, does anyone have any info on whether the genuine Canon 1.4 extender works with well this combo ? Thanks for any enlightenment ;)
  9. nikovich

    Mystery Florida Passerine by the water...

    Hi guys, I'm sending this in for a friend of a friend. Taken in Florida. I don't know when the picture was taken, but this is an unfamiliar bird to me anyway. thanks for any help.
  10. nikovich

    Sigma 500mm lens compatability with 40D ?

    Hi guys, can someone please let me know if the old Sigma 170-500mm f5-6.3 APO works on a 40d . I can get hold of one fairly cheap , and think it would be ok on a tripod.. cheers Nick
  11. nikovich

    Fall plumage Plover, Sask, Canada

    Hi guys, took this guy this morning. 99% sure its an American Golden Plover , just have never seen one before this close, only in my guides, so would just need confirmation. The bill does appear finer than a Black-bellied, and the streaking along its belly seems more defined and goes all the way...
  12. nikovich

    Want to upgrade my 350D

    Hi guys, I think its about time I upgraded my trusty old Digital Rebel Xt. It has served me well and still works fine ( as I type this) but who doesn't want more megapixels and better focus ability, not to mention a bigger viewfinder? So, my budget is maybe not enough to quite stretch to a 40D...
  13. nikovich

    Warbler , Sask, Canada

    Hi guys, This one I initially labelled a fall Blackpoll Warbler because of the coloration, and streaking on the breast. I completely over-looked the fact it has no wing-bars , but it doesn't really look like an Orange-crowned as they have a lot more grey on the head. My only other idea is a non...
  14. nikovich

    Any Loon/Diver experts out there please?

    Hi guys. These God-awful photos were taken today on a bird count. The bird was a mere 50 ft away when canoeists spooked it, and it re-surfaced miles away, becoming a mere speck on my viewfinder. A Yellow-billed Loon was seen at this particular location last year, but Commons can also be found...
  15. nikovich

    Flycatcher, Saskatchewan

    Hi guys, I'm usually ok at Id-ing these guys now, but this one left me scratching my head. It was bigger than a Least Flycatcher with a larger ( more tufted) head with a long tail. My first thought was Western Wood Pewee , which does pass through here in the Fall... but the bill doesn't...
  16. nikovich

    What north American bird is making this sound?

    I recorded this warbler-type song this month in the Boreal forest at a Canadian lake I was staying at : the file is a tiny mp3 that can be streamed or downloaded from here : http://www.badongo.com/audio/10643685 thanks for any help ! Nick
  17. nikovich

    What Ball-head for my 100-400 please?

    Hi guys, I've decided that for some shots from within my hide, it is about time I started putting my tripod to use, so need advice on what ball head will go on my Manfrotto legs and that will support the weight of a 350D ,100-400 lens with a kenko 1.4 tc attached. My budget is only about 300...
  18. nikovich

    Sanderling? Sask, Canada

    Hi guys , Took this photo the other day at a local lake. It resembles an intermediate Sanderling, but also has the look of a breeding Semipalmated. Would my initial id be correct ? Cheers Nick
  19. nikovich

    Horned Lark..

    Hi guys n gals , I just wanted to post this Horned Lark photo here and try to find out what race or variant it is. It lacks the 'horns', is very pale and doesn't have the prominent dark breastband. Taken in Saskatchewan, Canada this morning. Thanks for any comments Nick
  20. nikovich

    What went wrong here ??

    Hi guys, saw this wonderful Porcupine yesterday, and thought I'd try to actually get some use of the built in flash on my rebel xt , with these disasterous results :-) This was all done on the fly, while the little critter was still sat there so I had to be real quick incase it charged me...