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  1. Peter Ericsson

    Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

    I am curious if anyone has experience with this mike as opposed to using Sennheizer ME66?
  2. Peter Ericsson

    At cross roads

    I have a 7DMarkii that is diagnosed with a faulty motherboard. The camera is well used and inspite of having serviced it at a cost of 500dollar US some time back it now needs a major overhaul to keep. I think this is not an option. It has served me well for 5 years now. I also have 100-400mm...
  3. Peter Ericsson

    XLR recorder

    Hi I have used Olympus LS12 with ME66 for some time now. The problem with the cable is very persistent. Much like regular earphones they break very easily. Is this a problem that would go away using a recorder with XLR ability? If so, what is a recommended device? I use my gear for birds...
  4. Peter Ericsson

    Tripod head and plate for my KOWA scope

    I have 3 tripods....all of them with that one screw to hold the scope in place. All of them come loose all the time when in the field. I have a KOWA TSN 883...... Besides drilling a hole in the foot of the scope and the plate is there another solution? This must be a common problem. Pete
  5. Peter Ericsson

    plug-in for 7D2

    Hi everyone, Finally got my 7D2. Now wondering if I need a RAW plug-in for my PS CS6 and where to find it? Peter
  6. Peter Ericsson

    DOF with 1.4 and 2.0

    Someone told me that the two above mentioned extenders give the same dof when used on a 600mm lens. Since one gives a focal length of 840 and the other 1200 shouldn't the dof be more shallow with the 2.0? (using the same aperture) Peter
  7. Peter Ericsson

    MM3 50mm

    I recently did two back to back tours to Sulawesi/Halmahera in Indonesia. This was my 1st time with this small scope and light weight tripod. To sum it up, I was more then pleased. Very easy to get the bird in view and focus, clear image, easy to carry around. Greatly suited for forest and...
  8. Peter Ericsson

    Sennheizer Me66/K6 recording weak on one channel

    I would greatly appreciate any advice. I recently got a Sennheiser Me66/K6 from someone this forum. The device look in good shape and has not been used much as I understand it. I use it with an Olympus LS12. The LS records equally on both channels but with the Me66 one channel records a lot...
  9. Peter Ericsson

    Refurbish or not?

    My Nikon 82 mm ED is no longer crisp. I wonder is it possible that the coating wears off or is it simply no longer up to standard? Next to my new Opticron MM3 50 it is like looking through a dim glass. Is it possible to refurbish a scope like this? Is the problem with the lens or the eyepiece...
  10. Peter Ericsson

    external mike or not?

    Today almost went to buy the Sennheiser Mke 600 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=sennheiser+mke+600&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ps Then it struck me that 'why am I really getting this"? My conclusion is that the mike should be able to pick up sounds that are further away better then my...
  11. Peter Ericsson

    Sennheiser MKE600

    I am seriously not good at knowing what my needs are. I still use the Olympus LS12 and now have decided to buy an external mike. I wrote to B&H for advice as to what a complete set would be with birds in mind. Here is their reply So, does anyone know anything about the MKE600? Can anyone...
  12. Peter Ericsson

    Canon 6D

    I have used the search tool for the above mentioned camera but the search engine doesn't find me anything. Are there any threads on this camera on the forum? I'd like to hear from users and their experience with it. Peter
  13. Peter Ericsson

    external mic

    Anyone can give me a suggestion of microphone to go with my Olympus LS-12? This one is available in Bangkok at 375US$ but I think it might be better suited for music? Sennheiser e-614 Peter
  14. Peter Ericsson

    Itunes and Ipod

    I have used Ipod 4 for a couple of years now. Very handy thing indeed. My main problem is that my many bird song files don't line up in alphabetic order. I have renamed all the files but the program still seem to read the 'old embedded' names. I have renamed then in Itunes but still when I...
  15. Peter Ericsson

    Hiss or no hiss?

    I have now learned how to get rid of the hiss on my bird recordings. I am not sure what is the common approach to this? Some folks seem to prefer the hiss and others leave it out.....any advice? I wish I could post the same recording with and without for you to listen to but I don't know where...
  16. Peter Ericsson

    Olympus Ls12 - advice needed

    I just got the Ls12. Can someone in a few simple steps tell me how to work it, please? I don't want to use external mike or even external speaker unless I have to. I want to record and play back immediately while in the field. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Peter
  17. Peter Ericsson

    touch up paint for L lenses

    Does anyone know if there is any touch up paint for scratches on the L series available any where?
  18. Peter Ericsson

    7D firmware

    I bought a 7D about 6 months back. Haven't updated any firmware. Do I update only the latest update or do I update all of them? Thank you for helping.. Peter
  19. Peter Ericsson

    Should I upgrade?

    I have now used the 350D and the 30D for a long long time. Both cameras are still functional and thus I haven't felt it justified to get anything newer. I use 400 F5.6 and am not planning to change. Will a 7D deliver better images? I know about the AF and surely that would be a blessing for...
  20. Peter Ericsson

    BIG question!

    For the last 2 months I kept my Nikon ED 82 in the trunk of my car. Big mistake! Yesterday when I pulled it out (I have been using it inbetween) the scope was in 2 pieces! Right next to the focus ring there are 3 internal screws that had given away due to the vibrations of the car ( I presume)...