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  1. comtoray

    Help please with the birds in the background

    Thank you there not very clear thank you...Ray
  2. comtoray

    Teal (male)

    Am i being over ambitious ive took this shot at approx 70yds with the Canon 1.4x Extender MkII on a cloudy day, is that too far for the 300 and converter thank you...Ray
  3. comtoray

    Logging out

    I hope this in the right place, but does anyone know why i cant log out of the forum thank you...Ray:t:
  4. comtoray

    Blooded Swan

    Are swans known to fight and draw blood this one looks the worst for wear
  5. comtoray

    North Yorkshire

    Im off on holiday in 3 weeks to North Yorks, while im up there i was wondering if there was a specific place to see Spotted flycatchers, or is it a pot luck thing, travelling around and distance isnt a problem thank you, ...Ray:t:
  6. comtoray

    2 For ID please

    These 2 are a first for me, the first one was taken at Meresands wood, the guy in the shop/office says it is a Reed Warbler any ideas or confirmation please, The second was taken at Brockholes, a person there thought it was a White Throat id be grateful for help please thank you...Ray
  7. comtoray

    Gull ID Please

    Can anyone please name these gulls for me, they was taken on Preston Marina on the 28/3/16 thank you
  8. comtoray

    Canon Zoombrowser/Imagebrowser help please

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, , I downloaded the Canon Zoombrowser/Imagebrowser from canon support, but it wont instal it is asking for the disc, which i havnt got, is there any way around this please thank you...Ray
  9. comtoray

    Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM

    Has anyone owned this lens, id like first hand opinions please thanks...Ray:t:
  10. comtoray

    Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus)

    Im told this is pretty rare in the north west of England, if im wrong please accept my apology:-C
  11. comtoray

    Canon 60D Videoing

    Has anyone took videos with the Canon 60D id like some advice before i buy thank you...Ray:t:
  12. comtoray

    Heron with his dinner

    Who would be a Roach:eat:
  13. comtoray

    What do i need please

    Ok im not sure how to explain this, but here goes i was walking round Leighton Moss i bumped into this guy, who had in his hand what looked like a mobile phone im not sure wether it was a phone or not (wish id asked him now) anyway he was playing bird sounds on it he had them all he just went to...
  14. comtoray

    Help with name please

    Can anyone please give me the name of this bird please id be most grateful thank you
  15. comtoray

    Waxwings in Lancashire

    Ah well no interest
  16. comtoray

    Bird's of Prey in Lanc's

    Is there a bird of prey sanctuary in Lancashire where you can take photo's of the bird's please thank you...Ray:t:
  17. comtoray

    Nest and egg ID please

    can anyone say what this bird is please
  18. comtoray


    I have spent 3 days now at Pennington Flash got a lot of photo's but not of the Brambling, can anyone point me in the right direction for these please in lancashire thank you ...Ray;)
  19. comtoray


    Does anyone know where i best likely to get a photo of a bullfinch i dont ever see any nowaday's:C
  20. comtoray


    My name is ray my hobby is photography (not to good) but i love taking bird's my favourite haunt is Brock Bottom's its so peaceful down there...Ray|=)|