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    Entry level video camera for nature filming

    I've bought two 4K Panasonic camcorders in the last few months, and I'm sure they belong in the "entry level". I started with the HC-VX980 which claims a 25X "i zoom", and a 20x optical zoom. It doesn't have an eye level viewfinder, and as my older camcorders have this, I quickly realised...
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    Some birding sites around Milton Keynes

    Update - Campbell Park Pond I saw & videoed my very first male mandarin duck there, last weekend. Returned two days later with long birding lens, and the car-park was totally full. (I think I saw a reference at Great Linford Lakes that one had been seen there - perhaps the same one.)...
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    Used Canon EF 300mm f4 L IS USM Lens

    Hi, you could save cash if you bought the non-IS version of the 300 F/4 L. I have one and it's sharp. OK perhaps you would miss the IS, but today's bodies normally offer higher ISOs than I've used in the past.
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    Hello, parabolic dish question

    Hi pliny45, It's some time since I did any sound recording in the field, but I used a Sony PCM-D50 with a microphone mounted at the focus of an aluminium dish approx 30cm diameter (made from parabolic infra-red heater). I'd expect a "roll-up" dish to have poorer low frequency performance, but...
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    Buying Canon spare parts

    Hi Victor, I had my copy of the lens you've listed repaired by H Lehmann of Stoke on Trent. Link below. https://www.hlehmann.co.uk/ I'd recommend that you email them with your request. Good luck.
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    Moving on from Zoom H1

    As well as raising and reducing audio levels in general, Audacity is very good at removing audio of a particular pattern, if you "teach it" what that pattern is. I'm totally self-taught and have only used a small fraction of its capabilities, but I'm impressed.
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    Moving on from Zoom H1

    I bought a Sony PCM D50 and used it with good results. I found the noise floor to be low, but as it's now discontinued, that may be quite difficult for you to check. It does have the pre-record feature which I used all the time, both for recording recitals and wild-life. (To my surprise, the...
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    New Parabolic Microphone

    Very many years ago when Maplin had one of their sales, I bought a parabolic infra-red heater with the idea of using it as a microphone reflector. After a little modification, it worked well - whilst my interest lasted!
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    Hr80 Ga Ed

    Enjoy your purchase - I've had mine for a few years, and I like what I see, particularly in the more challenging conditions.
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    Help please

    Beware of having a filter on your lens. I set up a camcorder on a tripod and a short distance from a bird-feeder outside a hide, from where I watched the action. Many of the birds would approach the feeder, and fly away just before landing. I guessed that they were catching their reflections...
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    You've forgotten Japanese pride...
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    Opticron HR GA 80 v Swaro AT HD 80

    Hi Richard, I bought my copy, "used, mint" from LCE Fareham, in 2013, and I've been impressed with the quality. BUT, I've been suffering from cataracts for some time and thus haven't been able to appreciated the finer points. I've now had both eyes done, and the sight through my right eye is...
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    EOS-R first impressions for bird photos

    Thank you for your impressions. It will be interesting to read more critiques as further samples get into the hands of users. I know that my ageing Eos 1D MkIV can catch up with birds flying randomly away from a perch, so I'll stick with it for the time being.
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    Autofocus fail for distant subjects. 7D2+5D3

    Interesting - I had the same problem two weeks ago whilst using my 1D Mk III on Tour of Britain cycle riders. I was in AIServo mode, close to their tracks, and most of my shots were fine, but once or twice, the camera refused to shoot, despite my holding my finger down. OK, I guess it stopped...
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    Autofocus fail for distant subjects. 7D2+5D3

    I'm based in the UK, and I expect conditions here are very different to Thailand - which I assume is where you're having trouble. Gear wise, I have the lenses you list, and a 7D2. I mainly use the EF 500 F/4L on my 7D2, but it also works well on my 1D IV. I assume that you're using AIServo...
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    Canon 70d lcd problem

    Have you tried a full reset? - take main battery out, and backup battery (if fitted) out as well. Whatever, good luck.
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    500mm f4 L USM mk1

    It's worth mentioning that Canon's 10 year limit (to which I think the OP is referring) can apply not only to the lens as a whole, but also to the internals of lenses which have seen updates earlier in their life - e.g. aperture or lens motor changes. (Happened to a friend of mine with, I...
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    500mm f4 L USM mk1

    I ran into this problem with my even earlier EF 300 F/2.8L USM. It was fine optically when I bought it in a "well used" condition, but I soon ruined the motor by trundling it - in its original Canon padded case - over the boardwalk at an RSPB reserve. After being seriously messed about by a...
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    Low cost gimbal head (ebay) LF623

    Well, time has flown by, yet more funerals and it's now May 2018 and the script below this window is telling me that this is an old thread, so I've ticked the button. I've now mounted my 1D IV and an EF 300 F/2.8L IS on the gimbal. When balanced, I found that I could raise the lens axis up to...
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    The tricky job of searching for tripods

    I'm largely satisfied with my tripods now, but some years ago I was in "search mode", and soon spotted that many tripods didn't survive being "demo'd" at an exhibition or in a camera shop. I wasn't checking out Gitzo price tripods but more at the Manfrotto end of the spectrum. I frequently...