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  1. nikovich

    Birding in Antibes ?

    Thanks Richard!
  2. Bohemian Waxwings

    Bohemian Waxwings

    Taken in Banff, Alberta last winter.
  3. nikovich

    Birding in Antibes ?

    Hi guys, I plan on visiting Antibes, and the nearby town of Biot in maybe May or June this year. Can anyone please tell me if there is a list of birds I might find there at that time of year? And are Dartford Warbler found here? Many thanks!
  4. Boreal Owl

    Boreal Owl

    Boreal Owl, roosting in a white spruce during the day.
  5. Snow Bunting

    Snow Bunting

    Snow Bunting on snow bank
  6. Merlin


    Male Merlin in flight
  7. Boreal Owl (Tengmalm's Owl) Chicks

    Boreal Owl (Tengmalm's Owl) Chicks

    Here are three owlets, from last Spring. They were all hatched from the same nesting box, near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in Canada.
  8. nikovich

    Saskatchewan Birds?

    Hi to both of you. I'm in Saskatoon. You might want to take a look at my website and blog ? If any of you are around we could hook up and do some birding. Lots of Christmas Bird Counts coming up too. Nick http://www.saskbirder.com/
  9. American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch

    Taken yesterday among a field full of wildflowers.
  10. nikovich

    Comment by 'nikovich' in media 'Great Horned Owl'

    Thanks guys ! Yes it was blowing snow that day. Brrrr
  11. Merry Christmas Birdforum

    Merry Christmas Birdforum

    White-winged Crossbill http://www.pbase.com/nicksaunders
  12. nikovich

    Comment by 'nikovich' in media 'Hermit Thrush'

    Lovely perch and complimentary BG Mark. I would remove the blue from the flash on its eye, but that's just a personal preference. :-)
  13. Great Horned Owl

    Great Horned Owl

    Taken yesterday on a cold winters day here in Canada. http://www.pbase.com/nicksaunders
  14. Brown Creeper ( American Tree Creeper )

    Brown Creeper ( American Tree Creeper )

    These are tough to get a clear shot of . They don't sit still !
  15. nikovich

    Prairie Falcon? - Saskatchewan, Canada

    Yep, the lack of the moustache really was the clincher here. Cheers guys !
  16. nikovich

    Prairie Falcon? - Saskatchewan, Canada

    Thanks Turtle, it didn't look too much like a Merlin when it flew off, but I'm happy to go with that if others agree.
  17. nikovich

    Prairie Falcon? - Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hi guys. Got a glimpse of this handsome falcon from a long distance away this morning. Colours here look good for Prairie Falcon, just not seeing any diagnostic face markings, so need to be 100 %. Could be a juvenile , or a bird in moult..? Thanks for looking Nick
  18. nikovich

    Vireo - So. California

    The Bill is too long for a Philadelphia Vireo, my vote is also for fall plumage ( they show more yellow this season ) Warbling Vireo.
  19. MacGillivray's Warbler

    MacGillivray's Warbler

    I found this Warbler back in August, in the only place in Saskatchewan where they occur, in the Cypress hills Interprovincial Park.
  20. Cedar Waxwing

    Cedar Waxwing

    I captured this shot early in the week of this juvenile Cedar Waxwing. Within seconds, the berry ( a chokecherry ) was down the hatch in one big gulp !