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  1. kb57

    Going to Silloth fingers crossed

    'Going to Silloth fingers crossed' has got to win the prize for the best thread title summing up the state of our lives a year into Covid lockdowns! Seriously though...Solway Firth is indeed a great area to visit, but for bird photography autumn and winter are key seasons, when the geese...
  2. kb57

    Budget Cruise to the Antarctic

    @jensole1010 you might want to edit your email out of your post while you still can, as it's visible to all at the moment, not just Andy! I was just reading an account recently on Cloudbirders of the Ocean Wide Expeditions - see download - and ideally you'd want to travel there on a small ship...
  3. kb57

    Bird Families List - Clements v2019 vs. IOC 11.1

    This isn't making me feel any better Andy...I've done the Annapurna circuit and Langtang valley and failed to see a single wallcreeper!
  4. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 6/31 - NW Durham Shorter walk today as I need to find time to call into work, but hoping my partner is OK to join me on another walk later. Logged at 6.21km and my step count pushing 8000. Started off at 07:30 on a beautiful morning, -2C with a ground frost, taking a steep walk out of the...
  5. kb57

    Bird Families List - Clements v2019 vs. IOC 11.1

    I'm based in UK, but despite a few attempts in Switzerland, have yet to see a wallcreeper...I guess this should be high on my list to put right once we are free to travel again!
  6. kb57

    Bird Families List - Clements v2019 vs. IOC 11.1

    That's very helpful thanks! I'd have thought being Israel based you'd have gone for IOC in order to add Streaked Scrub Warbler :)...one of only four monospecific families I have in my families list and dating from a trip to Israel back in 1978 (the others are bearded reedling, ibisbill and...
  7. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 5/31 (2) NW Durham Happy my partner was OK and with her daughter coming to check up on her this afternoon, I returned home to do some work, leaving at 17:00 for an evening circuit of 4.73km, a combination of public footpaths I've never done before, and involving a very little used route...
  8. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 5/31 (1) - Big Waters My partner's adverse reaction to AstraZeneca meant I took another day off work and stayed over to make sure she was OK. Temperature back to normal, she just wanted to sleep for a while, so I decided to walk to Big Waters, with a quick 'march' there and back logging...
  9. kb57

    Favourite Book About Birds/Birding?

    Some of these have been mentioned upthread; I'd class them all as being in the 'twitching autobiography' category; although they are very different in terms of literary style, I have to say all were enjoyable reads, I most recently devoured 'Birding on Borrowed Time': Neil Hayward: Lost Among...
  10. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 4/31: March 04 - River Wear - upstream of Durham City Had to take my partner for her Covid jab to a vaccination site just north of Durham, so we'd planned to reach today's target together with a walk from Durham City. Weather was wet in the morning, but brightened up a little by the time...
  11. kb57

    KB57s 2021 list

    Mar 04: North Newcastle on Tyne Another one for the mammal list, partner not wild about having a mouse under her fat ball feeder. 7. Wood mouse Mar 05: Big Waters, Newcastle Brisk walk from my partner's place, who wasn't feeling too great today after her AstraZeneca vaccination. Didn't stop...
  12. kb57

    5 km challenge - foot slogging birding from home at a time of Covid

    I spent most of lockdown working from home and barely got out for a brief walk, so my bird list wasn't too impressive. This month workload is a bit lighter, and I signed up to the Prostate Cancer UK 'March for March' 11000 step challenge. I've just started a new thread in 'Your Birding Day'...
  13. kb57

    Scope histories

    My first telescope was a Broadhurst & Clarkson draw 'scope - used to balance it on fences / lying down on a clifftop on my knee / on people's shoulders. I guess my hand was steadier and my eye sharper in those days...
  14. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 3/31: March 03 More or less repeated yesterdays route, with a slight variation to take me to 8.55km, and 10397 steps, therefore easy to make up to 11k over the course of the day. Another foggy day, -1C when I set off at 07:45. As expected, a similar set of birds, with a total of 24 species...
  15. kb57

    Advice on nestbox spacing

    You may be right to be concerned... I don't know about the ecological needs of the species you have in California, but over here there has been quite a lot of research on two other members of the chickadee family, blue and great tits, which are territorial when nesting. I recall reading one...
  16. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Thanks for the tip, but I'm just using my iPhone so that might not work! Explains why my partner's fitness watch always registers more steps though, she tells me it's because she takes smaller steps, but now I know...
  17. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 2/31: March 02 Modified my circuit with a 2km extension on paths I shamefully have never walked in the 21.5 years I've lived here, taking in some patchy heather and rushes at around 275m elevation. To be fair, hardly anyone had walked on one section. In 8km /2h I saw 25 species, started...
  18. kb57

    Global birding in a nutshell (or is it in an eggshell?) - Bird Families of the World!

    Ah, I should've looked more carefully at Scythebill! Thanks for the link, I'll have to add my families list.
  19. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Finished day 1 with a dusk circuit of my local woods, ending up with 11,715 steps, so met my target. Only added song thrush to my day list with a couple of birds holding territory, and watched jackdaws flying into a large corvid roost in another nearby woodland further down the valley. Lots of...
  20. kb57

    Global birding in a nutshell (or is it in an eggshell?) - Bird Families of the World!

    I'm at a modest 48% going on IOC taxonomy, with 122 / 252 (IOC 11.1). I totally understand the 'collecting families' thing, if you are not in a position through age or income (or both in my case) to go for 8000+ species, collecting families means maximising the diversity of birds you've seen...