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    Is this a Black Wave please?

    Sitting hidden behind the barbecue today (22-09-2017) UK, Lancashire, September A, whoops sorry.
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    UK. Chat of some kind?

    Anybody help with an ID for the following please? I was confident it was a Stone Chat, but images I am looking at dont show any red feathering on the rump area. Any help appreciated! Site in Lancashire, wet meadowland, 01-01-2017 Ken
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    CONFUSED! Teals

    Can somebody put me on the right track please. While out yesterday graffing at Leighton Moss somebody pointed out that the bird I was taking the picture of was not a Teal, but a Green-winged Teal. The subject certainly did have green wing flashes, but, is it genuine (Green-winged Teal) and is it...
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    Is this a Sedge Warbler please?

    2 shots of the only angles it would present before dropping into the reedbed! Possibly a juvenile? MTIA Ken
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    UK.Raptor. ID help!

    Is this a Goshawk? Photo is full size as taken, it was a long way off! MTIA Ken
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    Help Appreciated 2 waders, UK, Dee estuary

    Can anybody confirm that the first image is a Greenshank please, not good pix, and sun smack on top of the subject. Upturn on bill made me go for this ID. Image 2 I have no idea on at all, within a hundred yards of the first image but not appearing to be part of the same flock. As always, help...
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    Help with ID please. UK

    Can anybody help with this bird please? Not the best image, a quick shot and it was gone. Location UK. Brockholmes Reserve, Lancs. Rough scrub and untended hedgerow. Shot 06-08-2016. Suspect young tit family? MTIA Ken
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    Is this a Wheatear please?

    Netherlands. 09-10-2014 Hook of Holland A quick glimpse before it flew off. I thought a wader at first but now favour a Wheatear. Any help appreciated. Ken
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    Any ID on this please

    Not a good image as the light was flat and all 12 shots were with the bird breast on. I was hoping the cheeks would be the pointer to its ID but can find nothing. Thanks for any help Ken
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    Possibly wrong forum, but here goes! Cuckoo at Lostock Hall

    A Cuckoo appears to have made its home in Lostock Hall, heard yesterday and again today with a sighting, in the wooded area by the roundabout at the end of the motorway outlets. The area is open to walk through by parking in the park carpark and then crossing Todd Lane South, the local road, and...
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    Sorry to be a pain:- Am I a Wood Warbler?

    My novice standing is really starting to show through now, in advance, I offer both an apology for taking up bandwith and a heartfelt thanks for any suggestions proffered. Ken. Is it a Wood Warbler?
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    ID help UK please!

    Attached photo was all I could get of the subject. From what I take to be at least 5 positive ident marks the bird is not supposed to be in the UK in May. I think its a Water Pipit but being a newbi to this I could be way off the target. The bird was sitting in a tree above reedbeds. MTIA Ken
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    Male Mallard? UK, Lancashire, Feb2016

    First post, new birder!! Am I correct in thinking this is a mixed-marriage Mallard (male), seen 17-02-2016 in Lancashire. Sorry not the best quality pix, mirror lens on test outing! Ken
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    Hello from Preston, UK

    Just like to say "Hi" to you all, I have just joined the group after looking on line for a bird related photography group, and yours stood out. Been a heavy metal photographer for too many years, rail, ship and aircraft but decided to move over to the feathered flyers now, too old to go chasing...