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    Nikon eii 8x30 internal design/dimensions?

    Hi all, I'm currently doing a school project where I need to accurately model an object using a CAD program. I decided to model my eii binoculars, as their design interests me. The challenge is that I do not want to open up my bins just to get the internal dimensions and layout for this one...
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    Black-headed Gull NY

    Seen at Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island today. There was both a Little Gull and a Black-headed Gull seen at this location, along with many Bonaparte's Gulls.
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    Finch Staten Island, NY

    Found this finch at great kills park this morning. Can't seem to put a name to it. No markings whatsoever confuse me.
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    Accipiter New Jersey

    I found these two accipiters this morning perched in a tree. Both seemed to be the same size. My first impression was Sharpie, but now they look more like Coops. Thoughts appreciated, I always have trouble with these!
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    Ducks preventing ice from forming on lake

    I heard from some relatives in Hungary that on the news there was a story of ducks on Lake Balaton creating a "swimming hole" of sorts in the ice. The ducks would continuously flap their wigs to prevent ice from forming so they could continue feeding and when a group got tired, they would switch...
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    Flycatcher, Staten Island NY

    I'm debating between olive sided and the more likely eastern wood pewee. Seen today at Great Kills Park. Looked too big for Pewee to me. Any help is appreciated.
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    Lincoln's Sparrow? Staten Island, NY

    I know this is a terrible photo, but maybe someone can make the blur into a Lincoln's? I got breif views at a time and the bird had bright orange legs, fine streaks on it's breast (did not extend to belly) with a feint spot in the center. The wings had no detail that I can remember. There was...
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    Tel Aviv, Israel

    A friend of mine saw this bird on vacation in Tel Aviv last week. I'm not familiar with this species, can anyone help? Thanks much.
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    Song, Hungary

    On the xeno-canto website under Eurasian Blackcap, the fifth entry down in the background there is a bird singing a song with two pitches, up and down (like a squeaky wheelbarrow). I heard this bird today and have no idea what it is. The recordist is Sonnenburg and it was recorded in Germany...
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    Bird Song, Hungary

    I had no way to record it, so I will describe it to the best of my ability. The song was a series of high pitched staccato notes in succession (not jumbled), about 5-10 at a time of varying pitch (chip chip chip chip...). I heard two of these on my walk through the the Buda hills. Any thoughts?
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    Another terrible photo from Hungary

    I digscoped what I believe to be a pair of Greenfinches. Again, sorry for the terrible photo.
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    Budapest, Hungary

    This bird was singing a very jumbled song. I heard a few of these on my walk. Sorry for the terrible photo. Any help is appreciated.
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    Moth ID New Jersey

    Found this guy on my fence in New Jersey. Probably common, but I have yet to buy a field guide.
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    Canada goose hybrid NJ

    I found this goose at Etra Lake today, searching for a Greated White Fronted Goose seen the previous days. I'm thinking Greylag x Canada? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Merlin? NJ

    I'd like to confirm that this is a Merlin.
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    Buteo sp. NJ

    Seen briefly flying over a lake and then perching on this tree in Ocean County today.
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    Velbon Sherpa QR plate

    I have a Velbon Sherpa 200r tripod. The quick release plate keeps loosening with normal use and I'm afraid my scope will fall right off. A plate with the additional button (not sure what its called) would be useful, but I'm not sure which ones would fit on the head. Any recommendations are...
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    Northern Red Bishop

    Are there any established populations of this bird in Staten Island, NY? Thanks, Dan
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    Bins for Grandfather

    Im looking to buy a pair of bins for my grandfather for the holidays. He likes to tag along with me sometimes when I bird, and I think he would enjoy an upgrade from his 25 year old bushnells. Here are some needs: 1. Good eye relief (he wears glasses) 2. 8X mag 3. Overall good optics 4. Around...
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    Tree Swallows

    On multiple occasions I have witnessed hundreds of tree swallows flying around in a group above me. What is the cause for this behavior? -Dan