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    Big Iceland or little Glaucous - North Sea

    My vote is for Glaucous too. Bigger than Herring, isolated pale tip to bill, typical of 1st wint plumage Glaucous and robust head shape
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    Norfolk birding

    Thanks Paul Hopefully fog will not be too bad to see anything anyway. Regards Dave
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    Norfolk birding

    Hi Off to Norfolk 29th Dec. Can anyone give me a grid reference or site details for the Red breasted goose at Docking. Thanks Dave
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    Big Falcon ID

    And long tailed for peregrine . Saker
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    7Dmk1 plus canon 100-400 focus issue?

    Hi Have had this combo for a while now but recently noticed the lens will not focus when at maximum focal length 400. I have to reduce to approx 300 then the lens will focus quickly then when moving back to 400 it will focus. I did get a message a couple of weeks back saying camera and lens not...
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    Two gulls and a wader - Llobregat Delta, 19 Apr 2016

    Ha silly me, thought your pics were taken in Norway. Audouins much commoner now than a few years ago. Must be reasonably regular around Barcelona. Audouins med and greenshank. Dave
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    Two gulls and a wader - Llobregat Delta, 19 Apr 2016

    I do have to say the bill looks good for audouins as well, any shots of the bird side on? Med and greenshank for the others. Dave
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    Louisiana Waterthrush? Yucatan Mexico Dec 2015

    I've only seen a couple of both species but to me the waterthrush looks more like Northern. Dark legs, dirty eyestripe. I am prepared to be shot down here ! But just does not look crisp and clean like Louisiana Dave
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    A distant Accip?....South Essex

    Immediate stocky appearance suggests Gos, hooded effect to head backs this up. Looks to me like a sure adult Goshawk Dave
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    Western isles

    Oh sorry just read that you did notice the poms. Great stuff, just had a week there myself magic place. Dave
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    Western isles

    Couple of Pomarine skuas amongst your last few pics as well. Not mentioned in your text. Some great shots there. Dave
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    Buzzard in the Highlands

    Hi timsg80 Looks very similar to the common buzzard I saw on 11/4/15 at Lochindorb. Similarly I was looking for Rough leg and in the distance this did seem like RLB but closer and from above it was clear it was a common buzzard (all dark uppertail the most noticeable difference). Rough leg still...
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    Buzzard Lochindorb

    OK thanks for that. Can't see the pictures as I'm not on F book. Just asking the question as many have been mistaken in the past. Obviously not there when I was there yesterday then :( Cheers Dave
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    Buzzard Lochindorb

    Agreed, what I'm saying is there a real RLB at Lochindorb?
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    Buzzard Lochindorb

    Not saying this is the same bird as reported Rough leg at Lochindorb but this was giving a pretty good impersonation of Rough leg until it revealed an all dark uppertail. From a distance this bird shows a very good resemblance to Rough leg but closer reveals its true identity. Common Buzzard...
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    Canon 7D Mk II is announced and available for pre-order

    Can't quiet go for full upgrade at moment. I have 7dmk1 and 100-400 mk1. Which way round would you recommend for best performance improvement. Camera or lens first? Which way round would you guys who have the combo do it. Cheers Dave
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    Can't Remember Goa.

    Looks more like Booted to me. Quiet contrasty in the wing and although difficult angle the bill looks too short for Sykes IMO
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    Emberiza (Spain)

    Have you ruled out Pine bunting? That was my first impression before over corrected shot in second post.
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    Speaker recommendation

    Hi all Just bought one of these. Am I doing something wrong. The phone speaker is actually louder than the capsule so I actually get a volume reduction with speaker plugged in ? Anyone using this speaker attached to a phone successfully? Thanks Dave
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    Falsterbo, best winds?

    Hi Looks like I will be heading for Falsterbo and perhaps Oland for a week 2nd Oct. Forecast seems to show light south east winds off a high pressure system for a few days. Does anyone know if these conditions would be favorable for raptor movements? I understand south west is best? Cheers Dave