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    Life lists:

    Thankfully, not everyone is a twitcher and therefore not desperate for a 'tick'. I guess we all do follow our own rules and that is what makes 'listing' and 'league tables' such a ridiculous pastime. Each to his own I say.
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    Life lists:

    Is there any difference between birds in the hand or just released and strand line corpses, shot birds or road casualties. In fact, take it to the next level and we can all visit the local museum and tick off 'collected' specimens from earlier centuries. I personally believe you have to be...
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    Life lists:

    Reduced into possession?
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    Life lists:

    Does anyone count birds extracted from mist nets or other traps?
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    Results from colour-ring reading

    Thanks for that Steve. Will try Jenny (in a manner of speaking of course) later.
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    Results from colour-ring reading

    We encounter dreadful problems with eliciting information on colour-ringed waders, especially Black-tailed Godwits. You obviously have better contacts!
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    Seabirds and cetaceans from boat SW england

    AK Wildlife cruises out of Falmouth have an excellent track record of finding cetaceans, shearwaters, storm-petrels etc. Well worth a look.
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    Scotland, estuary, wading bird.

    Common Redshanks. The orange (red) legs are a giveaway.
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    Youtube video on Zeiss Quality.

    I wouldn't swap my Zeiss SF 10x42 for any of the Swarovski range. Neither would I swap my Swarovski 95mm 'scope for any other 'scope!
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    Black headed or Mediterranean gull ?

    To add to the confusion , the scientific name for Mediterranean Gull is 'Larus melanocephalus' or 'Ichthyaetus melanocephalus' which means 'Black-headed Gull' !
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    Slender-billed Gull? / SW Spain

    Yes, adult Slender-billed Gull on right with Black-headed Gulls.
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    joined the Audobon club at last

    I had not looked through a pair of these since the mid 70's when a good friend owned them. I remembered them being on the heavy side but with their huge eyepieces I recalled that the image was incredibly bright. This week a young woman joined our local birding group and produced a pair which...
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    Gulls / SW Spain

    I don't see any Mediterranean or Slender-billed Gulls here. All the small gulls appear to be Black-headed and the large gulls are Lesser Black-backed. Grey-headed Gull does not occur in this part of the world.
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    Zeiss at Birdfair 2019

    I had the new eyepieces fitted at Birdfair. They are superb and the equal of eyepieces on any other top of range binocular. :t:
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    [Sweden] Redstart?

    Spotted Flycatcher
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    Shearwaters/Petrel, UK

    Yes, all appear to be Balearic and illustrate the extreme variability in underpart colouration. Also looks good for Leach's despite the grainy pics.
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    Tavira, Algarve, Sept 2018

    In addition, if you want Stone-curlew take the road from the hotel towards town and after the last salt pan on the right there is a lane to the right which goes past poly-tunnels on the left. Walk 200 yards into this lane and on your right is a field with fig trees. Up to 25 Stone-curlews were...
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    Tavira, Algarve, Sept 2018

    I have just returned from Vila Gale Albacora. Brilliant area - look out for hybrid Western Reef x Little Egret in the creek behind Forte de Rato. I have seen it there in four of the last six years. St Luzia salt pans were brilliant with the usual compliment of up to 400 Audouin's and 20...
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    Cornwall Pelagic

    I am only guessing but I suspect your 'expert' on board was Martin Elliott. He is certainly one of the top seabird men in West Cornwall.
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    Handbook of Western Palearctic birds

    Too many clever clogs playing God with systematics. Just stick with the tried and tested Voous order I say.