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    Swaro UTA work with NL Pure?

    Has anyone checked to see if the Swarovski UTA (universal tripod adapter) will work with the new NL Pure? It seems that the narrow waist of the Pure might be too ‘loose’ with the band that secures the bino. Considering that the UTA was built for the SLC and ELs, curious to know if it will work...
  2. K

    very early kowa ts-1 spotting scope?

    I recently found a kowa ts-1 spotting scope with the included small tripod mount at a thrift store for a great price. Scope cleaned up well, no scratches on the glass, focus works well, no dings on the body, came with a 25x eyepiece and metal eyepiece and objective covers. I did a little...
  3. K

    My quest for the 8x56 SLC-HD

    After reading an older Bird Forum review from Henry Link on the Zeiss 8x56 Victory FL, I have wanted to purchase an 8x56. The big Zeiss proved too large for me to comfortably handle, but the new Swarovski 8x56 SLC-HD looked very promising. However, Swarovski would not import the 8x56 nor the...
  4. K

    Why no 8x56 or 10x56 SLC HDs in U.S.?

    I can't seem to get a reason from Swarovski on why they refuse to import the new 8x56 & 10x56 SLC HDs into the U.S. They seem to be available only in Europe. Called Swarovski customer service--no reason given except that they are not big sellers. Tried to order one from proudpapa 65 at one...
  5. K

    Alternatives to SLC Tripod Adapter?

    Picked up a new Swaro 15x56 SLC HD--beautifully balanced & steady in the hands. However, there will be the occasional time when I would like to securely mount it to a tripod for viewing, and I can't justify paying out $150 for the SLC tripod adapter if it would be for such an infrequent use...
  6. K

    New prices on Swarovision ELs

    FYI--Cabelas couldn't wait to show the new price increases on Swarovision ELs: 8x32 +$40, 10x32 +$60, 8.5x42 +$70, 10x42 +$80, 10x50 +$70, 12x50 +$70.
  7. K

    Armoured Swaro porro pricing!

    Interested in a Swarovski armoured porro binocular and checked prices over at proudpapa's site because he is probably the only U.S. dealer that stocks them. Curious to see the difference in pricing between the 7x42 porros ($929 leather, $1,159 armoured) and the 10x40 porros ($1,159 leather...
  8. K

    Tripod/Head Recommendations for ATX 95

    Am considering the ATX 95, but have not had the pleasure of looking through one yet. Due to its length & weight, I'm wondering how its 'balance' is when set on a tripod? Is a head that accepts a Swaro balance rail or a 701 HDV head mandatory for such a beast? Would Manfrotto 190XB legs support...
  9. K

    Any Blackouts on ATX/STX Modulars?

    When the Swaro 25-50x wide zoom became available for the Swaro ATS series a few years back, I eagerly bought one, only to find that I could never get the full FOV without kidney-beaning or blackouts occuring. Returned it, & got the 20-60x (no problems). Interested to know if the new modular...
  10. K

    Swaro bumps up prices in US

    Eagle Optics shows price increases of between $30-$80 on its EL Swarovisions, SLC-HDs & Companion Lines, except the 10x42 EL stays the same as before at $2499. Swaro spotting scopes & eyepieces do not show price increases.
  11. K

    Focus wheel placement on Zeiss HT

    The soon to be released Zeiss HT looks quite impressive, but its focus wheel placement is so far forward than it was in the FLs, or most other binoculars. I understand that it was probably necessary in order to give the double-hinge support for the long tubes. I have not had the...
  12. K

    Alternative Fixed/Zoom Eyepieces for ED 50?

    In the U.S. it is just about impossible to get any of the fixed eyepieces or even the zoom for the Fieldscopes, other than what they came with. Are there any fixed/zoom eyepieces from other manufacturers than would fit & work with the Fieldscope? Or an adapter that would fit between an...
  13. K

    Kowa TD-1, any comments?

    Noticed on Ebay a digital camera/spotting scope combo called the Kowa TD-1, apparently a precursor to the uber-expensive Zeiss Photoscope. I know that the TD-1 when introduced in 2005 ran $1900 retail, but apparently was discontinued. No takers on Ebay at $500--anyone ever used one that could...
  14. K

    Canon S95 or Canon SD 4000 IS?

    Have narrowed the field to either a Canon S95 or SD 4000 IS as my digiscoping camera. I use a Swaro STS 80 HD scope with a 20-60x zoom and have both the UCA & the DCA adapters, the DCA with the Vortex PS-100 plate attached. Looking for opinions & views from those who currently use that Swaro...
  15. K

    FYI--Swarovisions & CLs 10% off at LLBean

    Got an email from LL Bean today showing 10% off storewide to email subscribers through next Tuesday, July 26. This includes their Swarovski binoculars line--8.5 & 10x42 AND the 10x50 Swarovisions, 8 & 10x42 SLC HDs, plus the newly released 8 & 10x30 CLs. They will ship them for free plus throw...
  16. K

    Will Zen-Ray 30x work on Swaro ATS/STS?

    I read Henry Link's review of the Zen-Ray ED2 scope & eyepieces, and got to thinking about his comments regarding the Zen-Ray eyepieces being possibly interchangable with the Swaro eyepieces. Has anyone tried a Zen-Ray 30x or 20-60x zoom eyepiece on a Swaro ATS/STS scope body for fit? I know...
  17. K

    Digiscoping Newbie in search of a camera!

    I recently picked up a used Swaro DCA Zoom Adapter & sizing rings at an incredibly low price to use with my Swaro STS 80 HD scope with a 20-60 zoom (also have a Swaro 30x eyepiece). Never considered digiscoping before, but I also figure that I don't have much $$$ into it, so why not? I...
  18. K

    Any info on Swarovision EL 50?

    Received my new issue of Feb. 2011 Birder's World & the ad on the back cover showed a new Swarovision EL 50--doesn't say if 7x,8x, or 10x. No specs given. Anyone out there with info & pricing?
  19. K

    30x eyepiece for Fujinon Super 80 ED?

    I have a Fujinon Super 80 ED that came with the 20-60x zoom, but have been unsuccessful in finding a Fujinon 30x W eyepiece for the scope. Scope & eyepieces were discontinued back in 2007-2008. Any leads from anyone regarding picking up a 30x, or if anyone knows of a compatible eyepiece from...
  20. K

    FYI--Swaro EL 32s on sale at LL Bean

    Noticed that LL Bean is listing the 8x32 ELs for $1450 & the 10x32 ELs for $1500--don't know if they have 'jumped the gun' on holiday incentives from Swarovski, but it seems strange that they would have done the pricing without Swarovski's approval. Or does it mean that they are cleaning out the...