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    Id Help - Thattekad, India - 2

    Looks like one of the variants of Plain Flowerpecker, called Nilgiri around Thattekad
  2. M

    Id Help - Coimbatore, India - 5

    Agree with PW
  3. M

    Kenya IDs

    Thanks for your replies. I agree with Citril but unsure as to specific species. Even the latest edition of Stevenson and Fanshaw is not very helpful as my bird looks more like Western Citril being not as heavily streaked underneath as African.
  4. M

    Kenya IDs

    I saw these birds along the river at the Blue Post Hotel, Thika March 2017. Possibly Canaries or Citril?
  5. M

    North East Brazil

    Thanks very much Andrew. Looking through the trip report a Buff- breasted Tody-Tyrant was seen that day. Also a Slender-footed Tyrannulet from which I read the Guianan Tyrannulet has recently been split.
  6. M

    North East Brazil

    Just done a bit more digging on the original files and they were both taken in Serra Baturite
  7. M


    Have had another look at online images and i agree. Think I caught just the right angle to confuse us!!
  8. M


    Thanks. That's what I thought originally, but , in the Helm Birds of East Asia ( I do not have a Cambodia guide) Mugimaki is shown with no black on the throat with the reddish chest extending right to the bill. Is this a Cambodia variant?
  9. M

    North East Brazil

    Seen in April 2014. Bird 2 ? possibly a Gnateater.
  10. M


    Seen in Cambodia. Any idea please?
  11. Madagascar Sparrowhawk

    Madagascar Sparrowhawk

  12. Red-shouldered Vanga

    Red-shouldered Vanga

  13. Collared Nightjar

    Collared Nightjar

  14. M

    Chennai - South India - Need to ID these

    1 and 2 look like a male Koel but should have a red eye. 3 and 4 look like a ragged Black Kite. 5 could be an Ashy Prinia
  15. Dark Chanting Goshawk

    Dark Chanting Goshawk

    Immature seen in Etosha National Park
  16. African Wood Owl

    African Wood Owl

    Found on the Kwando River in Namibia. It was being mobbed by Sunbirds
  17. Mackinder's Eagle Owl

    Mackinder's Eagle Owl

    Uncommon and localised species. You can be taken to see it by local birder Paul Muriithi who has a sign on the road between Nyeri and Nyahururu. A small fee is split between local farmers.
  18. Northern Hawk Owl

    Northern Hawk Owl

    Seen around Lake Toranki, Kuusamo, Finland.
  19. Verreaux's Eagle Owl

    Verreaux's Eagle Owl

    Seen in Kenya near Keekorok Lodge, Masai Mara. Note the diagnostic pink eyelids.
  20. Indian Brown Wood Owl

    Indian Brown Wood Owl

    Seen at Hornbill Camp, on the Periyar river, Thattekad, Kerala