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  1. keith

    Top Birders.

    I've been on Google but can't seem to find an up to date list of UK birders, can anyone point me in the right direction please?, It's not important, I was just curious.
  2. keith

    Barbed Wire on Nature Reserves.

    I was mortified to come across a recently dead Roe Deer on one of my walks around Teesside, one of its legs was caught up in barbed wire on the top of a stock fence and it had obviously suffered a great deal. The thing is I saw them putting the fence up and complained that there were several...
  3. keith

    Japan field Guides/Books.

    I'm going to Hokkaido, Japan, in a year or so and was wondering what the best bird guide/books were recommended by birders who've been there, any information would be greatly appreciated, including tips, hints etc.
  4. keith

    Help please, Malaga.

    I'm going with 3 friends to Spain on Tuesday to look for Lynx, we have pretty good info for the the area where we're going which is Sierra Morena, although any new advice would be gratefully received. What I mainly came on for was to inquire about the latest news on the Rio Guadalhorce, we were...
  5. keith

    Slender-billed Curlew.

    As one of the people who saw the Northumberland bird, I am curious as to what its status is now regarding its standing on the official British list, I'm obviously aware it was being looked into, but I don't know of any conclusions, if any?.
  6. keith

    Western Palearctic List.

    Which is the official list?, Netfugl seems to be with Chris Bell with the most birds, but then you look at Surfbirds and he's not even mentioned. So what's the official version the real birders look at?, just curious.
  7. keith

    Hen Harriers breeding

    No breeding this year in England, we know why, so why isn't there anything being done about it?, are some criminals above the law?.
  8. keith

    Big Year 2011

    I heard that Sandi Komito's record was being threatened last year, did anything come of it?
  9. keith


    I've just been looking at an old paper article from the Northern Echo in the north-east of England by Brian Unwin entitled Shame on twitchers who keep secrets. It's from a long time ago, possibly 15-20 years, it read ;News has just broken that a rare gyr falcon from the Arctic was ranging over...
  10. keith

    Ruddy Duck cull

    Can anybody tell me when this abomination is coming to an end? I've heard it's this year but nobody seems to know when, or even if it is!
  11. keith


    Hello everyone, I'm a birder from Teeside,been a member of the local bird club for about 50 years, a member of the RSPB for a little less. I was fortunate to be involved with the Bee-Eater protection project in 2002 in Durham. Always had a love of birds and nature and despise cruelty and...