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    Diascope 65 or Apo Televid 77 ???

    A hypothetical question ;) - if you had a Zeiss Diascope 65 with 15-45x zoom, would you exchange it for a Leica Apo Televid 77 with 20-60x zoom?
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    Filter - UV or not?

    I want to put a good B+W filter on my scope, mainly for protection. Is there ANY optical advantage in using a UV filter over a plain glass protective one? Thanks.
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    Some alternate Diascope stay-on cases

    For those who can't stand either of Zeiss' offerings for a Diascope stay-on case, here are a couple of alternatives. The Danish Ornithological Society (DOF) produces a range of scope cases. They have a case for the Diascope 65 and 85 angled scopes only. Can be bought here. No picture, but...
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    Best camera for good hand-held record shots?

    I'm looking for the best camera (current or discontinued) for taking quick hand-held record shots, that are as good quality as possible for ID. I'm not a photographer and not into digiscoping as an 'art-form', so just looking for something simple, quick and reliable that gives good results. Any...
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    Best fixed eyepiece for Diascope 65?

    If one were buying one fixed wide-angle eyepiece for the Diascope 65, which would be most useful for general birding (not digiscoping), the 23x or 30x? (And yes, I know the zoom is great!). Thanks. Michael
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    'High-end' objective lenses

    Can I just double-check a few things as regards the objective lenses in high-end scopes?: Swarovski scopes have a doublet either of standard or 'special' (HD) glass. Zeiss scopes only have a doublet of 'special' (FL) glass. Leica scopes have either a doublet of standard (?) glass or a triplet...
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    Best journal ID papers?

    A lot of really useful in-depth ID papers are scattered throughout the various birding journals (British Birds, Birding World, Dutch Birding, Alula) over the years. Occasionally these get gathered together in book form (e.g. Frontiers in Bird Identification) but often they lie unknown to many...
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    NOT a bargain but...ssshhh...there's a Macmillan Birder's Guide on Amazon!

    Definitely not a bargain, but for those desperate for a Harris, Shirihai, Christie 'Macmillan Birder's Guide to European and Middle Eastern Birds' there's one on Amazon for £120 (!). These don't come around too often, so don't all rush at once. ;) Edit: that's the second, rare, one.
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    Spill the beans on that birder who really got up your nose!!!

    Birders are tense, competitive, selfish, shifty, dishonest, distrusting, boorish, pedantic, unsentimental, arrogant and - above all - envious. Bill Oddie Recognise any of these delightful character traits in someone you know (or, even better, yourself)? Got a story to illustrate? Have you or...
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    British Birding Association?

    I noticed that Lee Evans has added 'British Birding Association' to his list of credentials in his latest Rare Bird Alert roundup e-mail. Anybody 'in the know' about this?
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    New Paramo Pajaro jacket

    Look out for this new Paramo jacket, to be launched at the Birdfair. Designed with birders, etc. in mind, rather than climbers, it also has an ecological aspect, alongside Paramo's commitment to fair trade. Seemingly, "for every Pajaro jacket sold, Paramo will donate sufficient money to Trees...
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    Incredibly stupid, or incredibly brave?!

    Look at THIS and decide. One can only wonder, what if....?
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    Great Bird ID Quiz!!!

    Apologies if this has been posted before. There's a good bird ID quiz HERE. Six difficulty levels, various languages. Good fun. Post and let us know how you get on! :t: Edit: just checked the Quiz forum and found it posted 2 years ago! Oh well, might be useful for those who haven't heard of it...
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    Beached Bird ID Quiz

    Anyone like to take a beached bird ID quiz? If so go HERE. Perhaps you could post your answers here and see who agrees. Edit: forgot to mention it's from N. American beaches, if that makes a difference!!
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    Rat Tail!!!

    I posted this on another thread but it was a bit hidden away, so I thought it deserved one of its own. We all know herons are partial to whatever moves so HERE is a link to a video clip of some heron culinary action. :eat: Give it time. It's the banjo music accompaniment that kills me! :t:
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    Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book reissued.

    Just to let you know that Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book has been reissued by Robson Books with a new introduction. ISBN 0 86051 959 7. Still a great read. Buy a copy for all young birders. :t:
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    Garden Listing - 'In' or 'From'

    Curious how some people differ as regards their garden list. I know some who only count birds which have actually set foot in their garden - Waxwings in the neighbour's tree, therefore, don't count. Others count anything they have seen from their garden, irrespective of where the bird is (which...
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    Auto Frustration!!!

    Why is it that as soon as I put my arse in the car every possible rarity or scarcity lurking in the bushes decides to do the avian equivalent of the dance of the seven veils and flits teasingly across the road inches from me as I shoot past? Or sits prominently on a wire or branch on a bend so...
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    Taking the pish...

    Those of you who get a kick from lurking in wooded areas trying to attract a bird by making strange noises will be delighted to hear of the imminent release of Pete Dunnes new book: 'The Art of Pishing' (I kid you not!), complete with...wait for it...enclosed audio CD...
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    Which 7x42 - Zeiss Classic or Leica Trinovid?

    I'm considering buying a used 7x42 for low-light use, pelagic trips, etc. At the minute its a toss-up between the Zeiss 7x42 BGAT*P* or the Leica Trinovid 7x42 BN, both of which I can get for a similar used price and neither of which I can get to see before purchase. Anyone care to offer pros...