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  1. wdc

    Truck and car Binoculars

    Nikon 8x30 MHG. They work fine with eyeglasses, and, being relatively compact, fit nicely in the bottom of the center armrest compartment. Besides pulling them out for unexpected bird sightings, you can also use them to study what is holding up the traffic... (when at a standstill of course) -Bill
  2. wdc

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Had a sunny, but chilly morning walk at my local spot, which encompasses a reservoir and the surrounding hills. Not terribly birdy, but nice to get out after a week of staring at a computer screen. I took with me the 10x42 Noctivids, still a favored bin for these outings without a scope, and...
  3. wdc

    Confused by “Improved” Trinovid Case

    When I purchased an 8x32 Trinovid HD a few years back on a trip, the salesman at the Leica Store set it up for me to demonstrate how the whole system worked. The strap is threaded through the holes in the case, so you can wear it over your shoulder, then unzip and slide off the case, and do...
  4. wdc

    Leica Noctivid 10x42 specs

    Yep. I had to use metric on a design project I was on and came to realize how utterly rational it is, compared to the english system of weights and measures. It seems from time to time there have been, and perhaps still are, national initiatives to convert the U.S. to metric, but it doesn't...
  5. wdc

    Convenience vs performance. What do you choose?

    ^ this. In addition: The binocular needs to fit the individual. As the OP said, there is no right answer here. Good BF question. -Bill
  6. wdc

    Is IS for the birds?

    I only have an old Canon IS 15 x 50, which I've used for astronomy for well over a decade. For birding, that is NOT the bin for me. Close focus is a joke, IPD is not narrow enough, eye relief is poor, etc. Optics are excellent, though. And for astronomy, especially with others, I've handed folks...
  7. wdc

    Leica Noctivid 10x42 specs

    Hi Realtree, I looked at the specs on Allbinos, as well as a few online retailers, and they match what Leica has in their own brochure. However, it looks like a typo occurred in the original specs, when they converted Meters to feet. Leica and everyone else lists the FOV in meters as 112 @ 1000...
  8. wdc

    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    I know this is the SF32 thread, and the link Globetrotter posted shows a photo comparison between the NL 8x42 and the SF 8x42, but 2 things stand out: First, the FOV difference looks pretty insignificant in those shots, which Dries pointed out a few weeks ago, comparing NL 8x42 to SF 8x42...
  9. wdc

    Nikon MHG 8x30 vs Leica Ultravid HD+ 8x32

    Beth, Do you use a harness or a regular strap? A harness may make carrying the binocular (no matter how light) more comfortable. Even a longer strap, bandolier style, might be better than just around your neck. Thanks for posting your comments on the MHG. I'm glad its working for you. -Bill
  10. wdc

    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    That's how I read it.... ;-)
  11. wdc

    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    I'm not even sure Kevin meant what you're implying, but I suppose he should speak for himself. I appreciate that folks from all over world post here, even if English is not their first language. Its the ideas, observations, and humor that generally are well communicated, and worthwhile to read...
  12. wdc

    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    A new metric is emerging for determining the alpha-ness of a binocular: An alpha binocular is an optical device that costs far more than most other binoculars at its introduction, but still not as much as a collectible watch. It also starts to speak to the question of functionality. A $15...
  13. wdc

    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    Thank you Chuck.
  14. wdc

    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    These are all beer drinking arguments, with various rationales that each have some degree of purpose, perhaps even merit! I think of the phrase "capo di tutti capo", 'Father of all fathers"... Does that apply? In regards to this topic, perhaps it should be "Splitting hairs of the already...
  15. wdc

    Countdown to NL Parity?

    I guess the justification to keep these in production is that all their development costs were covered decades ago, so they are the true vintage device, albeit with modern coatings... what many hoped the Leica Retrovids would be. Swarovski's been there the whole time! The Nikon 'anniversary' E2...
  16. wdc

    Do folks think the Ultravid HD+ 8x32 is on par with the Zeiss SF or Swaro EL 8x32s?

    When you were at the Leica store the other day, did they have the Retrovid 7x35's in stock? It may be a useful contender to consider. You'll get the 7x, but lighter weight, and less cost than the 7x42. Its fun to be in the hunt.. -Bill
  17. wdc

    Do folks think the Ultravid HD+ 8x32 is on par with the Zeiss SF or Swaro EL 8x32s?

    Apparently that is your current opinion. Like, as of this week. ;) I think if you honestly went back and studied your own posts on various binoculars you've owned that are ranked 'highly' by Allbinos, you'll find yourself all over the map. There is no consistency in your emphatic proclamations...
  18. wdc

    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    One thing to also consider, and I think its possible that the top tier brands caught on early enough, is that an aging population of loyal customers, will need more eye relief when they start wearing glasses with binoculars. Of course, this may be at the expense of some non-eyeglass wearers...
  19. wdc

    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Well it goes some way towards justifying the tight fit of the rainguard wouldn't you say? ;-) -Bill
  20. wdc

    Do folks think the Ultravid HD+ 8x32 is on par with the Zeiss SF or Swaro EL 8x32s?

    Amen to all that. Some folks are desperate to have their purchase validated by a third party, otherwise the prestige of ownership may be lacking, or in doubt. When someone just looks at stats and claims that binocular 'x' "absolutely kills" binocular 'y', that is not Allbinos talking, its a...