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  1. Hamhed

    Belated trip report posted

    https://www.birdforum.net/threads/south-texas-march-2020.403895/ Steve
  2. Hamhed

    South Texas March 2020

    This belated report is in the hopes that some miracle allows those planning to visit the LRGV (Lower Rio Grande Valley) this spring can find some value in our only western US birding trip of 2020. Our time frame was chosen before COVID was even identified. We stuck to the schedule despite...
  3. Hamhed

    Catawba River, western North Carolina

    Trip report posted here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=4028158#post4028158 Steve
  4. Hamhed

    Beating the heat on the Catawba River

    Though we never know what month we will have the chance to go, my wife, Liz, and I like to do a once a year kayak trip up the Catawba River at the west end of Lake James in McDowell County, North Carolina. There’s good birding there and our best chance to see a Prothonotary Warbler without...
  5. Hamhed

    Screech Owl fledging time

    For years, my wife and I have had Eastern Screech Owl nest boxes at various locations on our property in western NC. Because of those boxes, we have enjoyed many views of this species. This year is no exception. With one new owl fledged and at least one other still in the box, I wanted to...
  6. Hamhed

    Salineno lodging

    With a trip to the LRGV planned for early March and a visit to Salineno within that trip, I have been researching where to stay in reasonable proximity to the Wildlife Preserve and Falcon Park. So far, the best I can come up with is nearly 35 miles away at Rancho Lomitas. There are a few up at...
  7. Hamhed

    Trip report posted

    https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3878377#post3878377 Steve
  8. Hamhed

    Northern California July 2019

    There is nothing about my writing that is concise, abbreviated, terse or to the point. IF you reach the end of this report, I'm sure you will agree with that. But that's a big "if"... Several years ago, we missed out on a planned trip to northern California, mostly to visit Lassen Volcanic...
  9. Hamhed

    Trip report published

    Sax-Zim Bog in February: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=379337 Steve
  10. Hamhed

    Minnesota February 2019

    Liz and I talked each other into making a winter journey to a place we’d known about for years. I scored some low priced airfare to Minneapolis, Minnesota and that pushed into making the commitment. We signed up for the Sax-Zim Bog Festival in mid-February, arriving at the airport on the 13th...
  11. Hamhed

    Northern California

    Photo 1: Lassen NP, Ridge Lakes trail, approx 6800 feet. I want to say Northern Goshawk but I'm not familiar with the species. I hearby acknowledge the photo sucks. Photo 2: Same trail, similar elevation. The yellow spot on top of the head is not a one photo fluke as another photo shows the...
  12. Hamhed

    Northern California Flycatcher

    Looking for a specific empidonax flycatcher past the season when they sing is asking for trouble with identification but.... Mid-July 2019: I have a video and sound file for this bird but it may be that what I post here would be sufficient to i.d. this species. The photos were taken in Chester...
  13. Hamhed

    W. North Carolina Buteo

    Seen this evening in bottomland habitat over a small stream, pasture on one side, mature woods on the other. Of course, I was never able to get any other photos or the i.d. might be more straightforward. I want to say juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk but having a hard time ruling out juvenile...
  14. Hamhed

    So Cal trip report posted

    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=356035 Steve
  15. Hamhed

    Southern California December 2017

    Taking advantage of Liz’s holiday work schedule, we flew to Los Angeles for 12 days exploring Southern California. This was our first time as birders in this part of the US although we have traveled and birded west a few times before, most recently to southeast Arizona...
  16. Hamhed

    Puerto Rico Gecko

    From the east end of the island. Is it a House Gecko? Just doesn't match any pictures I can find... Thanks - Steve
  17. Hamhed

    May 2017 SE Arizona

    Trip report posted: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=349678 Steve
  18. Hamhed

    Southeast Arizona, May 2017

    This report is enormously long. You have been warned! |=o| May 16- For birders looking for some unique western U.S. birds, there are few locations better than southeastern Arizona. The “sky island”, desert topography and proximity to Mexico makes for a wide range of exciting species. Our...
  19. Hamhed

    Arizona puzzles

    A trip report for an SE Arizona trip in May nearly complete but for these two i.d.'s. Any help much appreciated. Steve
  20. Hamhed

    Dominica December 2016

    Dec 21 This day ended our week long visit to Puerto Rico, (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=346566). Yet another Caribbean island was still on our holiday agenda, the seldom visited country of Dominica. Sad stories from travelers booking with LIAT are easily found on the internet so...