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  1. LizandDave

    Comment by 'LizandDave' in media '8752DDEF-0581-43F5-9330-EAAD3049E1D8.jpeg'

    It's been several years since I posted here, seem to have missed the title off! Dave
  2. 8752DDEF-0581-43F5-9330-EAAD3049E1D8.jpeg


    Nottingham Catchfly
  3. 4F534B18-AF5C-45E4-A233-B18E3D12AEBC.jpeg


  4. LizandDave

    Comment by 'LizandDave' in media '68425FC1-AFEF-424B-8540-EAF900B0AF7B.jpeg'

    Surprised to find one in flower in mid November
  5. 68425FC1-AFEF-424B-8540-EAF900B0AF7B.jpeg


    Wild Thyme
  6. LizandDave

    How common are

    The Natural History Museum told me it was roughly one in ten thousand would be white. I see them quite often, and given the density of blue flowered forms, the odd one here and there is about right. If pink, then look for signs of hybridity with Spanish Bluebell.
  7. LizandDave

    Who knows the Figworts?

    Scrophularia nodosa given the leaves. S. auriculata has a small pair of leaves like ears at the base of the main leaf and are not squared off like yours. Hope that helps.
  8. LizandDave

    2017 UK orchids

    Seen a photo of a tiny Green Winged Orchid in flower in Dorset and today some Early Purple just in flower in Kent. I found Common Twayblades today with 1" tall flower spikes coming up as well. Photos of N. ovata @Barbus59 on Twitter All go soon, at last! Dave
  9. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Can anyone PM small white orchid and lesser twayblade details in mid wales, I will be there at the weekend We'll be in Mid and South Wales late June, any hints on where to go appreciated. Already going to Vicarage and Kenfig. Thanks Dave and Liz
  10. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Monkeys and Lady in full bloom with a couple of EPO left at Park Gate Down, no Musks as yet. First Lizard flowers opened at Sandwich, 100s of spikes. Wait at least 2 weeks before going. Story at barbus59.blogspot.co.uk Dave
  11. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    1st Bee and Chalk Fragrant out in North Kent, Man/Lady/Fly all out, still a few straggler Early Purples. Burnt open at Caburn Bottom. Photos eventually end up on http://barbus59.blogspot.co.uk/ when I get time to write it! Dave
  12. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Hybrid is Man x Monkey, Pic 4 is a Monkey wih its limbs eaten off/deformed
  13. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Lady, Man, Fly, C/Twayblade, Green Winged all in flower in Kent. EPO and Early Spider going over now. Dave
  14. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Can anyone help me plan a visit to Wales? I'd like to see Fen Orchids at Kenfig and possibly Small White Orchids ( I have no location for those). Is there an overlap in flowering time when I would have a chance to see both on one trip? If anyone can help me out with either site and any other...
  15. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    EPO and ESO Both out in Kent in good numbers, though it's been 9 days since I was at the Hoe. Dave
  16. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    A. morio Green-winged Orchids now out in Kent at KWT Marden Meadow and Scotney Castle lawns. Quite a few out but loads more still to come up at both venues. Dave
  17. LizandDave

    2016 UK Orchids

    Some Early Purples in North Kent have flower spikes about to open.
  18. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    Thanks Sean, following you now on Twitter. I usually post on Twitter (not just orchids) but found I don't have the time recently to post photos on here as well what with resizing etc. It's usually gone midnight by the time I've sorted out the day's photos! Some orchid photos posted yesterday...
  19. LizandDave

    Northumberland flowers ID

    1. Sea Daisy, Erigeron glaucus, garden escape, common by sea in South 2. Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Cymbalaria muralis, introduced in 1617! Common on walls. 3. Possibly Smooth Sow Thistle, Sonchus oleracea, try to take macro photos of bracts upper and lower leaves Dave
  20. LizandDave

    Cress for ID

    Inclined to agree as anthers yellow and stem leaves are the only match for C.pratensis. I've seen plenty of white C.pratensis although this appears untypical in its sturdyness and usual ring of dainty flowers. C.amara crossed my mind but anthers purple and leaves different. Dave
  21. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    Rich, They look like D.maculata to me. I found these 2 separate D.fuschii variants the other day in East Kent. Had ID confirmed by an expert via Kent Recorder as a variant D.fuschii even though not ever seen ones with petals like these! It shows how much orchids can vary but still be the same...
  22. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    Thousands of Man Orchids in flower now at Darland Banks, Medway, Kent. Lady's in full flower at Stockbury reserve along with a few Fly. All filmed by the BBC SE news today with the Natural history Museum's orchid science project. Dave
  23. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    Just a few Monkey spikes at Park Gate Down, Kent, one with a single open flower. 3 highland cattle in meadow & they will be staying there all Summer, so likely these few will get chomped also. Meadows 2 and 3, mainly lots of EPO. KWT on a notice on the gate say grazing necessary through orchid...
  24. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    White Helleborines and Fly Orchids starting to flower in Kent. Dave
  25. LizandDave

    2015 UK Orchids

    I visited Holborough on 3rd May to see how the Early Marsh were coming on and they aren't! Here's what I wrote about the trip - "None seen, not even rosettes, horse grazing until very recently, horses still on East of reserve. Substantial trampling damage to earth in main orchid areas over...