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  1. Ardea modesta

    Ardea modesta

    The Great Egret's overall plumage is white, and, for most of the year, when not breeding, the bill and facial skin are yellow. The feet are dark olive-grey or sooty black, as are the legs. During the breeding season, the bill turns mostly black and the facial skin becomes green. Also at this...
  2. Freckled Duck

    Freckled Duck

    Six Freckled ducks preening and suffering a rainy cold afternoon on Lake Wendouree Ballarat Victoria.The Freckled Duck is forced to disperse during long inland droughts. The species may occur as far south as coastal New South Wales and Victoria during such times.
  3. Laughing-Kookaburras_O8P8655


  4. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Perched Egret'

    Good to see an image that encompasses the environment. We too often crop close and miss the natural surround. Good one
  5. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Red Kite_6'

    Brilliant capture this one, detail is excellent. well done
  6. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Blue-tailed Bee-eater (Merops philippinus)'

    Have to say this is a magnificent image, nicely posed for you as well. Congratulations
  7. Superb Fairy-wren

    Superb Fairy-wren

  8. Blue Winged Kookaburra

    Blue Winged Kookaburra

    Another lucky pop shot. Stopped the truck snatched the camera, two frames and he was off. Dixie Outstation in the Gulf Country QLD
  9. Wedge tailed Eagle

    Wedge tailed Eagle

    Disturbed from a road kill but this time there are no trees to perch in.
  10. Wedge tailed Eagle

    Wedge tailed Eagle

    Disturbed from a roadkill this Wedge tail moved to one of the few available trees to wait for our departure.
  11. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'American Goldfinch'

    And looking for the centre of attention. Very nice image
  12. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Red-bellied Woodpecker'

    Very nice, well presented and a beautiful creature
  13. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Its her again!!!'

    Yeah may be a lard arse but does it in a spectacular way.
  14. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Coal Tit'

    Great sample The 500 is working well for you
  15. Bell Miner

    Bell Miner

    Bell Miner in the middle of the distinctive tink tink call which resonates throughout the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens
  16. Bell Miner

    Bell Miner

    Bell Miner (Bell Bird) Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne
  17. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Azure-Kingfisher'

    Thank you for your kind comments. I happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and this lovely creature was kind enough to pose for several seconds (3 frames) before going about its business.
  18. Azure-Kingfisher


    Image captured at Wonga wetlands NSW. an anabranch of the Murray river. With the Little Kingfisher, the only Australian members of the Alcedo Kingfishers which are specialists at exclusively deep diving into water for their prey.
  19. Female Pink Robin

    Female Pink Robin

    Taken 16/03/2013 near Pioneer Racecourse Crooked River in Victoria's high country
  20. Neochmia temporalis No3

    Neochmia temporalis No3

  21. Neochmia temporalis No2

    Neochmia temporalis No2

  22. Red-browed Firetail Finch

    Red-browed Firetail Finch

    Red-browed Firetail Finches form permanent pair bonds and stay together throughout the year. Both male and female share incubation and brooding by day and roost together in the nest at night. Size 110 - 120 mm. Nest Dome of dry grass with tunnel side entrance. Eggs Four to six, pure white...
  23. L

    Comment by 'Lindsay Cooke' in media 'Rainbow bee-eater'

    Excellent image well presented. It is great to see you have given the bird some room. Far too may images appear too tightly cropped.
  24. Egret-Ballarat3


    Then with a smug look began a satisfied preen