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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Costa Rica first timers trip - help us plan!

    Hello fellow birders, I'm super excited to go to a dream destination, and spending 11 days in Costa Rica with my wife. It'll be a very wildlife focused trip, on not a very high budget, so I'm trying to plan this well (without a guided full trip), so we can enjoy other activities as well. Can...
  2. Peregrine perfection

    Peregrine perfection

    A pair that is nesting, one would often sit out like this on a cliff and wait for a hunt.
  3. Snowy Plover

    Snowy Plover

    This little threatened beauty was with about 30 others, resting on the beach
  4. Great Horned Owl

    Great Horned Owl

    An almost cartoonish appearance... He hung around hunting for a good few minutes before end of light.
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    Maybe to some, it's not about owning the very best "objectively", if that even exists, but what best suits them in their budget. These make me happy. Now that I got to use them in Point Reyes and got a decent 70-odd species in a day, with crystal clear, contrasty, and saturated looks alongside...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    It really comes down to what you're used to, I think! I've only ever birded with 10x42s, for the last decade. I appreciate the detail I can see, and maybe I need it to id? I tried 8x and 10x MHG in the store side by side, and didn't see a difference apart from the extra zoom, so I think I'm...
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    Quick & dirty review of 8x42 Opticron Aurora.

    I'm the opposite of a long term user, I got them this week! So far I'm very happy with my decision. Optics are beautiful, it feels solidly built, and the settings stay where I want them.
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    Fov wise, it's a wee bit smaller than the MHG, rated 348 ft/1000yds to their 360(?). Not ultra wide, but wide enough for me, given the sharpness goes pretty close to the edge. I've had no issues tracking birds flitting about even in a fixed frame. To my eyes and memory, these do...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    What were you disappointed with, Paul, if I may ask? Wondering if there was bad QC and differences in individual pieces, because my pair seem to offer a view and solid build as good as any... Or whether there are different ergonomics you prefer?
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    I think they stopped selling through stores, I looked around to the shops that used to sell Opticrons. BHPhotovideo and a couple of other online retailers have them though... That's where I bought my pair. Leap of faith, as I tested the Conquest HD and Monarch HG and Razor HD in person here...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    Thanks and the same to you, Ratal! Thanks for bringing these to light and attention they deserve. $800 well spent for me!
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    Is Leica Ultravid 8x32 HD-Plus still a good deal in 2023 ?

    Binoculars, unlike cell phones or cameras, are not a quickly changing industry. What was a great bin 10-15 years ago will still be a solid option today. Yes, price points change, and some coatings get better, but if you're inexperienced you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference in many top...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    Well... They're here and I spent just a little time behind them. I was trying to be patient and wait before posting detailed impressions, but these are too good to not be super buzzed about! First impressions, they are super bright, with excellent contrast (up there with the best I've seen in...
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    One head to do them all? Need suggestions!

    Any opinions on using a Arcatech ballhead-gimbal or long lens for scopes? It's used for about twice my budget but if it works great I would love the weight and ease of ball heads..
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    Swarovski ATS 65HD vs Leica APO 65 vs Kowa 773

    I have little experience, but have been doing my research on scopes for a bit to buy. From what I've heard, you cannot go wrong with any of the three, however my pick would be the kowa 773 of just those 3. It's super light too, and I wouldn't compromise on the larger objective (both for reach...
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    One head to do them all? Need suggestions!

    Hello everyone! I'm foraying into the world of using scopes with an incoming 86mm, heavy scope. Reading a bit has made it plenty clear that I need a solid tripod head. I currently own the Promaster XC525c tripod and default head which I quite like, it's been stable for me albeit on a much...
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    Any opinions on the Athlon Cronus G2 here?

    Ah! I'll post my amateur impressions once I get it next week then.
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    Any opinions on the Athlon Cronus G2 here?

    Some context: I am entering world of scopes, pretty much never having tried one, despite birding for 25 years. I want to up my birding skills, and get better at IDing waders, gulls... You know... The really confusing ones. I also want to increase my reach for seawatching, and dabble into casual...
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    Comment by 'Akhil O' in media 'Vermilion Flycatcher, male'

    Thanks!! I had to hunt quite a bit for him, several trips in CA before I finally found one in Arizona. Even where they are relatively common, it still took 6 days of birding to get one... Strange luck!
  20. Little jewel - Allen's hummingbird

    Little jewel - Allen's hummingbird

    Feisty little guy loved his perch and defended it well
  21. Another lazuli on the feeder

    Another lazuli on the feeder

    This lazuli bunting was found in Arizona. I love their colors
  22. Lazuli in a field of yellow

    Lazuli in a field of yellow

    A bright azure lazuli bunting enjoying a frame of mustard flowers
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    Revisiting this thread, I've placed an order for the Opticron Aurora 10x42! Let's see how they feel after all the expectations :) super excited to get my first expensive binoculars!
  24. Lewis's Woodpecker

    Lewis's Woodpecker

    The most dinosaur-like woodpecker with gorgeous, almost unexpected colors
  25. Vermilion Flycatcher, male

    Vermilion Flycatcher, male