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  1. Adam W

    Decline in shooting?

    I think the crossover only works one way, A lot of people that shoot live birds shoot at least some clays but probably most that begin shooting clays won't move on to live game.
  2. Adam W

    Decline in shooting?

    Shooting overall is if anything becoming more popular in fact I believe the the number of gun licence holders is at an all time high. I read just last week that it stands at something like 750,000 people in England and Wales alone. There are plenty of young people taking it up and more women...
  3. Adam W

    Birds at Temple Park (South Shields)

    Coal Tit certainly most likely but Willow Tit is not impossible plenty of sightings in south Tyneside area in recent years.
  4. Adam W

    Ravens and lambs

    What on earth has farming Lambs got to do with Gamekeepers and Grouse shooting? You are starting to sound extremely paranoid now trying to twist everything into lets blame Grouse shooting.
  5. Adam W

    Bird of Prey, RSPB Saltholme, UK

    I think the bird in the photo's is actually a Stock dove could well have been a Peregrine or Merlin that put the birds up though.
  6. Adam W

    Teal, Taiwan

    Looks like a Blue Winged Teal to me.
  7. Adam W

    20-60 or 25-50 eyepiece?

    Each to their own I suppose but I bought mine with the 30x wide as at the time only the 20-60x existed and I really wasn't impressed by it at all but I got the 25-50x when it came out and I've used it happily ever since with no problems and I wear glasses.
  8. Adam W

    Birders in Fife giving birders a bad name

    I still don't see why that means we should completely seperate them from 'our' hobby. To use your example wouldn't it be fair to describe machanics and racing drivers all as ''car people'' and i'm sure there are plenty of mechanics who do a bit of racing and plenty of racing drivers who do...
  9. Adam W

    Birders in Fife giving birders a bad name

    I'm not sure it's fair to class non bin carrying photographers as not being birders and somehow seperate from the birding world. Is it not simply the case that the birding world has changed and people whose main priority is photography are now a common part of the overall birding scene. After...
  10. Adam W

    Osprey's in Scottish Borders

    Plenty of Photographers would be willing to pay for gauranteed views like that I would have thought.
  11. Adam W

    Scaup/Tufted Duck ID, Iran

    Looks a straight forward Greater Scaup to me.
  12. Adam W

    What is this crop? And when does it get harvested?

    Certainly in the north east we always have many thousands of acres of Rape sown in autumn with only small amounts of spring sown crop. A lot of people probably associate it with summer as that's when its bright yellow and stands out.
  13. Adam W

    Ducks for ID- Romania

  14. Adam W

    Goose ID Co.Wexford Ireland

    Looks like a Pinkfoot to me.
  15. Adam W

    Florida Ducks - November

    Most if not all seem to be Blue Winged Teal.
  16. Adam W

    Geese, Blacktoft Sands RSPB

    Greylags for me too, Too bulky for Pinks.
  17. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    Well its a big yes from me obviously as they are two of the main quarry I shoot, I agree with exactly what John says, Well apart from preferring Bismuth or Hevi shot to Steel for Geese but I guess not lead was the point.
  18. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    Cant say fairer than that Robin:t:
  19. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    Yeah fair points Robin as i said to John i can't really argue i just can't make myself feel different just because you want me too either.
  20. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    I've already given my reasons why I actually don't agree that these campaigns really are the best conservation orientated actions to take but I take your point that I was talking hypothetically that even if I did agree then i wouldn't want to support them anyway. Well I honestly can't argue with...
  21. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    So the answer to my question was no, There is not one single form of shooting that you are happy to accept in its normal current form ss im sure you are aware the vast majority of Pigeon shoiting is done with lead. No i'm not saying your are wrong in that issue or any other individual issue but...
  22. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    I'm a bit confused john, just a few weeks ago i simply stated that there was a thin end of the wedge situation thats all i did. i didnt pass any judgement on whether there should be or not be but i was told quite clearly by a number of people including you that there was no thin end of the...
  23. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    I pretty much agree in principle John but I still think you're asking too much. If it were a case of a few little changes and a bit of compromise then fair enough but certainly going by Robin's criteria I don't think there's a single part of shooting as we know it that Robin doesn't want to see...
  24. Adam W

    new petition re driven grouse shooting

    Cleaning up yes there are certainly areas where we could do more to improve things but i dont believe the petition was to clean up driven Grouse shooting was it? I know this new petition isn't technically for an out right ban but lets face it were it to be sucessful thats what would happen...