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    Best “Pocket” Binoculars for Non-Birding Travel

    Check out the $130 Vixen @Six 6x18. At just 40mm thick, it's a reverse porro that's as slender as some roofs.
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    How Palestinians in Gaza came to love birdwatching

    Fascinating article. I hope no one thinks I have an agenda in posting it. I am Jewish and my son and grandchildren are religious Israelis. https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-palestinians-trapped-in-gaza-fell-in-love-with-bird-watching
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    Pocket binoculars that fit in your pocket!

    The Vixen @Six, a 6x18 reverse porro, just 40mm thick, deserves a look. You can find it for about $130 new. Vixen Binoculars @Six 6X18 | Vixen
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    Pocket binoculars that fit in your pocket!

    In my 4 months on these forums, this is one of the 10 most valuable posts. Thanks.
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    Looking for very small binoculars with low magnification...

    The Vixen @Six 6x20 and @Four 4x20 are kid-size and can focus as close as 55 cm. They're real binoculars, with full multicoating and a right-eye diopter control. Vixen Binoculars @Six 6X18 | Vixen But their smallest IPD is 58mm. Rats.
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    What’s your favorite low power bino 7x and below.

    @yarrellii This week, I ordered a 7x20 Nikon Travelmate III (CF III) on eBay. I was inspired by your many colorful posts praising it as a compact (subcompact?) that feels more like a full-size bino--31mm inner-diameter eyecups, large focusing wheel, and single hinge. I'll add my impressions...
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    What’s your favorite low power bino 7x and below.

    If you're willing to forgo full multicoating, I'll bet you can find a fully coated or multicoated, well-corrected, full-size 9-degree or 10-degree classic from the 1980s. Bausch and Lomb? Bushnell? Nikon? Sears? Swift?
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    What’s your favorite low power bino 7x and below.

    The binoculars that live in my front-trouser pocket are the Hinode 6x21 S1. But for sheer joy, I'd pick the Bushnell Custom Compact 6x25, generation 3 (side lugs). I compared these low-power models and four other models a few days ago at Six 5X, 6X, and 7X reverse porros compared. The best 6X...
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    Six 5X, 6X, and 7X reverse porros compared

    I've read nothing but good things about the Papilio II. But I wouldn't benefit from its ultraclose focus, so I prefer to hold out for an exit pupil of 3.5 or larger in exchange for the lower magnification.
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    Eight 8X reverse porros compared

    I wasn't going to buy any binoculars stronger than 7X, for three reasons. First, I had thought they'd be too hard for me, at age 66, to hold steady. Second, I had thought their eye placement would be finicky except for models with 30mm objectives. And, third, I thought they'd bee too dim, given...
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    Six 5X, 6X, and 7X reverse porros compared

    As I mentioned in my Say Hello post, I'm not a birder; I got into binoculars in December 2022 after learning that my 12-year-old stepgrandson was a birder. I bought a Bausch and Lomb Custom Compact 7x26 for him. But one thing led to another, and I acquired a total of 18 reverse porroprism...
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    Joining for my grandson

    Hi, all. I'm 66, still working. I've always loved optics; at various times, I've been interested in monoculars, magnifying glasses, and--for most of my adult life--camera lenses. Now it's binoculars' turn. I found this site after learning, in November 2022, that my 12-year-old stepgrandson in...
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    Nikon Travelite/Prostaff 8x25/9x25

    (Better late than never!) I've recently bought 18 reverse porros: one 5x21 (Sightron Safari / Hinode A5, 10.5-degree) one 6x21 (Hinode 6x21 S1) one 6x24 (Bushnell Custom Compact, Gen 3 with side lugs) one 7x25 (Bushnell Ensign 9.3-degree) two 7x26 Custom Compacts (Bushnell Gen 3 and Bausch and...
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    Is there an optimum FOV, or is bigger always better?

    I buy only reverse porros; their objectives are no larger than 30mm. In binoculars that small, a large apparent field of view comes with big tradeoffs. I've bought three big-AFOV reverse porros: A 7x25 Bushnell Ensign with a 9.3-degree FOV; a 9x25 Bausch and Lomb Legacy with a 7.3-degree FOV...
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    Olympus PC 8x24 and 8x25 reverse porros

    Olympus made three generations of compact reverse porro binoculars--four if you count the Wide PC (8x25). How does the acclaimed PC I (8x25) compare with the earlier PC (8x24) and the later (1998) PC II R (8x24)? Especially in resolution? It appears that all three generations were multicoated...
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    $5500 (U.S.) for pocket binoculars? Is it even a Leitz?

    Got it. I'll stick with buying used (<$100) Bushnells, B&Ls, and Swifts!
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    $5500 (U.S.) for pocket binoculars? Is it even a Leitz?

    What is this guy selling? An off-brand called Hermes in the Pocket, as stated in the title? Or a Leitz Trinovid, as shown in the photos? https://www.ebay.com/itm/165949563949?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ZoPteL3lRZi&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=-6shFLYRT3y&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=MORE