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  1. bird noob

    RODE NTG5 vs Sennheiser MKE 600

    Hey Folks, Looking to step up my bird recording game with an external a shotgun mic and new recorder. Currently using a Zoom H1n. I know the Sennheiser ME 66/67 have long been regarded as the "budget friendly" standard, but they are discontinued and I don't feel like trying to buy one second...
  2. bird noob

    Hummingbird ID- Vancouver, BC

    Saw this guy in Stanley park in mid august. don't have any details beyond what you can see in the photo. the goldeneye was seen last week in Kananaskis country, Alberta. barrows or common? thanks!
  3. bird noob

    ID help, saskatchewan, canada

    Spooked this one today at a local marsh. It flew to the other side and disappeared but I was able to fire off one shot. its not that good but I hope its enough. Im thinking it either has to be an immature sora, or a yellow rail. Whataya think? Thanks!
  4. bird noob

    Bird ID,USA,North Dakota

    Hey all, Really stumped on this one. Saw him at Teddy Roosevelt National Park this week. He was perched at the very top of a sandstone/badland butte at the valley top singing away. I thought that black dot on his breast would give it away but it hasn't yet! whataya think? thanks
  5. bird noob

    Bird ID Saskatchewan Canada

    Had some tricky sparrows on a sunrise outing this morning. i have no idea about the sparrows but my guess for the bird of prey is a juvenile coopers hawk. Watayal think? thanks
  6. bird noob

    Bird ID Glacier National Park ,Montana,USA

    need help with a few from trip to GNP. 1-2. Juvenile American-three toed or black-backed? 3. Juvenile Thrush? seemed very curious to my presence. 4-5. Female hummingbird of some sort- calliope, broad-tailed ,perhaps rufous? im from Saskatchewan and we only have ruby throated there. I never...
  7. bird noob

    Hawk Id Help, Saskatchewan, Canada

    ok thanks guys
  8. bird noob

    Hawk Id Help, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hey, Managed to snap a few shots of this guys around the Old Wives Lake area south of Moosejaw. Im hoping its a ferruginous hawk. The white on his wing there and the rather red upper wing are leading me to believe so. whata guys think. thanks!
  9. bird noob

    Shorebird ID - Chaplin Lake- Saskatchewan-Canada

    help with shorebirds? heres my guesses 1. Sanderling 2. Baird's Sandpiper 3. Also baird's...? thanks a bunch!
  10. bird noob

    bird ID saskatchewan Canada

    a female i presume?
  11. bird noob

    bird ID saskatchewan Canada

    hey all im stumped on this one. found in saskatchewan , canada in some marsh/wetland. thanks!
  12. bird noob

    Bird ID help Northern Saskatchewan canada

    hey all, im having trouble with these 2 birds. this is in northern saskatchewam in canada. Thanks!
  13. bird noob

    Saskatchewan Canada Hawk id help

    ok thanks guys, i know i didnt give you alot to go on :P
  14. bird noob

    Saskatchewan Canada Hawk id help

    hey all, can you guys help me out? first two- dark morph red tailed hawk? second 2 rough legged hawk? last one im wondering if its a turkey vulture or raven :P thanks.
  15. bird noob

    Hawk id Saskatchewan , Canada

    ok thanks :) are there any other hawks with a tail of that colour? or should the red/brown tail always be a give away that its a red tailed hawk?
  16. bird noob

    Hawk id Saskatchewan , Canada

    hey can anyone tell me what this is? Red tail? photogrpahed in Sask canada. thanks.
  17. bird noob

    Bird ID- bird of prey saskatchewan canada

    i was going for a winter hike when this hawk took off out of some trees. i was able to get one picture before it flew behind some trees. heres a crop. It looked fairly large. thanks!
  18. bird noob

    bird id sask canada

    hey guys, rusty blackbird? thanks!
  19. bird noob

    Common or Hoary Redpoll- Sak Canada

    is this a Common or Hoary redpoll? and how do you distinguish? Thanks!
  20. bird noob

    2 UI ducks in sask Canada

    hey, just browsing through my ibird app, i could not figure out what these are. thanks!
  21. bird noob

    sask canada trumpeter swans?

    ok thanks guys
  22. bird noob

    sask canada trumpeter swans?

    are these trumpeter swans? thanks!
  23. bird noob

    unidentified hawks Sask, Canada

    ok thanks guys!
  24. bird noob

    unidentified hawks Sask, Canada

    I have to hawks i need help with. I have a still and flying shot of each one. The first two pictures (same bird) i don't know, And the second, swainsons? thanks!