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    Be careful travelling in Gabon - we were detained by the authorities for 9 days!

    Gabon is certainly my dream destination. Please share any useful tips concerning locations and guides. Alex .
  2. Sabine's Gull ( Redcar)

    Sabine's Gull ( Redcar)

    Very lucky evening tonight at the beach on South Gare. Credit to Paul, with a scope there, watching the bird. A collection of many waders along with this rare bird for here, tonight! Video: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/jzovmbkdto1lk92p6mzz6/1600012.mp4?rlkey=giw8pelclz12e9ue5wozcmet2&dl=0
  3. Wood Warbler at Thirlmere

    Wood Warbler at Thirlmere

    My hiking route got blocked, had to alter my route and 5 minutes later I stumble across this beauty, one of two singing, for the first time. More diversions like this please! Capture from a video.
  4. Long Tailed Tit

    Long Tailed Tit

    Looks like a mouth full of blossom.
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    England Countryside - Europe Countryside

    Thank you for the viewpoints. Maybe the next question I have is how different is the countryside within England. I am familiar strictly with North Yorkshire to Borders, maybe further south it is very different. Birdlife here is quite abundant from my point. And compared to where I have been...
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    England Countryside - Europe Countryside

    After some opinions on those with experience in both locations, what people think of the wildlife in the countryside of England compared to the countryside in France. In England, we have many hedgerows and farms are oven separated by copses of trees, many ponds around. I am no expert on...
  7. Chiffchaff


    Great to hear so many Chiffchaffs have arrived in England today, on my first day back here in four weeks.
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    Laos - A country with life but no song.

    Without doubt it does have many things going for it. I recommend hiking through the mountainous jungle regions. Eating off banana leaves. 😋
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    Laos - A country with life but no song.

    Having spent two weeks in Laos, travelling many places, except the South East and North East part of the country, I can say you will likely see more birds (density and species) in one day in Dakar Senegal than in 2 weeks in Laos. Apart from Tree Sparrows, the only common town bird, not a lot...
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    Kenya Trip (8th November - 16th November) Any interested?

    Yeah, the more I think about on this itinerary Masai Mara might be skipped. Otherwise there is like 5 days with 4/5 hours on the road, not including game drive time.
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    Kenya Trip (8th November - 16th November) Any interested?

    Hi everyone. Looking to set up a custom trip to Kenya starting and finishing in Nairobi. Route something like: Lake Naivasha Lake Nakuru Lake Baringo Kakamega Forest Homa Bay/Ruma National Park Masai Mara If that is too much time on the road for 9 days we can make alterations. Let me know...
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    Curlew Sandpiper {?} - Scaling Dam Today

    Single wader with downcurved slender bill. This one looks like it fits the bill of a Curlew Sandpiper, but I would like some good confirmation. 👍 Link to Dropbox for a decent video of bird: SEP 9
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    Bishop Middleham - 2 Waders (01/SEP)

    Hi everyone. Amidst the Lapwing and Starlings, after reviewing a video I see two different waders in there at the top (left -top) of the image. What do you think? Video here full of birds on the evening (00:14 - 00:20) will be better help: 1350494.mp4 I think the quality is only good if you...
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    Comment by '498 Ramblin Alex' in media 'Common linnet'

    A lot of cycling to see birds for me, '22, too. Mostly evening rides to find Owls though!
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    Suriname <Peperpot> - Hermit? Mango?

    Hi everyone. Hopefully the face pattern, blue throat patch will enable someone to identify this bird. Alex .
  16. Survival of the Puffest ○●

    Survival of the Puffest ○●

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    Enough here to call this a LR Plover - UK inland former quarry Lake ?

    Thank you everyone the search for a LRP goes on for me! I have seen RPs in the same location. North North Yorkshire. A better viee will come. Of course the quality is bad, the good pictures go in the photogenic section! Alex.
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    Enough here to call this a LR Plover - UK inland former quarry Lake ?

    Also I was using Merlin live sound recording and it picked up the Little Ringed Plover. Is this very reliable? Alex
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    Domburg, Suriname - Small flycatcher: An Elaenia?

    A thought was it could have been the Southern Bearded Tyrannulet. 🤔 Merlin not much help for me on this one!
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    Suriname Feb 2022

    Zintete lodge was where I stayed at the end of day 1! Roads were in a state, but got through, even if we had to dismount the 4*4 some times! Bridge, 2 km away, was impassable for a vehicle, one plank made it possible to cross on foot, but no problems at the camp. Some nice birds in the area...
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    Domburg, Suriname - Small flycatcher: An Elaenia?

    Hi, please help in identifying this small bird for me. Several species are quite similar so hopefully someone with knowledge in the area can identify. Alex.
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    Suriname: Honeycreeper?!

    Thank you everyone. Taken 3 weeks ago in the Brokopondo district maybe 800 metres from the Suriname River. Far away and hard to identify. Thankfully we have this thread. Alex.
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    Suriname: Honeycreeper?!

    Hi everyone. If anyone could help me identify this small bird from this bad picture I would be very grateful! I know there are several similar species, but hopefully there is enough here for a positive ID. Alex.