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    RFI southeast Europe targets

    Hi Larry, I have also seen Rock Partridge at Dubrovnik Airport area and agree with Duncan it is probably one of the most accessible sites. Check from the road up to this restaurant and also the Ronald Brown Walkway heading down hill from near there. I also saw it in a couple of places in...
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    Zimbabwe updates?

    Sorry, Andy, totally missed this question til now!! Yes, went in Dec last year, had great views of about 5 Pittas displaying on the morning we were at Masoka Camp with Makenzie. In the end they turned out to be pretty straightforward (for a Pitta) if you can hit that early arrival and display...
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    Hi Ross, Sounds great. I would consider the Kirimia River Trail in Semuliki NP if you have the time and it's accessible in terms of safety. We had Grey-ground Thrush (only gone down as a probable on views, but Im sure it was a pair that responded to playback by flying at us after we flushed...
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    Peru June 2019

    Some great advice from Temmie, and his trip report on cloudbirders is excellent. We used it extensively in March 2018. For Polylepis forest we stopped at the patch linked by Temmie, and saw White-cheeked Cotinga there from the edge of the forest patch by walking up the steep slope. DSP was at...
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    Norway (& Finland) - The Re-return - 2019

    Thanks both. That path to the lighthouse is still closed! Cheers,
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    Norway (& Finland) - The Re-return - 2019

    I was out there with Duncan (DMW) the other week, doing a similar trip to Pete's, and it was a great long weekend. The ducks were great, and the owls, and winter bird feeders. Maybe Im biased being a seabird fan, but the real highlight of the trip was the visit to Hornoya, a wildlife...
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    Birding in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Zambia

    Hi Josh, Your plan sounds sensible. Do the most touristy bits (Botswana, Vic Falls etc) with the family and then do the rest in the remaining time. On Mozambique, maybe seek the advice of local South African/Zim/Moz birders on the current situation there; that armed robbery may have been...
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    Zimbabwe updates?

    AFRICAN PITTA in Masoka Area Some update contact details for Mackenzie at Masoka Village: +263 77 980 7261 - I would probably avoid the email address and the best way to contact is probably via whatsapp. Another good option for the Masoka area is to use the services of local bird guides Derek...
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    Birding in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Zambia

    Hi Josh, Ive been to southern Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana but not Mozambique. I found these countries ok to do independently, and if you have funds to hire a car, can be done as a road trip. Each country has its own different charms, but Zimbabwe is probably my favourite generally...
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    SAR, Botswana, Namibia and so on - Novemeber 2018

    That does sound painful! Glad she was ok in the end.
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    SAR, Botswana, Namibia and so on - Novemeber 2018

    Well, that's one way of getting a free night drive...
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    starting sound recording

    Hi Dale, I dont have an issue with the size of the ME66 - as it is pretty lightweight. Although keeping it 'set up' in a rucksack usually ends up knackering the XLR to Jack cable as it is quite long to fit in a bag. What would be good is a holster to put it in, for quick access. I currently...
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    starting sound recording

    Hi Dale, The mic mount and softies are certainly good at reducing noise from holding in the hand and wind etc, but not essential if you want to leave something out at an early stage and keep costs down. The softie also provides protection to the mic. You can google DIY options for making...
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    Hi Paul, Interesting, well done on getting the Canary. It looked quite fancy round the main lodges. The campsite was reasonably priced though (165ZAR pp), nicely set in the forest, and empty apart from the Bushbabies and Fiery-necked Nightjars! We did see the palms the other side of the...
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    Hi Paul, Not sure when you are going, as I see your post was last Oct? Was there at the end of Nov. last year. We just turned up on spec. went to the offices and booked a night at the campsite. We had it to ourselves. We were also allowed to walk around and night drive with our own 2WD...
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    Sri Phang Nga & Surin Islands: any tips?

    Hi Michael, Re Sri Phang Nga; I visited overnight in 2013 so info may be a little out of date. We just turned up and booked a bungalow middle of the day from the reserve offices, and payed on site. As already mentioned, the tiny cafe closed ridiculously early in the afternoon, so be...
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    Independent West Papua, Sept-Oct 2017

    Ross, that Superb BoP display is a cracker. Great video! Cheers
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    John's Mammals 2017

    The Hoopoe looks like it's got a mole cricket. Cheers,
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    Pied Bronze Cuckoo on Halmahera ?

    Hi Jens, A bit late on this one. Having a read of the text in the new field guide under Little Bronze Cuckoo; this discusses the birds on Halmahera having features tending towards characters shown in Pied Bronze Cuckoo. I guess this is what your bird was. Cheers,
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    West Papua

    Good summary above by Andy, all sites are good because they provide opportunities for access to different habitats and geographical areas with localised endemics. For the species you mentioned in your first post, Arfaks is a good location for most of those. With blinds set up, opportunities...
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    Maghreb Meanderings: Morocco and Western Sahara 2017

    I like the first Marsh Owl pic Andrew, almost like a painting, very evocative. Cheers,
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    Issue with Stereo/Mono Recording

    Hi, This is what i do in Audacity, only by trial and error use, im no expert! On opening a track that has gone through just the one channel I get the first image attached below. I split the tracks by clicking on the little triangle by the name of the track (161123_01 in this case). This...
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    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    Thanks both. The paper is an interesting read. It suggests only one (known) population left in Tunisia (restricted to 90km2), and birds from the southern populations 'having shifted their range northwards'. It is a shame they didnt sound record any, especially given the comment/ref...
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    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    The south eastern form of Dupont's Lark margaritae is said to occur in North West Egypt, has anyone (WP birders?) ever looked for it here or elsewhere in its range? Its been tentatively elevated by the HBW passerine taxonomy work which proposes "Margarita's Lark" as being 'notably distinct'...
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    Lesser Sundas, Oct-Nov 2016

    Thanks all. Indonesia is still a relatively cheap destination to visit, and even flying around the various islands isn’t too expensive, if you book in advance. As you can imagine we weren’t staying in the luxury end of the market accommodation – looking it up we averaged just over £6 a night...