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  1. peedee

    Vietnam December 2019 or March 2020

    Have fun, I spent a month travelling around Vietnam on public transport. It's a great place with excellent birding.
  2. peedee

    Vietnam March 2019

    I visited Cat tien, Dalat, cuc phuong and sapa, alone. 4 weeks. It was easy, saw lots, no problems. Spent about 1000 dollars.
  3. peedee

    South East Asia Feb/ March 2019

    Accommodation is cheap. 10 USA per night in budget areas. Daman Valley has double rooms, camping is possible. It's very hot. Hitching is easy. Lots of bird reports for Sabah on cloudbirder. I had 9 weeks. Loved it.
  4. peedee

    South East Asia Feb/ March 2019

    Sabah is great. Easy, short distance between sites, not expensive, great transport options, good food, AMAZING WILDLIFE.
  5. peedee

    Sulawesi & Halmahera

    The standard wings were displaying in early Aug.
  6. peedee

    Sulawesi and Halmahera June/July 2017

    I didn't do a report but provided some info for a trip the next year. Check out Gareth Knass sul hal report on cloudbirders. I also visited Batanta for the Wilson's BOP, nothing has really been the same since! Wow!
  7. peedee

    Sulawesi and Halmahera June/July 2017

    Hey H2, I spent 6 weeks in sul/ hal in 2012. I have loads of Gen, vocals, etc if u need any. I loved it. It was easy.
  8. peedee

    Philippines - Luzon and Palawan

    Let me ponder, I really fancy the Phil's. Paul
  9. peedee

    Philippines - Luzon and Palawan

    I might be, what's the plan.
  10. peedee

    Looking to Travel!!!

    hey Mark, I spent 9 weeks, mostly alone, in Sabah in 2010. using public transport and hitching. It was easy in every respect with great birding and mammals, etc. itinerary was roughly, islands off KKB, poring hot springs area (5 days), sepilok area inc the new rainforest centre forest (5...
  11. peedee

    jan feb 2016 adventure

    hiya mark, I did Sabah, borneo on my own (mostly) for 9 weeks in 2010, the distances are short between sites, accom cheap and national parks vast and varied. I lived comfortably on $30 usa per day. the wildlife and birding is spectacular. camping was tough due to the heat and rain so I mostly...
  12. peedee

    Looking to Travel!!!

    Might you consider volunteering abroad, I once spent 3 months working at long point bird obs in Canada, I received food and board in return. it was an amazing experience and I saw 200+ sp, most in full breeding plumage. Duties included 6 hr ringing per day (no license required), some data...
  13. peedee

    Ecuador February

    H how was it, i'm great, if not a little tick-starved after no foreign trips for 2 years. Paul
  14. peedee

    Vietnam in February/March

    I birded delat for 2 weeks in 2013, I did on motorbike taxi, getting dropped off and collected each day for about $10. the birding was easy and I connected with most of my targets.
  15. peedee

    Ecuador February

    hey halftwo, what's the itinerary. I went in 05, (10 weeks), loved it, easiest place I have ever travelled in, you will love it. Paul D
  16. peedee

    Sulawesi endemics - Nov-Dec 2013

    I had 8 weeks in Sulawesi & Halmahera last year, I did I mostly alone and on public transport, it was easy and safe. The locals were great and helpful. I was quoted $1200 for 4 days on Halmahera, I did it alone, 8 days for $300! good luck.
  17. peedee

    Charter to Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands

    sailing from where, Argentina? Any price indication if possible, Paul
  18. peedee

    NE India end March beggining April

    Hiya Colin, very interested. I looked into this 3 yr ago and a minimum of 4 people were needed for the permit / compulsory guide. Keep me posted. Paul
  19. peedee

    Wisconsin USA

    This is fun (and an education), I've seen 1 henslow's (1990) and 1 leconte's (1991) so I am NO expert. I am coming around to the above ID. Good work.
  20. peedee

    Wisconsin USA

    that's a clay colored spa. The ammadramus could be grasshopper spa as suggested.
  21. peedee

    Wisconsin USA

    I was thinking leconte's spa for the ammodramus, due to pale breast. Paul
  22. peedee

    Southern Sumatra Feb 2013

    painful reading for me, my sumatran trip (1995) was somewhat scuttled when my canoe sank at way kambas, bins/camera and canoe was always a bad idea! Only hearing schneider's was another major kick in the teeth - i will have to go back. Ta for the great report and inspiration. Paul:t:
  23. peedee

    madagascar sept-oct 13

    keep me posted in sep/oct, i will know more then. Paul
  24. peedee

    Jo'burg to......

    welcome back, massive congrats on the wee'n. I once met a Sitta in Canada - french for nuthatch i believe. look forward to catching up at some point. Paul B (: