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  1. kahraba

    Myiarchus Flycatchers - Costa Rica

    Plain gray head, virtually no rufous on wings or tail, correct habitat and range... I think I can guess and I share your ID, Andy.
  2. kahraba

    Myiarchus Flycatchers - Costa Rica

    Thank you all for the replies, I will keep them as Nutting's, then. Ash-throated is not in my field guide, so I simply did not consider it. I saw others with a warmer brown crest and an all-black bill in the same region, which were certainly Brown-crested, a few rather distinct-looking...
  3. kahraba

    Myiarchus Flycatchers - Costa Rica

    I believe all these were taken in Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, northwestern Costa Rica, late february 2016. Are they all Nutting's Flycatchers ?
  4. kahraba

    Costa Rican conundrums

    I am unable to find a better candidate here... I have a couple of pics of very similar looking birds and I made Yellow-bellied out of them too, but perhaps you have other ideas ? There are lots of pictures on the internet of alleged YBFC that look pretty washed out.
  5. kahraba

    Costa Rican conundrums

    Can #2-3 be identified as Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ?
  6. kahraba

    Two raptors - Irazu, Costa Rica

    Thanks Andy, you are certainly right. Tiny Hawk would show barred vent, would it not ? I assume that the lack of rufous is due to the against the light picture. Thank you Ken & Butty - probably a Gray Hawk.
  7. kahraba

    Two raptors - Irazu, Costa Rica

    Prompted by recent threads about Costa Rica, I got back into old pics from february '16. These two raptors were seen at Irazu Volcano. I suspect Tiny Hawk for the second one (photos 2 & 3), whereas for the first one I have very little idea. It was flying quite high overhead.
  8. kahraba

    A couple more from Costa Rica

    Tough bird group indeed ! Taking the challenge again, mainly based on litterature rather than intimate experience I would say : #1 Mountain Elaenia #2 Tropical Pewee
  9. kahraba

    A couple from Costa Rica

    With virtually zero experience in new world flycatchers I would say Tropical Pewee for #2 : orange lower mandible with dark tip and a slightly darker crown, but let's wait for other insights.
  10. kahraba

    A couple from Costa Rica

    #1 looks quite good for Olive-striped Flycatcher
  11. kahraba

    Which Chat, Namibia

    I agree with Joern, the bill shape is wrong for Marico Flycatcher IMO. Maricos have more regularly curved culmen, not too obvious though visible on your second picture, Andy. Also, would we not expect darker scapulars on a Marico FC ? Plus, I did not see shadow on the wing at first - which...
  12. kahraba

    Another Babbler, Kenya

    As for the bird in the background... without knowing Kenya's avifauna a wild guess : Reichard's Seedeater ? Or maybe some kind of sparrow...
  13. kahraba

    Another Babbler, Kenya

    It does look ok for arrow-marked Babbler, tropical Africa populations seem to be lighter in and around the eye than the southern Africa ones, so this is probably it.
  14. kahraba

    Scopoli's shearwater? (Ibiza, Spain)

    I am no shearwater specialist but these look good for Scopoli's.
  15. kahraba

    Etosha - Namibia birds need help!

    I am quite certain that the chat is a familiar. Agree with other IDs.
  16. kahraba

    Bird ID request, Arboga, Sweden

    Hi, this is a quite certainly a female Blackbird. It looks very reddish but this is certainly a photo artefact.
  17. kahraba

    Falcon, Fife, Scotland 30/8/14

    I am convinced now, this must have been a peregrine. Quite an unusual looking bird. Thank you all !
  18. kahraba

    Ko Chang birds ID

    #2 : possibly Olive-backed Sunbird, though tail looks a bit long #3 is probably a swift #4 looks good for Besra Quentin
  19. kahraba

    Falcon, Fife, Scotland 30/8/14

    juvenile Hobby for me : way too slender for peregrine and juv. peregrine would show barred undertail coverts, wouldn't it ?
  20. kahraba


    Always a tough matter... The jizz and black tibias are those of Great White Egret to me.
  21. kahraba

    Vulture, Oman

    Lappet-faced for sure.
  22. kahraba

    Marsh warbler ? Neusiedlersee, Austria

    Thank you very much !
  23. kahraba

    Marsh warbler ? Neusiedlersee, Austria

    Thank you all for your replies. It was indeed in a small ditch with both reed and bushes, hence my post. Basically, which morphological criteria leads to reed warbler rather than marsh here ? General (back) colour with brownish sides ?
  24. kahraba

    Oenanthe ,Israel

    You are right, I should have written "2cy" rather than juvenile but this was basically what I meant ;-)